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How about Gambler creating the first hero team... New Age Outlawz

How about that time when Drifter blew up the Zero Squad HQ and killed Sha's son, Diego.

That time when Primav3ra was in a relationship with Drifter but then quickly broke it off and pretended like the whole ideal didn't happen.

Monthly awards!

Me winning funniest of the month for months in a row... until G'Bandit came along and stole my thunder! :P lol jk I actually love that guy, he's funny as hell. :( now I miss him...

Man of Forever, always being neutral no matter what was going on lol that guy was super chill

I also remember the incredible turmoil those awards caused...LOL Good times good times

Destroying Mars

The FULL Presidential campaign with Slight


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Destroying Mars

The FULL Presidential campaign with Slight


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"We should split up. That way we can cover more ground. But, the deal.is that you can't kill anyone...If you're engaged, then self defense only. From here I'll search the coast. You can retrace your steps from your last visit." I wanted to separate. I saw the her eyes turn from a desire to know that truth to something far more primal. Like a trained dog reverting to its lupine roots.

Without another word, I took flight, heading north upon the coast trying. It was an unfortunate event that not too soon after leaving Katraya that i spotted a plume of smoke. It was too far away from the docks to seen upon their arrival, and from the looks of it, the structure was just about to give way.

I summoned a great wave, centralized upon the burning building and engulfed it with the water from the sea. The salinity would help extinguish the flame faster than fresh water. It was then that I noticed the men forming a strait line just outside of the building, not moving, ominously. I could hear their chants faintly. As I moved closer, it became clear that this was no ordinary gathering. "Blood for the blood god" Repetitively they called out, becoming more and more swayed by the power of the deadly deity.

I raced to back to find Kat, hoping she knew about this occult sect of believers.

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@katraya: Again, I'm sorry I've not been on lately..I worked 50 hours this week... Wednesday is really the only I have to myself... I was thinking we should end this within the next couple of posts, just so we don't end up dragging this out to death.

"Well, I think you'd be pleased to know..This world has a lot to offer. I've never been sure, I don't think anyone has ever been sure, or could ever be sure...But theres something special about Earth. Good or Bad, it's the nexus of everything. We've had aliens from every different time, space, galaxy, you could think of. We've had Gods and devils, heroes and villains. Even a dragon or a million..." He wasn't looking at her while he spoke, there was still a bit of packing to do. "And no, we're not taking a metal tube...We can fly. I'm stronger than I look Kat. Bring whatever you need. I'm sure we'll need them."

Night had almost fallen. It was a crisp dusk, the wind blowing, signaling the tropical storm brewing on the southeastern coast of the country. Not that there was any indication on the news, but the powers that coursed through his veins were vast in many regards.

"It can get pretty cold when we're up there. Let me know if you want to lower altitude." With that I took flied, carrying the weight of my companion with my telekinetic abilities. Like previously thought, we arrived in Venezuela within a few hours. The sun was just beginning to rise there, and the smell of the ocean filled the air.

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"Well then. To Venezuela we go. Thanks that helps a lot." I got up and walked to my bedroom. I placed my belongings in a safe, and went to the closet and looked at something I hadn't seen in some time. My suit from my hero days. Nothing spectacular, nothing flashy. A little number that said, I'm here to save the day. Before exiting the room I spoke loudly enough for Kat to hear me. "Don't laugh okay...I feel a bit silly in it already."

I checked my schedule and noted that I had amassed a full week of leave, and I made the call to enter my vacation time in. "If we leave now, we can be there by morning. That is assuming the Blood God didn't give you teleporation powers." he looked at her, actually hoping that it had. "By the end of this little trip, I'm going to make you laugh...I SWEAR it" "You've gotta learn how to have fun sometimes. All work and no play makes for a bad Katraya..."

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It was as if she knew exactly what buttons to push, to take control, pilot my mind to a time that had long since passed. This woman, spoke of things that couldn't have been known, unless...Unless she was from there as well, which by all intents and purposes wasn't impossible, but very unlikely. I myself had only awoken to this reality a short time ago. Yet still, there was a foreboding power in her slickness. With little warning, she attacked, but not herself. Under her command, fabled terracotta soldiers descended upon me like rigid waves, a constant barrage of brutality.

