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A team of Marvel villains have broken into the DC universe in an attempt to convert DC into their base of operations. Their first opponents are the "villains" of DC who don't take the invasion too kindly. Their second opponents are the "heroes" .

Marvel: Magus, Dr.Doom Thanos, Sentry(Void), Chthon, Suma Gorath Onslaught, Galactus (With Gah'lak'us), Amatsu-Mikoboshi, Dormmamu, Dracula, Loki, Apocalypse

DC round 1: Any 10 villains

DC round 2: Any 10 Heroes

Both sides get three days prep. No morals no pis, cis, bloodlusted at full power.

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Penance Stare and Hell Fire for the win.

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It has been decided that the new age of mutants have failed in reaching supremacy, so now a group of some of the oldest living mutants have decided to dominate the human race. Make a team of eleven mutants to defeat them.

Rules: Three days prep, No mutants above Magneto/Xavier, no reality bending technology, fight to the death, no pis,cis,bfr

My Team: Azazel, Exodus,Selene,Apocalypse,Mr Sinister

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I remind them that if they hurt me Santa will put them on his naughty list, as they start to leave I jump into my Hummer and over the little demons whilst hurling yo mama jokes with a drunken slur.

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Slenderman stomps

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@No_Trolling: I was wondering which age Superman.

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Which Superman is this?

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@JediXMan: thanks im going to buy it just for informational purposes.

I think the main problem with Revan is that we have never been shown anything that shows definite example of his powers and what he can do. Feat wise Ven beats him. (The Fanboy in me just died).

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@JediXMan: Just a question have you read the Revan book by Drew Karpyshyn and if you have is it good.

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@XImpossibruX: Thanks for the correction.