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@Tranquil: Samantha cracked a smile and handed him a dossier on the target. “His name is Walter Jones, from what I can tell he’s not a trained Red Cardinal; however he has been supplying inside information to New York Gang leaders, he’s also harboring the location of a human trafficking operation” she said, placing her hands behind her on the computer.

“I can offer you Ten Thousand, for his capture, an extra forty eight hundred if you get shot at” she said, dipping her head t=low to catch his eyes.

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@Tranquil: “There is a difference between saving the world and endangering it with carelessness” she retorted back, her pitch elevated past it’s normal tone; this drew the attention of nearby members. “I’m not asking you to run into burning buildings to save little children, what I’m asking you to do is…reduce the number of people you USE when tracking a target.” She said, standing to her feet.

“If ONE innocent life is taken do you know how much work must be done to completely eliminate you from the scene? It takes months” she said, placing her hands behind her head.

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@Tranquil: “I guess I should rephrase myself.” She said, spinning around in her seat almost instantly. “You don’t think I’d allow you to just waltz in here without some sort of intel on you?” Samantha started; sticking her index inside her hair to give her scalp a scratch.

“There are certain guidelines, you’ll be graded. You may be one of the best, but being the best also comes with complacency.” She explained again. “You suit up and work under the Bravehart Order than you will respect the code of secrecy and limit the amount of civilian deaths” she said, pointing to her giant computer screen.

“I think this lady killed herself at a nightclub you were seen in” she said, showing him a picture of an encounter he had with a vamp.

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@Tranquil: “Well Mr. Archer, you’re alias must match your new finger prints” she said, leaning back in her chair. “Think about it like this Mr. Archer, you wouldn’t buy stock in a product you’ve never heard of would you?” she asked, taking the time to cross her hands and legs. “I need to see what you’re capable of, then I throw you to the sharks”

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@Tranquil: Watching as the tablet slowly highlighted around the touch of his fingertips, Samantha moved to the computer via her rolling chair and began creating an alias for him. “Well I can start you off on a simple retrieval job, shouldn’t be anything to hard” she said, compiling a list of targets.

“What we do here, Mr.Archer is find targets, apprehend or kill them; it totally depends on the condition of the bounty.” She said, coughing inside her shirt. “Never accept a job from a criminal…” she said, handing him a blank access card. “Do you have any questions? I’m not really a detail person, but if you ask; you shall receive.”

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@Feral Nova said:

@ Solace said:

I don't think I'm cut out for this anymore

@Feral Nova: O_O.

you don't mean what I think you mean right? Or do you mean what I think you mean? D:

O_o what do you think I mean

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I need to logoff

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@Naamah said:

@ Solace:Oh so allow the select few to decide instead of the entire RPG community. Allow people to vote, and then call them liars and subject a new standard so you can reserve selectable conditions. Lets turn this system into the two party system, so we can control whom is and whom is not rewarded. Is that the new way of things?

And for your information that's the current way of things. OR How about we vote people in based on whether or not "you're "WOWED" by them.

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@Naamah: Please don't bring it here