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''I am the Black Panther. King of the dead. And soon to be your new lord''. 0

The good:One hell of an issue! Hickman continues his amazing fleshed out sci-fi story in the pages of New Avengers. In this particular title, we get to see the Illuminati fight as the last line of defense against Thanos' desire to invade earth while its defenses are weakened. The high point of not only this title, but the complete Infinity storyline, is how well organized it is. Every book, from the Infinity core book, to the Avengers main title, to this title, serves a purpose in the story. We ...

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A fruit is a date 0

The good: That opening scene is just amazing. Continuing from last issue, Alex starts an argument with Scott Lang about actually ending Doom. It's a very emotional scene where we get to see a little bit of vulnerability coming from Lang and some confrontation from Alex. It's a darker part of the book that works very well in a series that is extremely lighthearted.  Second aspect of the book deals with knowing a bit more about the Human Torch. Is it the guy we all know or an imposter who invented...

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She is broken... 0

The good : Although this 6th issue of the series deals with what the two previous issues dealt with (the origin of a lesser known character), the formula to it is quite different. Instead of having the story of the hero, in this case Captain universe, directly shown to us, we get to see her origin trough her introspection. Aided by Shang-Chi (I personally love that character), Captain Universe's host (Tamara Devoux) goes trough her mind to find the answers of her own origin story; of what happen...

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I know this thing ! 0

The good: This is an action sequence issue done right. Spider-man, with the little experience he has, needs to step in to save his father from the menace that is the new Venom. Although the whole issue is a big fight scene, Bendis manages to incorporate in that action scene important plot points and good moments. The consequences of the fight, the emotions Miles get overwhelmed with and the mistake Ganke makes are some important elements of the issue since they add flavor to a basic fight betwee...

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What's a smasher to do? SMASH !!! 0

The good: The 5th issue of this series by Johnathan Hickman possesses the exact same formula as the 4th issue: an origin story (for a lesser known character) mixed with an adventure for several Avengers. Although it's exactly the same formula as the previous issue, this 5th issue doesn't have the same problems as the last one. In fact, it excels in giving the reader an amazing story that is yet again a piece to the big puzzle.  Hickman does a fantastic job concerning the origin story of, this ti...

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Piece of the puzzle 0

The good: Even if the first story arc is over, the consequences of the Garden's actions are still in effect. This fourth issue deals in part with one of the consequences as well as the why and the how Hyperion is part of the avengers. Concentrating on a small group of Avengers (essentially Hyperion), the team goes in the Savage Land to investigate one of the biologically infected sites on earth. What's good about this issue is how we get to know a lot more about Hyperion and like I just mentione...

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Creepy beginning 0

The good: So that first scene of the book is just plain creepy. It shows, in the past, the psychological issues of our main character in a ''beautiful'' way. It lets you see how disturbed he actually was (if ever he changed). Personally, it was the highlight of the issue, even though the rest was still strong.   As for the rest of the issue, we get to see our main character dealing with the police following his arrest. That's probably the more lightheaded part of the book : seeing the character ...

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Keep pressing 0

The good: This is the conclusion to the first story arc, so it's an issue dealing with the clash of the Avengers (the New Avengers if I may) and the people of the Garden. It's an amazing action filled issue where you get to see everyone at least once use their unique abilities to fight the threat. Captain America is rightfully put in charge of the strike where he leads these lesser known characters to try to save planet earth and the other teammates.  To complement this great issue, Opena's art ...

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Heart of the action 0

The good: As soon as the issue starts, we are right in the heart of the action. Remender is creating a series filled with adventurous elements and action sequences that are not left out in this issue. In this particular one, Cap makes some allies. Some creatures of the group accept him, but others feel the alliance unnecessary which brings Steve do have to defend himself yet again. It's going to be interesting to see where that union goes in the series. What's really good about the issue is how ...

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New year! 0

The good: The book illustrates yet again what the Fantastic Four represent: a fun, exiting and family orientated adventure of six people who do the impossible. In this third issue, the adventure takes place on a new planet where Reed is secretly sending himself and the family to try and retrieve answers for his physical problem. Obviously they come face to face with a problem: the new planet they're visiting might not be what they expected. In fact, that whole threat the planet is for the FF was...

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Finally back on track ! 0

THE GOOD:To start off the review, I just wanted to mention how I loved the two first story arcs of this series however HATED the third one with the divided/united we fall/stand crossover. It just felt like it disturbed the story Bendis is doing with Miles. As of issue 19, we get back to what I love about the story : a character orientated story backed up by amazing art.In this story arc, Bendis deals with issues Miles has to face as a new Spider-man: from having to replace his web fluid to his f...

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4 minutes later 0

The good: As the Fantastic Four leave for a brief 4 minutes, the fate of the planet, which includes everything the team has to deal with on a daily basis, is left to 4 individuals. Unfortunately, the 4 minutes are up and that responsibility gets way more heavier. From the exposition of the media, to the threats they'll have to face or to the simple caring of the kids from the FF, the team has a handful of difficulties. That's a point I greatly enjoyed of the book: the different angles the team h...

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On point! 0

The good: The whole tone of the book just feels on point. From the interactions between the different characters, the jokes or the fun scenes of the book, we get in perspective how well Matt Fraction handles the series. Every character seems in their right place and thoughtfully written. Fraction does a great job to capture the reader with the fun and adventurous plot he's planning. In fact, the whole idea of the trip is a fresh and imaginative concept that wants to make you jump in time to get ...

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Less good but still good 0

The good The series is very mysterious. We don't know what to expect, especially with the main character (is he a bad guy now or not?). Spencer is known to slower build stories (check out his morning glories, we still don't have the big picture). It can be a good thing, like in morning glories, but it could be bad like in Ultimate X-men. With this series, although we are only at issue 2, we know he's plotting something big slowly and it works. It's not a perfect rating because it only focuses on...

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Still solid 0

The good Now of course this is not the kind of book you have to read expecting something serious. It's supposed to be a fun and enjoyable read, nothing very deep to be considered. Considering that fact, this book achieves its goal very easily. We get funny humor, fast paced sequences (encluding good action scenes) and just some amazing art to showcase the fun side of this book. Although we could say that nothing more is needed, there was a brief moment that showed a deeper side to Deadpool. It w...

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Amazing set up issue 0

The good : Now it's rare for me that a set up issue deserves 5 stars, but Hickman knocks it out the park with this one. He brings forth an idea that will direct the series in its entirety: the Avengers have to become bigger. Now of course any writer could just have taken the reigns of the book and put that idea into place, but only Hickman can make it work in a new and imaginative way. His whole issue delves on the why they have to become larger and that is what I loved the most about the book. ...

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Should have been better 0

After reading the first volume of Dark Avengers and really enjoying it, I bought this second book hopping to get the same feeling I got reading the first one. I guess I expected too much.  THE GOOD   That art!!!!! ( nothing else to say about that). What I liked the most about this series is the dialogue between the teammates. Bendis does a great job writing the dialogue for these people who are not used to being together. In this second volume we have again that great dialogue, but only in like ...

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