Message of a murderer

It's not what you say- it's how you say it.

Trieste, Slovenia

A chopper sputters across a dark sky over the country side. The anchor sits in his baje suit looking out of the open entry while a man straps his waist to the base. *translated from Slovene* "The devastation is immense! As you can see this small once flourishing countryside, is now scorched and black! Our meteorologists have not come to a conclusion as to what may be causing these sporadic chains of lightning, though local authorities as well as interpol are suspecting it may have some link to the deaths in Turkey and Croatia over the past few days. we'll continue to keep you updated as the story progresses"

Milan, Italy

The day was long for Bruce. His hands ached from carrying a replica plastic M-16 through what should have only been an hours worth of filming, but had turned into a day long event. He presses a button on his phone, speed dialing his assistant, "Hey mind getting them to send me up a foot bath? My dogs are killin' me" He says with his signature smirk, "Yes sir, Mr.Willis" his young right hand says, "Thanks babe" He kicks off his shoes and opens his balcony doors basking in the view of Milan from the Park Hyatt presidential suite. He leans back in his palms, old bones popping with each bend. the ever aging star goes over to the television flipping on the news to see a broadcast not in english, with the video of a scorched and blackened village. The wind emanating from the balcony nearly pushes him off of his feet, "the hell...?" He says to himself whilst turning. he steps to the doors, looking out supicously, his already naturally narrow eyes in slits. "......*looks left and right* "

He clicks the double doors shut and locks them, as he turns he stands some six feet away from a tall caramel skinned man sitting in his chair eating his green m&m's. The actor knew how to handle situations like this, studying such things when doing his action roles. He kept his calm and trying to fain authority "I don't know who you are, or how you found me, but if you don't get out of here we're gonna have a serious problem" He says with a forward posture, hands cupped under his armpits, eyes narrowed. The intruder just smirks and flips another m&m into his mouth, " "I’m a world-class assassin, f*ckhead. How do you think I found out?" " he says quoting one of the many films of Willis's.

The blockbuster walks over to his phone and attempts to casually call the front desk.

A small jolt of red electricity flows out of the mans finger and make sthe phone short circuit, catching fire. He drops it quickly, shaking his seared hands. "My Flucks" He says pointing at the television. "And I guess we like each others work" he says sarcastically " Is that so? so what do you want from me, if your such a big fan"

His jaws stops clicking, as he pauses and stares at the action star, then turns and spits out the last piece of candy. He rises to a six foot stature and ebbs closer to the legend, "It's nothing personal. take a seat... I'll explain it to you" He pulls two chairs over. The actor sits, his facade slowly fading by the minute.

"You see, it's not really news- people die. I'm gonna die, your gonna die" He pauses for a brief second "everybody goes. It's not a big secret that heroes die every day either. You see it all the time on the news, this world is filled with heroes and their wins and losses are always tallied up at the end. You though? Well, your more of a symbol than any of them. Because when people slide your movies into their DVD player, or even VHS, they know the good guy is gonna win." Bruce starts to perspire gently from his temple. "Always, ya know? it's just unrealistic. But, see, you give hope with your movies. I wonder..."He asks himself rubbing his chin, " How many guys and girls are out there right now, flying and shooting lasers while in skin tight underwear, because die hard changed their life." He crosses his leg and rests his head on his fist, "They need to know, Mr.Willis, they need to know even the most invulnerable hero is touchable. Theres an epidemic of hope in this world. It needs a balance of fear and despair."

He stands and walks around the stars chair, grabbing his left wrist behind his back with his right hand " Feel me?" "Yeah" it sounds as though he had a tennis ball caught in his throat, "Yeah, yeah I feel you" Flucks walks around to the back of his chair, grabbing either shoulder and leaning into his ear "No you don't...but you will...they all will...Any last words?"

The film behemoth takes a deep breath, and simply turns around, looks Flucks in his dead, callous eyes and says, "‘Yippee-ki-yay, motherfuh-!’"

Two eradiated hands shove through Bruce Willis's chest, then back again leaving his lungs hanging from his back. He gasps for air his mind making him aware of the futility but his body ignoring "huh...HUH!" his corpse smacks the glas coffe table as the last image in his eyes is his crimson essence dripping off the corner

Hotel security busts in several hours later, finding a dead body, and a spat up m&m, with trace amounts of DNA on it.

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You know what, I/m just gonna bring Flucks back along with Max

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You know what, I/m just gonna bring Flucks back along with Max

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