Snake in the garden

PART 1 - How a snake jumps

Grimm Broadcasting Company

"Folks your lord and savior needsa you to help these people, with just a five dollar contribution we can reach the 100,000 they so desperately deserve ta get their lived back on track!" An old man in an unflattering shoeshine black toupee says, Pacing energetically across the stage, passing random faces with phones in front of them asthey chew gum, text or do crosswords in the silent room, "We're gettin' there folks! We now have.." He turns to look at the incoming funds ticker and his jaw drops, "Ladies and gentlemen we have just recieved..tuh... twenty million dollars to the California relief fund! Sir we know your still on the line please, whats your name so we can honor this generous amount!" Static crackles on an open micorophoned line, "My name is James Bailey the second, I've been watching your problem closely and felt remorse for the people who were victimized in those attacks. Thanks to your inspiration Reverand, I've decided to move my offices indefinitely to Grimm City, to help build a better tomorrow for our city, as well as our country. I wish I could speak with you in person more in-depth, how about we set up a meeting reverand, say tuesday at four?" The Reeverand is astonished by this obvious power player, his toupee visibly sliding off of his sweaty smooth head, "That-that sounds just fine sir, mr.bailey Sir." A soft chuckle reverberates through the studio, "Please call me James. Have a good night."

The Grimm City north Airport or GCA

A black limousine pulls up, as James Bailey and his new right hand stand at the shuttle area. "Good night." He clicks the red icon on his phone and throws it casually in a breats pocket, "How did they respond, sir?" She asks in a sweet and interested voice, "Well. Better than I hoped in fact. Come on, we have to check out this new office, then...we unpack." A callous camouflaged smile slides across 'Mr.Bailey''s Face before he steps into the limosine followed by Ms.Fong.

Sighing deeply he presses a button under his collar, his hair slowly tightening back into curls, skin begins to shift and transition from a tanned peach to a bronzed caramel, while a goatee rises around his mouth "I need you to do some scouting while I'm out tonight. Names of mid to high level players, the numbers they have to work with, and what kind of weapons they use." He rubs his chin looking out at a jumbled mobile terrain filled with the messages of a madmans mind, before saying in mumbled words "....Get me the contact information of the Five Fathers of Crime"

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I'm so proud of you 
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That was some serious televangelist shade you were throwing lol

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@_Sojourn_: That was the plan haha

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