The Vitruvian Woman

        Leonardo Da Vinci was one of the greatest artists of the High Renaissance period. In fact he was more than that; he was an innovator – the best example of the Renaissance Man. Not only was he an artist, but a scientist, mathematician and philosopher. One of his most memorable piece of work is the Vitruvian Man.

       The Vitruvian Man defines the perfect man. Artists often had trouble with creating a perfectly proportioned model. If you look at early works of art, oftentimes the figure’s heads are too big or their legs are too long. It was Leonardo who stated that man was perfect in the form of a perfect circle and square.

       Here, we have the Vitruvian woman, appropriately so as Wonder Woman. Not only does this cover pay homage to Leonardo, but it fortifies the stance that Wonder Woman is the personification of beauty and perfection. 

 The Vitruvian Woman
Posted by Jake Fury

That's definitely an awesome cover.
Posted by A_O_N
@Jake Fury: Yes it is, even more because it is symbolic.
Posted by DEGRAAF

Yea this is one of my favorite Wonder Woman covers.
Posted by PrinceIMC

Very badass. And I want her to keep that costume.
Posted by Mumbles

not sure why people don't like her new outfit. looks good. nice cover

Posted by A_O_N
@Mumbles: The older costume is iconic and I don't get what the problem with the old one really is. I will definitely remember that costume foremost. Even all the merchandise etc. still display the iconic costume. But, somehow all of a sudden DC felt it was wrong. They didn't even try to sell the costume to the fans, just boom and its there. That's why I think it should only be temporary.
Posted by DEGRAAF

I never heard they got rid of the old one because they thought it was wrong. It's not any worse than almost any other super heroine.


I disliked the new costume at first (all because of the jacket) but i love the costume (minus the jacket) now I think it looks great.

Posted by Larkin1388

I'm not a fan of DC or Wonder Woman but even I have to say that picture is awesome....

Posted by A_O_N
@DEGRAAF: Well they didn't give any sort of explanation. But looking back, I think they did to make it more appropriate for TV audience. Just like with Cap's status quo now, and this is the sort of thing I've come to hate. Comics should just remain separate from the other mediums. Anyways I want this blog to be a celebration of WW so I will just leave it at that, here. The costume debate has probably been done enough times anyways.

@Larkin1388: Thanks! ;)
Posted by yeopop

Wonder Woman's covers have been great lately.
Posted by Larkin1388
@A_O_N: Anytime
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Hi there AON I love this image, and want to ask you if there is a problem to use it on my motorcycle? If not is there a change to send me the original file? .cdr .ai or other graphistic file? Cheers fromGreece

Posted by aztek_the_lost

The clothes ruin it, by which I mean that she's wearing any.