Although Superman has had quite a few origin stories in recent times, not one of them dwells on why Clark Kent becomes a reporter. Clark Kent could have become just about anything from a professional athlete to a scientist to an actor, (if he could fool everyone that he's not Superman from just wearing glasses, then he could get far in acting!) and yet he settles on being a reporter. It's not even that his parents (they were alien scientists) nor his adopted parents showcase any profoundness for journalism. Then, we wonder indeed how it was that Clark came to work for the Daily Planet and develop his second passion? 
     In a cancelled project called Lois Lane, Girl Reporter, Dean Trippe focused on a young Lois as the main protagonist. However, the powers that be of DC Comics were not interested in this sort of thing. Although Trippe had planned out a few volumes, it seems that his boat couldn't get a sailing. However, for one of his pitches he mentions something that is almost a hidden jewel awaiting to be unearthed. In describing Lois, he writes:
" Here’s this girl fighting for Truth, Justice, and the American Way with no superpowers and no secret identity. Clark enrolls in his school’s journalism class the next day. That’s why Clark Kent is a reporter. Lois Lane is his hero." 
     Did you catch that? Lois Lane is Superman's hero. Clark reads about her accomplishments and immediately he is compelled to follow in her footsteps. I think this could be a fantastic reason why Clark decided to pursue journalism. I feel Lois never gets the amount of attention she deserves, well unless it's from Superman's villains.  
     So what do you gals and pals think about this one? Do you think Lois Lane is "worthy" to be Superman's inspiration, when she's even his wife?

Posted by RedK

of course she can be his inspiration, in the words of spider-man inspiration works both ways

Posted by joshmightbe

He just wanted to be a reporter he's not settling he's doing what he wants to do with his life and apparently he's good at He has a Pulitzer which means he's a really good writer  

Posted by A_O_N
@RedK: That last sentence was untested sarcasm on my part. But yeah awesome that I'm not alone in thinking this!
Posted by RazzaTazz

I always thought the pursuit of an average life is kind of silly for a hero like Superman. All the time he spent at the Daily Planet discussing Survivor over the water cooler could have been better spent rescuing hundreds of people.  Maybe he wanted Lois to love him for the real him and not just the symbol on his chest, but if some guy like Superman came up to me and said 'Hi, I'm Superman do you want to go on a date?' I wouldnt be so concerned with the celebrity or the symbol, rather I would just think he is a really good guy because of all the people he has saved (I would still say no though, just to play hard to get.)

Posted by A_O_N
@RazzaTazz:  Superman also needs to make a living. His adopted parents aren't rich so he can't have an easy time traveling the world, spending carelessly like Bruce. He also must have supported said parents. So I think he would primarily do it for that reason as supposed to stalking Lois. ;]
Posted by pastfarpoint

I don't think it was ever properly explained in the early (golden age) comics
However: in the radio serials (from the 40's) Superman appears on Earth already as an adult and saves a man and his son from some sort of train accident. He then asks them what sort of occupation he can have on Earth - he wants something that will allow him to peruse the full spectrum of humanity so that he can get to understand what humans are. And then, of course, the father tells him that if that's what he wants then he should become a reporter.