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@gokuwarrior: Back Pre-crisis.supergirl was far stronger than wonder woman,

I think DC would be make WW more strongert than before,but they are trying make WW like a kryptonians....though,a bullet can kill wonder woman that too bad..

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@marvel123: Nope,i just see they are in fight,and close,how can be show us Superman far stronger than him?they are toe with toe in fight

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@SPM1M: Real?!Iwhy i read superman fight with Zod not had the upper hand?and,sure,superman can beat other kryptonias,but how can prove more faster or more stronger?superman only more experience than them

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@ThanosIsMad: solar reserves not mean more stronger or more faster..

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@PowerGirlFan: Just read thread,composite Superman three times stronger than SA superman,he has mon-el,ultra-boy,supergirl strength,that mean each other was as strong as superman,they are all equal to superman in strength(not include Sixteen year old super girl when grow up at the age of twenty-five,she was nearly-superman in power)

I'm not say she blow out the star,she destroy worldwar,this thing MUCH bigger than a star,SA superman never destroy a like this THIng of size,he best feats was blow out a star,SG also not "move" planets,she throw half of dozen planets into new orbit,throw planets was far more hard than move planets

I'm not trying say SG>SUPERS,I'M JUST prove,SG at least when she grow up,SG would be equal to superman in everthing

mon-el,ultra-boy,supergirl,three charater as strong as superman,and composite Superman has them strength




composite Superman=mon-el+,ultra-boy,+supergirl=3X times stronger than SA superman

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SA supergirl feats:

I am three times stronger than you


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@PowerGirlFan: so what? Mon-El and Ultra-Boy was equal to superman ,read scans,each other equal to superman

so that why composite Superman 3X times stronger than superman

you not see it?


they are equal in power level

I am three times stronger than you

read scans,three times stronger than SA superman

SA superman can move dozen of planets,SA supergirl can throw half of dozen planets,SA superman can blow out the star,SA supergirl can destroy worldwar,who MUCH bigger than a star

Silver age supergirl was equal to SA superman everything:

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@marvel123: No...I like kryptonians show us them raw power not skills...sbp,he was a Pre-crisis kryptonians,so that why he sooo powerful,but he not as strong as SA superman,SBP just was a bronze age superman,who weaker than silver age superman(PIS)

Back in the gold age,wonder woman can move moon,pre-52 wonder woman can move 1/3 of the earth,if New 52 wonder woman can lift earth weight,i hard think WW no bracelets+skills how powerful..

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@marvel123: Thanks

by the way,Back in the GOLD age wonder woman,she can move the moon easily..but in the Silver age ,wonder woman was not too powerful even weaker than pre-52 wonder woman..

so,maybe,New 52 wonder woman would be most strongest version(New 52 superman can lift earth weight,lift was more hard than move)because wonder woman always close to superman in strength,well.dont forget ww bracelets!