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You paint with words...and it was a gruesome and awesome sight to behold. Job well done on this one

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I was thinking about how many if not all comic book story arcs (the great ones at least) all revolve around a main threat that is super power powerful. ie Apocalypse so on and so forth...

And then I thought, what if the threat was weak. Like, was scrawny, had not real strength to deal with, or no magical, energy manipulating abilities that could deal damage on any great scale...What if the only thing that made it a threat was its weakness.

So...As I worked with the idea,I figured, it would be easy enough to kill and that would be that. So I said to myself, what would make this thing a threat. Invulnerability...no, because that would counteract the weakness...Then it struck me, I was thinking back to watching Coven, when Marie LuVeau cursed Delphine with immortality, saying that even after this world is gone, she would still be here, to feel it all, to witness it all, and never ever be able to die... And then I said...What if this thing literally caused death but was not death itself. What if this creature killed things just by existing, but could not die...What if this thing had an agenda...

I've always been fascinated with the two sayings "Survival of the fittest" which is another way of saying only the strong survive; and also "The Meek shall inherit the earth". Not exactly a literal translation or rewording. But it's basically stating that the weak ones, the timid, and the less fortunate, whether it be physically or what have you...Playing with the idea, I thought that it could be something that we've never done before...having to face something that only made us weaker, seeing what makes up strong completely leave us without any other options.

I'm up for input on this so if you have an idea that could help I'd love to hear it.

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I wanna battle

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That was immensely entertaining

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This is awesome.

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@jake_malcom: Posted...It was short but I guess it got the job done.

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@jake_malcom: Over the duration of this time, he'd eyed that group of patrons, sparingly at best though. Avery stood to readjust his over rested legs, but really just to get a better look at the brooding men. Looking now back to Jake, he watched him ingest a red vapor. Knowing it was blood, he creased his brow working out the details. The results were miraculously evident. Jake turned from a slurring, bumbling drunkard to a distinguished and dapper gentlemen; using the term lightly. However, still, the difference was night and day.

"You want us to do what?" Sojourn was perplexed. He understood, when you go into a place of business you are there to buy or browse...But no one browses for three days. He thought it would suffice to just ask, assertively for them to leave. But there was a look in Jake's eyes. A type of jovial anger. He was happy to be able to do what he suggested, Avery however wasn't so much. "Jake. I'm not sure what it is you heard about me, but you should know that that isn't my style. I don't work like that." Of course considering what he'd heard, it was his style...But that was different now. He was a kink of knots that had finally gotten untangled, and he wasn't about to let one of his first acts of heroism be kicking people out of a bar...No matter how unruly...Where's a bouncer when you need one....

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Always looking to tell a good story!