Comics I own

This is just a list I felt like making detailing the single issues, and trades, that I bought/received and currently own. I'll try to keep it updated.

(work in progress)

List items

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Posted by Inverno

Nice list :)

Posted by _Zombie_

nice list. though Incredible Hulk By Aaron is a big no no.

Lmao. To be honest i only got the first issue, read it, then lost it somewhere in my room when we moved.

Posted by _Zombie_

@theacidskull: Pretty much. I almost picked it back up, but then I heard how quickly it was going downhill. Suffice to say, I passed on it.

Posted by _Zombie_

@theacidskull: Nah, it's fine. I don't really read comics anyways nowadays. Don't have a job to pay for it, haha.