Hall Of Fame


Adam Hughes
Wonder Woman
His covers are never short of AWESOME!


Jonathan Hickman
Mr. Fantastic
Awesome story-telling and everything teased at in previous arcs is fully utilized.


Grant Morrison
Lois Lane
Always one for new ideas, he keeps you interested while also respecting all the history of the characters that made them great in the first place.


Dustin Nguyen
Batman Beyond
My favorite artist that does interiors.


Paul Dini
Although his stories, aren't very thought provoking, they are a lot of fun to read. I wish he would write more, but his work outside comics keeps him busy.


Francis Manapul
Has an awesome unique style that make it impossible to not love anything that he draws.


Brian Micheal Bendis
Luke Cage
Love him or hate him, without him the Avengers wouldn't be nearly as popular as today let alone be heading towards a highly-anticipated movie.


Gabriele Dell'Otto
His painterly style is awesome and he even does the interiors here.


Amanda Conner

She draws the best expressions.


Jerome Opena
Great use of colors and mesh of gritty style for the anti-hero books.


Matt Fraction
Iron Man
Awesome run on Iron Man.


Mike Deodato Jr.
Great form and very detailed artwork.


Ed Brubaker
Captain America
Solid writer but I wish he wouldn't take one step back for each two forward.


Stefano Caselli
Nick Fury
Awesome artistic style, if only he had stayed on this book.


Terry Dodson
has an aesthetically pleasing art-style.


J. H. Williams III
His artistic vision is truly breath-taking.


Geoff Johns
Green Lantern
Has a magic touch of reinvigorating characters and stories.


Stuart Immonen
Ms. Marvel
Pulls off the best action sequences.


Rick Remender
Able to make you like characters you didn't even care about before with his script.



Jim Lee
Iconic artwork.


Alex Ross
Implements a realistic flair in his works.


Marko Djurdjevic
Jean Grey
Amazing artist that mostly does covers.


 Scott Snyder
James Gordon
An "on-the-edge of your seat" type of comics.


Jim Cheung
Scarlet Witch
Even though he isn't as fast in completing submissions, he is a fine example of quality outshining quantity.


Francesco Mattina
War Machine
I'll just let you pick up your jaw.


Tony Daniel
Please stay as an awesome artist and not mediocre writer.


Salvador Larroca
Pepper Potts
Draws the best armored characters.


Harvey Tolibao
Just gorgeous!


Christopher Yost
Really gets into the character he writes which shows in his writing.



Mike Choi
Emma Frost
Great artist able to make a comic flow without words.


 Craig Kyle
Awesome run on X-force and development of characters.


 Billy Tan
Dr. Strange
Artwork is full of energy.


 J. Scott Campbell
Mary Jane Watson
A sort of perfection with imperfection.


Leinil Francis Yu
Great composition and recognizable style.


Andy Kubert
The Flash
Great artist that gives images a classic feel while retaining modern qualities.


 Paco Medina

I might be running out of things to describe awesome art now. 


 Joe Kelly
Amazingly handles the comic and serious aspects of story-telling.


 Stjepan Sejic
Don't stare too long ;p


 Olivier Coipel
Let's hope that jaw doesn't break.


 Doug Mahnke
Very detailed and great complexion of the characters.


 Andy Lanning
Black Bolt
Great writer who put the cosmic in the Marvel cosmic universe.


 Gary Frank
An art-style that is iconic and modern.


Dan Abnett
Silver Surfer
Great writer responsible for most of the great Marvel cosmic stuff.


Stanley "Artgerm" Lau
Ripped clothes and still looks empowering? Insta-favourite!


 Roberto De La Torre
Some images speak volumes, right?


 Ivan Reis
Great form and very detailed.


 Neil Gaiman
Alfred Pennyworth
Doesn't write much in this genre, but what he does is certainly commendable.


Adi Granov
Great cover artist.


Francesco Francavilla
Black Panther
Uses a really fun color palette that sets the mood for the story.



 Dustin Weaver
Visually appealing and mysterious almost like the Mona Lisa.


Daniel Acuna
Jessica Jones
Art work feels like it is popping out of the page.


 Frank Quitely
Not a huge fan, but this is too good a treat to pass.

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Wow.  Nice list.  Lot of greats here.

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Very cool list

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Great list.  Definitely some pillars of the comic industry to be sure.

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Outstanding list!!! :D Oh! and I have a question: What do you think about Micheal Turner?

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I'm so glad to see Stjepan Sejic's Medusa in there. So SO beautiful!!