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So, I'll be doing ExtraLife.

For those of you who don't know, ExtraLife is a gaming charity that serves to raise money for children's hospitals. While they hold a variety of events, they usually take place in the form of 24-hour gaming marathons. Well, GiantBomb is running a team for the ExtraLife event taking place on October 20th, and I've signed up for their team. That said, I'm just making this lovely little blog to let you guys know. Donations are much appreciated, and if you donate now, I promise to let you live.

Kidding. Mostly.

Seriously though, donations do help. Even if I don't reach my goal by the end of the 24 hours.

Jury's still out on whether or not I'll be livestreaming. I haven't looked into it yet, and I don't even have the proper equipment. However, I am hoping to keep people updated as to what I'm playing via twitter (see links below).


ExtraLife site:

My fundraising page:

GiantBomb ExtraLife thread (for those of you who feel like doing your own marathon):

My twitter:


Like, supernatural, baby

First off, I know, lame-ass title. Sue me. :P

Onto the point of the this!

Right, I’m terrible at writing these, so I’ll just get down to business explaining it. Ash_Walmer and I have been discussing a team idea since last night. It’s a small team (7 people max, probably) that will follow the vein of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. A Scooby gang, if you will. Primary focus will be similar to BTVS, where we go out fighting monsters and kicking all sorts of supernatural ass. However, there are requirements for joining (I know, they’re a pain). 3 of the remaining 5 spots (2 of which are occupied by Trip and myself) must be human. Like.. average every-day human, if possible. The other 2 spots, however, we’re looking for one peak human, and one supernatural creature. Since we want to try to avoid having the team die out early, we are going to ask that you really commit to the team. Absences are more than fine, but we’d like to know beforehand.

So, if this sounds like your kind of thing, let myself or Ash_Walmer know. ^_^


Huh. 20 alts.

Well, I got the idea to do this from Lady Loveless's blog, and decided to do it when I hit 20 alts. Well, I hit it a couple days ago with the creation of my robot character, Empty. Have to say I'm kind of proud of my work on these characters, and it seems like it's been a long-ass time since I made my first and started to roleplay on here using him.

So, yeah, for anyone who cares or is interested, here's my prettyful picture that I threw together:


The Black Arises..

"Alright Susan, you're on in 5." Said a production assistant at the other end of the room. The woman he was referring to was a petite blonde woman with a bony face that had been surgically altered so many times that a permanent smile was fixed onto her face. However, the tone coming from her mouth betrayed the eerily fixed expression across her features. "Yeah, we've been doing this for 10 years Rupert. I'm not an idiot." The victim of her attitude nodded quietly as the camera began to roll.

"Good evening Massachusetts, this is Susan Haile, delivering your nightly news from Boston." She paused for a few seconds, pretending to fix the papers on her desk as the teleprompter began to scroll. "Tragedy struck last night when truck driver Robby Eabert returned to his hometown of Bedford to find it in ruins. When federal officials arrived to investigate, no survivors were found and every inch of the town had been reduced to smoking debris." Susan prepared to move onto the next story, but the teleprompter kept going. Her features did their best to twist into a look of confusion, but all the viewers watching the show could see was what appeared to be a very constipated Susan Haile. The look faded and after flicking her eyes to the crew standing around in confusion, she continued to recite the words. "This horrible turn of events marks the 6th town to of been mysteriously destroyed over the course of the last month. Authorities are puzzled as to what is causing this amount of destruction, as no traces of explosives have been found." Static plagued the camera feed for a few moments, then disappeared. The audio then found itself competing with a loud hissing noise, which stopped when the reported began to speak again.

"Local authorities could not be reached for comment on this matter." She then went to finally move onto the next story when the building violently shook. The camera, still live, fell onto its side. "What the hell was that? Rupert, what the hell just happ-" The building shook again. Rupert answered. "I dunno, but something's goin on."

"No s**t, Sherlock!" The building shook once more, sending multiple members of the room sprawling to the ground. The lights began to dim, then shut down one by one. "What the hell?!" All at once, all of the power in the room shut down. Except the camera, its little red dot still lit up, signifying it was still recording footage. Susan got to her feet, only to be set back to the ground when the building shook again. A loud hissing noise built up in the room, deafening everyone there. Susan felt something slimy wrap around her legs, her body sliding upwards. “Oh.. oh God, what the hell? Rupert, what the hell is g-“ There was a sickening, wet noise. She fell silent.

