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In Brave and the Bold # 33, Wonder Woman, Batgirl and Zatanna danced to Beyonce's "Single Ladies" Song. It is also rumored to make an appearance in Wonder Woman's TV show. So, although Wonder Woman writers attribute the "Single Ladies" song to her, I disagree. 

I think " I Don't Need A Man" by the Pussycat Dolls suits her personality more. What song do you think defines Wonder Woman best?
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Posted by RazzaTazz

Interesting topic - I always thought it was bizarre that Wonder Woman (and female characters in general) are so independent in her love life.  I have written about this before.  I think that its because they are written that way to be more approachable to the male fans.  I also am not a big fan of that song (mostly because it got so overplayed).  Still in a way I always saw WW as sort of detached from culture and very dorky when it comes to such stuff.  So I think the Beyonce song is probably good enough.

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I sorta think this would suit her more (as in my personal idea of WW). Don't ask me why though. I tried asking myself, but my reply was sarcastic.  

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Posted by A_O_N
 Not sure if this differentiates the songs (though I somewhat think so), but there is a difference between need and want.
Need is more powerful than want. If you need something, then it means you already want it. However, the reverse does not hold. When you don't need, then you can decide whether you want or not, and therefore you have a choice. Therefore, I think that song also strikes a more feminist tone which I also associate with Wonder Woman.
P.S. Interesting that you think Wondie would be the dorky type. But I don't think the writers think that even when they associate that song with her.
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I always prefered Barbra Gordon over any other DC woman. she is my dream lady.

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@Trodorne:  How does that connect with this blog? xD
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@SC:  I'm compelled to ask you why now.
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um boots are made for walking?

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That's interesting to hear about I guess..

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That's really funny that this happened. They probably picked this song because its very popular and fit wonder woman at the time.