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Agent X sits at the bar, he is drinking a bottle of water and he dressed as an agent.

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Victor is dressed as an old man, he is built like an old football player. From his scars it seems as though he had his fair share of rumbles. He ordered a beer and looked at the mirror watching behind himself.

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@The_Rumor: (Oh alright.)

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Victor had wandered too much it seemed, because with a loud roar he was off. He was still calm and collected he had been in similar situations, but the creature towered over him as he ran back, still firing shots.

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@Park: "And to getting wasted." He began to drink.

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@Park: "Thanks man." He extended his hand to the stranger," Name is Isaac."

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@Park: He had this sorted out all ready it was his story from the beginning. He moved the hair, "ow." it's right there. He showed the man. "Not only that I got throw out F__kers thought I started it see." He showed him his right forearm where there was a huge scrape.

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@Park:Victor had gone through this kind of scenario countless times, it was easy act dumb to many agents and people get caught up, thinking they failed and come out with it. He was trained though he wasn't going to allow for that. " This is actually my third drink sir and I actually came here to drink alone, as for why I scan it's not for an important reason. It's just when the last two clubs you've been to in the past nights, when a fight breaks lose and you're hit with a bottle twice. You get a huge headache and try not to let it happen again."

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@Park: The man sat beside the agent not even waiting for a response. He had all his info ready to use, he spoke with a lower voice, no one could tell he was in disguise, "I heard this is where the action was at, I guess I was wrong." He laughed before he took a drink.

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@Park: Victor knew he stuck out now in this place as he had seen so many heroes and villains, but that's kind of what he wanted at the moment. He wanted them to know of his presence, but to not worry about and that is exactly what was going on.