“Susan? Susan.. you still there?” The short, slightly portly man with a receding brown hairline groped around in total darkness. His hand wrapped around what felt like a shoe. Long, spiked heel, covered in fake gems. Susan’s shoe. “Hmph. Serves you right, bi-“ Rupert’s speech was interrupted as something slammed itself through his throat. He gurgled as his now-dying corpse was lifted up and hurled through the window. As the body plummeted nineteen stories to the ground, frightened onlookers watched in horror. The Channel 88 news building was completely enveloped in blackness. If one even looked close enough, they could spot what looked like black smoke rising into the sky.

An ear-shatteringly loud hissing noise seemed to emanate from the building. The hissing continued to increase in volume, pedestrians covering their ears as it began to reach dangerous levels. Some had the intelligence to run away from the area. Others barely began to run when they saw people begin to pass out. Regardless, no one was able to see the tower begin to rapidly deteriorate. It started from the top level to the bottom, concrete crumbling to dust, metal rusting until it buckled and fell apart. Under half an hour, a flat pile of debris remained where the tower once stood. The only thing remaining from the building was a still-recording news camera.

If one looked down upon the area from the sky, they would see markings roughly resembling words.

‘The Black Arises’



Birth name: Artair Edan Sinclair.

Birth-date: June 31st, 1845

Age: 167

Alias: The Scott, The Inventor, Moses

Nationality: Scottish

Base of Operations: Residence half a mile away from Dresden, Maine

Occupation: Inventor, superhero.

Alignment: Good

Family/Friends: None currently living.


-Judas: Former childhood friend, incredibly insane, supernatural inventor and villain.

Personality: Artair is.. eccentric, to say the least. He’s loud, rude, and reckless. Most of his experiments end up backfiring horribly on him because of this. However, he is insanely intelligent, moreso than his evil counterpart. He frequently denies being insane, but several psycho-analyzations have pointed out at least a half dozen disorders. Artair dismisses these time and time again.

Mental Illnesses: None confirmed, but he shows symptoms for at least half a dozen mental illnesses.

Origin of Powers: Experiment gone wrong


+Time Manipulation: To a degree, Artair can manipulate time. The full extent is unknown, but by himself he can travel back and forth 5 years at maximum. With his time machine, he has no limits to where he can go. It is unknown if he can use his time manipulation tactically in a fight or not, though he has displayed mastery of it in casual interactions.

+Super-Speed: The experiment imbued his body with super-speed. He’s been seen moving fast enough to break the sound barrier, but it is unknown if he can go faster.

+Immortality: Like his counterpart, Moses is physically frozen. At age 60, the experiment completely halted his aging process.

+Superhuman Stamina: His stamina is around the level of most high-tier superheroes. He can exert himself for 96 hours without experiencing fatigue.

+Superhuman Intelligence: His intelligence is high enough to put him in the top 10 beings on Earth. He can memorize and replicate almost anything he sees.

+Physical Needs: Unlike a human, he does not need to eat, drink, or sleep. While he can still enjoy those, going without them would not be detrimental to his body.

+Healing Factor: Artair has created his own variant of Judas's injected healing factor. It works just as well, if not better, than Judas's.


+Time theorist/Scientist: As he is a time manipulator, he knows a thing or two about how it works. He’s even managed to build a working time machine.

+Advanced Mathematics: Artair has memorized innumerable equations, rules, mathematical concepts, etc. and may recall them at his own leisure.

+Biology: He has studied biology, though it is not his cup of tea.

+Inventor: Moses seems to be able to build anything out of spare parts. The limits of his skill are nearly nonexistent.

+Marksman: His father taught the boy how to hunt and fire a gun from a young age, so he knows how to shoot remarkably well.

+Unpredictability: Much like his former friend and current nemesis, he is impossible to read. One moment he may appear to be perfectly calm, and then he can spring into action, shouting and throwing things left and right.

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Here Comes the Black..

Peculiarly black smoke lifted up into the sky as the news camera began recording, a bright 30’s-something female reporter holding up a microphone. “Robin MacPhearson reporting here from what used to be Newburyport, Massachusetts.” The woman shifted so the cameraman could get a look at the semi-destroyed remains of the city. “Last night, all of Newburyport was suddenly and completely decimated. Nobody currently knows what caused this horrid turn of events, but truck driver Randy DuPoll was returning home to find his beloved town in ruin.” A rather thin man in a flannel shirt and work jeans came into the camera. “Mr. DuPoll is here with us now. Mr. DuPoll, can you describe what you discovered upon arriving here?”

“I.. found nothing but this. I got out of my truck and just took a stare at town. Most of th’ buildings were gone, others were half-destroyed. Including my house..” The man started to cry. “Oh God.. I couldn’t even find Maria and the kids. There were no bodies to bury. Only thing I found left was the dog’s bones.”

