The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen Fan-Cast (ft. Story Concept)

My Dream Cast/ Fan-Cast of the The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen AND also my summary of what the movie plots of the trilogy should be adapted and changed, unlike the last adaption that did.

Directed by Christopher Nolan (Dark Knight, Inception) and Written by Mark Gatiss (Sherlock, Doctor Who)

Christian Bale as C. Auguste Dupin

Liam Neeson as Allan Quartermain

Angelina Jolie as Mina Harker

Irfan Khan as Captain Nemo

Jude Law as Dr. Henry Jekyll/ Mr. Hyde

Joesph Fiennes as Hawley Griffin/ Invisible Man

Ken Watanabe as Fu Manchu/ The Doctor

Michael Fassbender as Campion Bond

Sean Bean or Gary Oldman as M/ Mycroft Holmes

Leonardo DiCaprio as Professor James Moriarty

Matt Smith as Sherlock Holmes

Hal Holbrook as Q

Viggo Mortensen as John Carter

Sam Neill as Lt. Gullivar Lemuel Jones

James McAvoy as John Watson

Keira Knightly as Alice Lindell

Daniel Craig & Nicole Kidman as Orlando

Freida Pinto as Janni Dakkar/ Jenny Diver

George Clooney as Anthony "A.J." Raffles

Dominic West as Jimmy Bond

Gemma Arterton as Emma Night

Bruce Willis as Hugo "Bulldog" Drummond

Michael Shannon as Oliver Haddo/ Tom Riddle

Hero Fiennes-Tiffin as Harry Potter/ The Moonchild

Ty Olsson as Jack MacHeath/ Mack the Knife/ Jack the Ripper

Michael Caine as Andrew Norton

Ian Somerhalder as Dorian Gray

Rachel Weisz as Mary Poppins

Maggie Gyllenhaal as Queen Gloriana

Jeremy Irons as Prospero

(btw this list was not intended to be a Nolan Cast, but somehow turned out to be after realization of casting Michael Caine, lol)

This is my Fan-Cast. Comment On Your Opinion and Your Choice

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Posted by batkevin74

@a_ndytran: This isn't really fan-fic...though not sure where else it would belong. I disagree with some of your casting, James McAvoy when the picture would be better as Martin Freeman

Posted by The Poet