Terrible Character Names

Exactly what it sounds like. 
Note that this isn't a comment on how well written a character is, only their name.

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Posted by Asymmetrical

someone hates the FF :P

Posted by ~The Wanderer~
@aztek the lost: They're alright, but their names aren't :P
Posted by Asymmetrical
@~The Wanderer~: well at least you can admit your Legion isn't any better :D
Posted by ~The Wanderer~
@aztek the lost: Oh don't even get me started on them lol.
Posted by Byzantine

Well Mr. Fantastic always made made him sound as Mr. Egomaniac. Which fits the character. 

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I actually like Captain America, because he seems to be the kind of guy that would fight for his country. The name fits. I am not sure about Invisible Woman, though, but it fits, since invisibility is her power.