Normally I was more than capable of defending myself. But in this case, something differentiated within me. Some shift in power had taken place, no doubt the work of that slithering witch. The clatter of porcelain fists drowned out her voice, but nothing could have prepared me for what would come next. In a blazing, inglorious dash she swept through like a single minded tornado, striking me just so that my consciousness left me.

When I awoke, my body glistened from profuse sweat. The lavish bedspread was futile in comparison to the sheer amount of devastation I felt. My arms and legs were tied, steel like threads cut into my wrists and ankles, my mouth gagged with a solid spherical device, placed just so that I could breath almost normally, and drool seeped out of either side of my jaws when I tried to struggle. All I could do was moan, guttural and animalistic sounds that noted my rage. It wasn't even then that I noticed my bare body, and the room got colder, an omen to note her arrival.

The silence was the worst, as if she knew that I couldn't do anything. I couldn't think about it, I wouldn't even have guessed what was going to happen. She mounted me...Violation was the best way to describe it. And when she was done with me, I just laid there, a twisted piece of existence, emotions and things resembling thoughts. Is this what it felt like to truly be at the mercy of someone...To truly have no identity and to be just a thing...I just laid there...and just laid there.

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Okay @yintercept I'll post today. Work has been the pits lately wit Age of Ultron coming out. Sorry

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@katraya"You've got so many questions" I laughed jocularly. It was apparent that Katraya was used to being alone, and even more so, used to having all the answers. But here, I was providing them, as best I could. I opened the door to my apartment, the other keys swiping against the paint and metal leaving tell tale marks of life on the other side. "You're right though, I mean about nothing being free, everyone having ulterior motives. But again, I'm trying to prove my point. Not everyone's motives are nefarious. Some people just like to help. It's that special feeling, when you've lent your hand in creating a better world for someone and around you. It's why I'm helping you Katraya. Just that simple. Now, lets start...I have a feeling that this might take a while"

I sat down in front of my MacbookPro, opened my email and retrieved the file that had been sent by the hospital. "Seems like it was a cocktail. There's like seventeen...snake, Puffer fish, even arsenic...Also, it's synthesized. Seems like they wanted to run the gambit, whatever your weakness was to this stuff...And whoever made it...They were gonna make sure it worked on you" I turned around in my swivel chair, and looked her dead in the eye. "Who'd you f*** over. Seems like you've made another enemy. Somebody that got close enough to you or knew just enough about you to know that you had a weakness to organic poisons." "While you think about that, I'll continue researching."

The glare from the screen illuminating my face, I looked at various different industries that specialized in synthetic/organic poisons and the handling of such. It could've been any one of them...And still I couldn't help but to think that this had more to do with trying to prove a point, than to actually kill her.

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Avery is a Gold Star Gay- which means he's never been with a woman...Except for that one time thingy with Maya, back when she was a blonde...But whatever..

Also, he thinks that V's look like angry flowers ... just saying

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She retorted "If you are lying, I will kill you" It wasn't a "thank you" no. But, like my previous beliefs had been solidified, this woman hadn't had known how to ask for help."Kat. I'm helping you, because I want to show you that not everyone is out to get you, or out to be gotten by you. I'm one of those odd fellows that just likes to help people reach their goals. And it sounds like you've been searching for something bigger than your sister. I think...Under all that anger and armor, you just want to feel redeemed for what you could not do...Save your sister. But redemption often comes in a form we don't recognize."

I was tired of sitting in the sun. I longed for my couch and tv. It was how I spent my free time mostly nowadays. I liked to keep up on current events around the world, but often I found myself watching reruns of RPDR and American Horror Story: Coven. "We'll start our search at my apartment. I'll ask the nurses to send me the information on the poison that was in you. We can find out who would have had access to it. Unless you already know who it was? But anyway, the internet is a great things. Plus, with the life I've lead I've made a few friends that dabble in the sort of mess you seem to be in."

I lead the way in a hurried pace, excited to see this unfold.