Grimm City Stories: The Good Father

The Church of Divine Intervention Tuesday, 4:00 pm

In a high back leather swivel chair sits an old man with a toupee on a manikin head atop his desk. In his lap sits a nun with only her scapular veil covering her sweet yet aged face. "Oh reverand Goody please...this isn't what you said I'd have to do to be a nun!" She says with a look of fear and dread on her face, the old pudgy pervert rolls his eyes and ashes his lit cigar, "I'm not looking to role play tonight baby… just get it done...well, go on!" She giggles dropping the facade as well as her body. He leans back in relaxation before a beep is heard followed by a shrill old voice, "Father? Father!" She says, "What damn it!" He asks pushing the button so hard his finger turns red, "Forgive me father, we have a visitor, a Mr.Bailey- What’s that? Oh yes… a Mr. Bailey, the second" She says with a mocking tone, "Should I send him up then?" The reverend sits up straight and clears his throat pushing the girl back, "Ahem, yes send our generous benefactor right up." He pulls his pants up and pushes the naked nun into the closet just as Mr. Bailey enters, wearing an all-black Caraceni dress suit complimented by dark grey Tistoni custom fit dress shoes. "Ah, the good father Goody, it's an honor to finally meet you." He says in a deep yet soft voice with a smile as he approaches the reverend who grabs his extended hand with both of his own short thick ones "Mr. Bailey! the honor to meet such a generous man as yourself, sir, is mine alone. Please, have a seat" He says in a thick Mississippi accent. Bailey chuckles deeply with his eyes closes then looks back still smiling at the puzzled father, "No, meant it's good to meet on of the Fathers of Crime, that seems like the greatest honor" His eyes flick red as he leans past the broke light from the stainglass window.The reverend, in his fear, attempts to grab the shotgun clicked into a mechanism under his desk. He felt nothing. Looking down sharply he sees the gun floating against the bottom of the desk. He looks up slowly, to see a brown hand hovering above it. "Wuh- what the fck do you want asshole? " A Grinch like smile spreads across his morphing face

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Part 2

The surface of Baileys' face bubbles and shifts for a moment before revealing the handsome soulless eyed face of the forborne Flucks . His smile turns from smooth capped teeth to daggered canines, "I want a word with the rest of the big daddies, Rev goody. The fact that I found you so easily should point it out clear enough..." He turns the gun slowly to point directly at the reverands rotund stomach. "If I'm looking for you, I'll find you." He moves the shotgun slowly closer until the coal steel of the barrel presses on his black buttoned jacket. "You... can't just setup a meeting. They all have to agree for even one to show up. I'm the lowest father I-" The shotgun turns upward quickly firing a round into the ceiling. The barrel is readjust to the startled Reverands face, burning an infinty like symbol into his plump right cheek. Now screaming with tears the reverand gets on his knees and begins mumbling prayers, Flucks merely giggle maniacally before sliding around his desk, "I know about your wife sicili I know about your son and daughter. If you don't make this possible- I don't care if you lie, I don't care if you have to go door to door raping the other fathers wives to get their attention" He begins to glow in a pulsating red neon light, standing and looking up at the ceiling, "I'll wipe your entire bloodline out slowly until your the only one left...then I'll let you live" Ina crimson jagged streak of lighting, a ray of sun shines down on Father Goody's crouched and sweaty face. He stands with wobbly legs punching numbers into his phone, "Johnson and moore plumbing." A soft female voice says on the other end, to which he replies in a shaken voice, "Cr-Criime is on the rise and hell has high water"