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Superhuman Traits:

Superhuman Strength: Shortly after I was bitten by that little Spider I found myself to have superhuman strength. I was able to crush a pipe with my hands like it was a sheet of paper. I have been able to shatter a concrete wall with a single punch with little effort. Now I may not be as strong as the Hulk, or Goldilocks Thor, but hey at least I got a better costume. It's said that I have the proportionate strength of a spider, and I've managed to lift 10 tons. I mean 10 tons, come on is that cool or what?

Superhuman Agility: Because of my superhuman agility I am dodge bullets and make it look good. I mean even Neo and the matrix can't hold a candle to what I've done. Death defying stunts and amazing acrobatics are what I do, its kind of my trade mark you know? Running and balancing are not a problem for me, I can sprint on a flagpole, lets see Daredevil or  Captain America do that ten stories up without a net.

Superhuman Speed: Can you say super speed? Alright, I don't have super speed and can't keep up with people like Quicksilver, but I am fast, want to see? I mean come on who needs a cab when I can sprint faster then they can drive. My awesome speed and agility allow me to move and react faster than almost anyone, well most. My reflexes are like 15 times better than that prick Flash Thompson.

Superhuman Durability: My spider strength has hidden benefits. My muscles, and tissue are more dense because of it and allows me to take a hit, when someone is able to touch me that is. Now granted I do not have invulnerability like the human Juggernaut, but can he swing from walls? No I didn't think so, thats one more for The Amazing Spider-man.

Genius Intellect: Do you know how hard it is to have a body like mine AND be a genius? Its hard let me tell you that. I mean if I wasn't having to go off and save the world every other week I would be done with school by now. Do you know who Reed Richards is? Well of course you do, he's only like one of the smartest people on the planet. I've scored just as well as he has in tests when he was my age. What other super heroes can say that? Or come up with these nifty gadgets that I have made like my web shooters, the fluid, my Spider light, have you seen that? Yeah its so cool.

Spider Sense: I get this tingling sensation in the back of my head that warms me of danger. I call it my Spider Sense and boy has it kept me out of a lot of situations. This cool little power may not tell me what exactly is coming my way, but it lets me know, and fast. I've been able to dodge point blank shots because of this, and it freaks the crooks out. This little baby lets me guide through the streets on my webs with ease, acting like a type of radar, always giving me the quickest path to take. Oh and whats even cooler, is that it goes off if I have someone trying to spy on me while I change into, or out of costume.

Wall Crawling: I can stick to anything, who else can say that? Yeah, thats what I thought, didn't think so. It is pretty cool though, I can climb on the sides of buildings, hang upside down, and even run up the side of stuff. So far I have been able to stick to anything, all it takes is just a little thought, a little concentration and poof, I'm hanging 10.

Web Shooter: These little wrist bands are what holds the chemical fluid I make that lets me sling around. There is a little nifty trigger I have to push twice to let it shoot off, and I have various tricks I can do with this stuff too, oh and did I tell you, I made these little buggers myself while I was in high school.

Utility Belt: This little guy wraps around my waist and holds a number of items for me. Not only do I store extra web cartridges, and tracers, but it is also where my spider signal comes of. The buckle emits out a bright light showing me who's where. This is also the nice handy spot I keep my cell phone in. Make sure that I'm not too late for anything important.

Webbing: Another one of my crafty designs, are these web cartridges that are loaded into my web shooters and let me fling around, web enemies and all that spectacular stuff you see me do in the papers. I created these things, this fluid so it would dissolve in about an hours time. This way no one can bring me up on charges for littering. Just trying to do my part to keep the Big Apple clean.

Spider Tracers: Now these little guys are something special. At first I didn't think too much of them, and I don't use them often. But when I have to track down guys like the Green Goblin or the Vulture who fly about, sometimes I lose track of them, these baby's let me find them later on. I've managed to key them to my spider sense, and can pick them up whenever I am withing a 100 yards.

Spider Signal: Remember that  cool light I told you about earlier? Well this is it, I've managed to add in my own design to it and when I turn it on a huge display of my mask shows up, and strike fears in all those muggers lurking in the back alleys. You should see them run when I flash this on them, man I never get tired of that.

Camera: A guy's got to make a living right? Now I started off with my Uncle Ben's camera, but I needed to update it soon if I wanted the big bucks for my photos. I got a pretty cool one now, it has a timer, and motion sensors, they really turn out great, and I'm putting together this huge collection of pictures.