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Name:The Doctor

Age:1,145 have passed on earth since he first got in the TARDIS.However,The Doctor is a time traveller,so hes been alive and doing things for a lot longer than that.

Height: 6 foot

Weight: 180 pounds

Shortest bio on CV:

The Doctor is a time lord,from a destroyed planet called Gallifrey.

Powers and abilities

  • Cosmic energy manipulation-The Doctor can use the energy to just about anything. Wielding the Cosmic energy causes him strain only in the most severe of his power usage. Some examples of how powerful it is are as follows.
    -He could make a ball of cosmic energy explode with the power of a nuclear bomb
    -His cosmic blasts cant deliver around 2,000,000 ft.lbs of kinetic energy.
    -His strength with cosmic energy is about 800 tons
    -His cosmic shielding can resist 20 strikes carrying five hundred tons of force
    [All of the numbers listed above are absolute maxes,and would probably kill The_Doctor]
  • The Doctor has one ability that he thoroughly enjoys using, if a pile of scrap metal and electronics were placed before him, he could in a flurry of motion, assemble the pile of scrap into a device to be used for his benefit.
    When turning scrap metal/electronics,he uses little bits of cosmic energy to make things fit.make them work,or change what they do,so he could make a battery from a tin can,by just fiddling with it in his hands.
  • The Doctor Is a super genius, he can figure out immeasurably complex things in a matter of seconds.
  • The Doctor has a sort of automatic perception speed adjuster in his mind,he can watch even as the fastest of speedsters run by.
  • The Doctor has a sort of 'Cosmic awareness' which allows him to sense people and things moving around him,he can also sense oddities/anomalies within the universe with this.
  • Can transmute matter into similar forms of itself,using cosmic energy. [Nickel to iron,copper to brass...]
  • Incredible durability-He can withstand immense impacts with little to no physical repercussion,however his durability only helps against more,blunt force attacks. Bullets and sharp objects pierce straight through his skin.
  • Infinite stamina- He never gets tired,ever.
  • Can perfectly mock any voice or sound he's heard.
  • Inside the tardis,he gains all the abilities of a telepath.

TimeLord-The Doctor is a TimeLord,and a very special one at that,Being a TimeLord has a few unique benefits,which are as follows.

  • The Doctor cannot be affected by any sort of manipulation,matter manipulation,reality manipulation,any of it.
  • The Doctor cannot completely die,he will be reborn,somewhere,sometime.
  • The Doctor cannot be affected by any sort of time manipulation.


The T.A.R.D.I.S: The tardis was the first thing the Traveller ever saw,the tardis is completely indestructible, it exists outside the fabric reality. The tardis Is completely and utterly indestructible and un-manipulatable in every way. The tardis only has one weakness,incredibly powerful magic can temporarily slow it,or stop it completely. The inside of the tardis is the console,the console is where the Doctor pilots the tardis. The tardis is infinitely expanding on the inside,its essentially a pocket universe within a box. The tardis also contains a ridiculous amount of safety features to keep from being stolen,if anyone who is not the Doctor touches the console, the tardis shuts down and locks. The tardis is also guarded by a robot dog.

The inside of the tardis stretches on infinitely,and it runs backwards,the floor you walk in on,is the top floor,the 1st floor. The floor under the first floor is the 2nd floor,and so on. The deeper you go down,the more unkept/broken down/darker the rooms get,also,other things live in the depths of the tardis. On the upper levels of the tardis,where things are well kept,clean,and organized, the hallways never end,and they all lead to different rooms containing different things. The most advanced technology in the universe is kept in these rooms, among other things, like animals and such.

The Sonic Screwdriver The Sonic Screwdriver is essentially the Doctor's multi-tool. The sonic can do nearly anything,it can project sound,and record things. It can hack anything, it can have an extremely specific magnetic pull to unlock doors. It can heal minor wounds on others, It can tell almost all information about whatever its being pointed at. The sonic is also smart enough to carry out procedures that the Doctor needs to happen,for example,it woul begin working while in the Travelers pocket, putting a crashing plane into autopilot while the Doctor is busy. Or as another example, if the Doctor believes someone to be suspicious, it will begin running one of its infinite number of programs,to scour all known databases tapped by the Doctor, to find information on the suspicious person.

The sonic also has a telepathic connection to the Doctor,all the information transmitted by the sonic however, is in a language completely unknown to anyone in the universe.