The reporter faked sympathy to make it seem like she actually cared about the story. “Anything else?”

“I.. I smelled sulfur, or something like that. And I coulda sworn I saw some guy in a raincoat walk by. But when I looked back, there was nothing-“ The man seemed to stare off behind her, as he’d noticed something. “Wait a minute. Is that..” The camera shifted in the direction DuPoll was looking, and in the distance, a tall form in a gray raincoat was standing in the shadow of some large debris. A hissing noise was heard on the camera, followed by the area darkening.

“Ah.. Robin, is it just me, or is the area getting dark?” Said the cameraman as the area around the three suddenly became pitch-black.

“What the hel-“


“What’s goin-“

All three were cut off by an extremely loud hissing noise, followed by the camera’s recording forcibly stopped, the camera itself ripped from its owners hands and hurled away by an unseen force. The cameraman felt a gooey substance wrap around him, then abruptly felt his spinal cord snapped. Next was the reporter, a large tendril slamming through her head, killing her instantly. A pocket opened in the shroud of darkness around the trucker. A hood accompanied by two bright purple circles appeared from the shadows. No noise came, except for an ear-shatteringly loud hiss. DuPoll started to whimper, the hiss now accompanied by screams. He felt a sensation he’d never felt before. All of his thoughts disappeared, instead replaced by a repeating rhyme. As the shadows began to disappear DuPoll screamed a horrible, bloody scream. Then, the shadows vanished, the hooded being with it.

Hours later

Several police cars drove up to the scene they’d been directed to. Doors slammed and their occupants exited the vehicles. What they found shocked a couple of them. Newburyport was completely destroyed. “Hey, we got a survivor here!” One of the officers ran to the form of a man curled up on the ground, reciting a rhyme over and over.

“Sir, sir are you alright?”

“H-Here c..comes the Black.. here comes the Black."


“Quick… quick.. you better turn back..”

“Sir, are you alright?”

“Run.. while you can.. it is.. no man.. ”

“Guys, I think this one’s delusional. He’s not responding, just mumbling.”

“Here comes The Black.. quick.. quick.. you better turn back..”

“Alright, let’s get this guy in the ambulance.”

The officers took out a stretcher and began to pick the man up when one of the officers spoke.

“Hey, you guys hear something?”

“Yeah. Almost like.. a hissing noise?”

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The Black

True Name: Unknown

Known Name: The Black

Species: Unknown, assumed to be a demon of sorts.

Aliases/Alternate Names: Satan, The Boogeyman, Darkness, Thing, Demon, Monster, etc.

Origin: Supernatural being


-Shape-Shifting: The Black may shift its form into anything it has ever consumed. Most of the times, it takes the form of a tall humanoid in a gray raincoat with a black void instead of a face. Its true form has never been seen before.

-Tendrils: It has displayed the ability to shoot out solid tendrils made of black goo from its body, capable of anything the beast's warped mind desires.

-Super-Strength: The Black has potentially unlimited strength, though its displayed the ability to lift around 25 tons.

-Super-Durability: Seemingly invincible, The Black has never been harmed before, despite being shot dozens of times, even surviving a gas tank blowing up next to it.

-Intangibility: It can become intangible at will, but it cannot attack while in this state.

-Shadow Manipulation: The Black, being a creature seemingly personifying the shadows itself, can manipulate them at will. It has even displayed the ability to use them to extinguish light sources.

-It may also use shadows to teleport, in a way. Though it usually takes awhile for its entire body to come through a shadow, forcing it to sometimes opt to only "teleporting" limbs, tendrils, or weapons.

-Deteriorating Touch: When it rarely lays its hands on a victim, it displays the ability to rapidly rot their flesh(and possibly their soul). This ability applies to other solid forms of matter as well, as it once forced an armored police vehicle to rapidly rust to the point of being dysfunctional.

-Cause Insanity: While only displayed in one case, it drove a victim completely insane by being merely being in the close vicinity of them.

-Create Darkness: If done from a place of shadow, The Black may blanket an area in complete darkness.

-The Hiss: Every time it attacks, The Black emits a hissing noise. The intensity of this hissing seems to steadily increase. It will often start at a level that causes it to go unnoticed to humans and increases to the point of being able to cause its victims to fall unconscious from sensory overload.


-Light: Though it has yet to be tested to see if it can be lethal, light has been shown to irritate The Black.

-Slow: As if fate wanted to give his victims some chance, The Black is a slow-moving beast. While it's not forced to a crawling pace, it moves significantly slower than normal humans.

