Clash of the Comics 2

Magneto vs. Fantomex


Magneto has one of the most iconic origins of any comic book character.  He learned his distrust for mankind firsthand in the concentration camps in Poland in the Second World War.  He is a mutant and so his powers came naturally to him, but being different only exaggerated this distrust of man.   

Fantomex is the subject of the same Weapon Plus program as Wolverine. He was created using sentinel technology as Weapon XIII in the World. He goes by the alias Jean-Phillipe.

A_O_N: Magneto’s origin makes him a compelling character and even though he’s a bona fide villain, he still warrants sympathy.

Razz: Magneto takes this easily, a great background story. 


Powers over magentic fields allow Magneto to fly and generate a degree of damage resistance from metal objects.  Using this power acts as super strength in regards to lifitng metal (for instance lifted the entire Golden Gate Bridge.)

Fantomex is highly intelligent and resourceful. He is skilled in misdirection and also has telepathic shielding.

A_O_N: Fantomex is ingrained with sentinel technology, so it should be a piece of cake for Magneto.

Razz: Magneto, he is considered such a threat for a reason. 


Magneto is usually depicted with a red/purplish mix on the body and cape with a helmet.  The costume is pretty imposing and the helmet provides a degree of resistance to mental control.

Fantomex wears a long black and white trench coat and a matching mask.

A_O_N: Magneto’s appearance is iconic and the fact that he can look menacing in red and purple deserves mention.

Razz: Imposing and cool looking, Magneto wins here too


Magneto is not a typical villain; his actions are motivated by wanting to protect his fellow mutants.  Most of his actions are based around this, and he is often shown to be a compassionate leader over those mutants that follow him.  He also bridges the gap between villain and hero, as he realizes the X-Men often have the same goals as he does. 

Fantomex is witty but serious in the call for action. He also has a French accent.

A_O_N: Fantomex’s witty dialogue keeps me entertained whenever he appears.

Razz: Magneto has 40 plus years of character development of Fantomex.


(Magneto) One of the most intimidating looking characters.   

(Fantomex) For a pretty cool character, he looks mostly generic.

A_O_N: What other character has the guts to name his team the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants?

Razz: Magneto is iconic in his appearance and actions, not really fair to pit Fantomex against him.

 Best Story Arc

I would say that Magneto’s best story arc is his origin.  The incorporation of one of mankind's darkest periods is an excellent basis for his actions. 

Fantomex joins X-force and goes on a mission to kill Apocalypse. He is the most valued person in that arc as his misdirection saves the team many times and he is also the one to put the bullet on Apocalypse’s head.

A_O_N: Magneto’s origin alone has done far more for the character than Fantomex’s whole history.

Razz: Good origins make a great character better (Magneto again)

 Fun Fact

Magneto has lots of mutant children  (Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver, Polaris) all of whom have had significant effects on the Marvel Universe. 

Although he was artificially created, an elderly woman lives in his home in France whom he calls mother. He also collects historical artifacts.

A_O_N: Fantomex. What an odd ball.

Razz: Magneto and his kin are some of the most important characters in the Marvel Universe. 

 Media Portrayal

Magneto is everywhere in the X-Men are (in all three movies, as well as the upcoming First Class.)  Also in all of the animated versions. 

Fantomex is a relatively new character and not had any media appearances so far. 

A_O_N: Even though Magneto didn’t appear as menacing as he should in the X-movies, it was still a relatively good job.

Razz: Magneto has media portrayal so he wins by default, but being played by Ian McKellan is pretty good.

A_O_N: 6-2

Razz: 8-0


Magneto: 14 Fantomex: 2

Magneto wins by a landslide! Sorry Fantomex you should have tried misdirecting us instead of Magnus.

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Great thread! Ooh, Ooh, Magneto is related to Nocturne! That gives him the edge for me! 

Maybe Fantômas could have aided Fantomex? Ooh, and controversial but Vincent Cassel >> Ian McKellan... (Fantomex is so Vincent Cassel wannabe)
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Why don't people just shoot Magneto with rubber/plastic/wooden bullets? 

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@Rudyftw:  Those have much less killing potential if any. But, Fantomex is part metal (made of Sentinel technology) and Magneto eats sentinels for breakfast!
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thanks for linking me to this. Pretty cool!

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@Jake Fury: Yeah I thought you might be interested, since we are discussing about Fantomex earlier. ;D