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@supbatz said:

"Nonstop action" issue does not sound like my cup of tea. But even so, I am excited for a new Robin. I pray that Damian will be returning, as his place in the Batman mythos was so unique and intriguing.

But even if it is not Damian, I look forward to a Robin.

Just, please, not Carrie Kelly.

EVERYTHING you just said. Amen.

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@Planewalker: Probably true. However, Barbara Gordon started out as a cameo in season 1, and now she (as Batgirl) is one of the team members and a regular on the show.

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I just thought you guys should know that Steph just made her first appearance in Young Justice. I'm glad someone at DC still cares about her! In the latest episode of YJ, "Before the Dawn", there was a civilian character that barely spoke two lines and to whom I didn't give a second thought. However, she was listed in the credits as Stephanie Brown! Fittingly, the main heroes in the scene with her were Tim Drake and Barbara Gordon. Here's a screenshot:

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WOOHOO, RED ROBIN! Sorry, my extreme fanboy-ism for all things Tim Drake knows no bounds.

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G-Man is the best! He has a fun, positive, friendly attitude that shows in all his articles and videos, and it's one of the things that helped me to love this site when I first discovered it. He also has great taste; I know that if G-Man loves something, I probably will too. Comic Vine truly has the best staff (and community) of any site out there. Keep it up!

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THANK YOU for this article. I've always felt that pretty much none of the Titans ever got the respect they deserved. Seeing Cyborg (one of my three favorite titans ever) as part of the Justice League made me incredibly happy, and it's absolutely one of my favorite things about the New 52. It's certainly a huge leap forward for the character, essentially bumping him up from C-list hero to A-list, and truly making him part of the "real" DC universe. Now if only someone could do the same for Beast Boy...

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This is going to be terrible, yet there's no way I'm gonna miss it.

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Did anyone else immediately think "Woohoo! Now they can make a LEGO Marvel video game!" when they saw this?

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His art is amazing! But I don't care about Batwing, I just want Marcus To on a new Red Robin comic.

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The creators created the characters for the company that employed them to do so. It makes sense that the creators don't get a say in what happens to their creations later. However, creators aside, it isn't fair to the readers to suddenly change a fundamental aspect of a character in which they've invested so much time and emotion. As long as those that take over from the creators keep the characters true to themselves, I have no problem. But all too often, they don't.