The Black gets its name from an old nursery rhyme sometimes told in orphanages across the country.


"Here comes The Black, here comes The Black.

Quick, quick, you better turn back.

Run while you can.

It is no man.

Here comes The Black, here comes The Black.

Quick, quick, you better turn back.."

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Opening File for: Subject 1146

Ultimate Hawkeye #4

Designation: 1146

Assigned Codename: Abel

Serial Number: 4336788901146

Batch: A

Experiment group focus: Marksmanship, Combat

Intended Application: Orbital special operations, assassination

Training Results:

-Marksmanship: A+, extremely tight grouping, 100% accuracy. Though he excels far more often with a bow than he does with firearms.

-Unarmed Combat: A+. Currently has mastery level understanding of 18 different styles of martial arts.

-Swordsmanship: B+. Took six tries to defeat his instructor, but he displays very high skill regardless.

-Forgery: A+. Able to authentically reproduce signatures for several known military officials after no more than two glances at the original.

-Stealth: B+. While he does highly surpass the previous clones in his batch, his stealth skills are not yet perfect.

-Assassination: B. Unable to comprehend every known form of assasination. He understands the more practical ones, such as stabbing or shooting, but it took him numerous tries to be able to poison someone without being detected.

-Speech: B+. Sufficient liar, but his skills in this area are far from perfect.

Physical statistics:

-Strength: 3.5 tons

-Endurance: Superhuman, can exert himself at a maximum of 24 hours without tiring.

-Durability: Human.

-Reflexes/Agility: Superhuman. Easily dodged bullets at point blank range.

-Speed: Peak human, can run 25-30 miles.

Current Official Deployment: [REDACTED]

Equipment Loadout:

Specialty Arrows:

-Standard Arrows: Standard set of arrows, usually carrying razor-sharp steel tips.

-Armor-Piercing Arrows: Nearly identical to his standard arrows, but are different in the aspect that their tips are made from adamantium.

-Explosive Arrows: Arrows carrying explosives of varying degrees of lethality. It's rare that the explosive used will be non-lethal.

-Shock Arrows: Capable of emitting an electric shock powerful enough to stop a man's heart upon contact.

-Tracer Arrow: For when he needs to track a target. GPS feed is displayed in one of the lenses of his sunglasses.

-Gas Arrows: Carries arrows that have impact-activated gas dispensers attached to them. The contents of said dispensers can vary anywhere from knockout gas to deadly hydrogen cyanide.

-Fire Arrows: Slightly more complicated than the rest of his specialty arrows, the fire arrows have a two-part delivery system. The first arrow spreads gasoline across the target, while the second arrow, carrying an impact-activated lighter, sets the target aflame. A less commonly used variant of this arrow employs the use of napalm in place of gasoline.

-Biochemical Arrows: Some of the deadliest and nastiest arrows 1146 carries. They can carry a wide range of biochemical agents, from diseases to highly toxic chemicals. Either way, when this arrow penetrates someone, it is going to do some major damage.

-Electromagnetic Pulse Arrow: As the name implies, this arrow sets off an effective EMP upon impact, temporarily disabling(and sometimes completely frying) all electronics in the area.

Enhanced Tactical Eyewear: Pair of specially-designed sunglasses that transmit data, possess numerous vision filters, and have almost anything 1146 requires to excel in a tactical situation.


Opening File for: Subject 1147

Designation: 1147

Assigned Codename: Adam

Serial Number: 4113876661147

Batch: A

Experiment group focus: Stealth, Combat

Intended Application: Orbital special operations, espionage, assassination

Training Results:

  • Marksmanship: A-, tight grouping, 89.9% accuracy.
  • Unarmed Combat: A+. Currently has 30 different forms of martial arts programmed into his brain, and has displayed total mastery with at least 24 of them.
  • Swordsmanship: A+. Easily beat instructor after third match.
  • Forgery: A+. Able to authentically reproduce signatures for several known military officials after no more than two glances at the original.
  • Stealth: A+. Able to go undetected through a facility full of former black ops and take them out one-by one without raising any alarm.
  • Assassination: A+. Can comprehend and perform any necessary method of assassination.
  • Speech: A+. Can talk his way out of numerous situations and is extremely proficient at lying.

Physical statistics:

  • Strength: Superhuman. 2.9 tons
  • Endurance: Superhuman, can exert himself at a maximum of 24 hours without tiring.
  • Durability: Human.
  • Reflexes/Agility: Superhuman. Easily dodged bullets at point blank range.
  • Speed: Peak human, can run 25-30 MPH.
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