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@shadowswordmaster: sure. It wouldn't be the first time in history a police department etc have enlisted the help of a psychic. But really, it's pretty much anything you can think of. Sometimes if have assignments for you, or you could interact on your own. It would be meant as a springboard for other interactions.

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@shadowswordmaster: @_atomikill_: @house_mouse:

Wow, I wasn't expecting to get a reaponse so soon. But it would be dealing with characters that dealt in arcani of all types, to suit the clients personal needs or requests. It could be someone to simply read your palm of to help a baron woman get pregnant or raise the dead... Whatever the client wants. If you've for characters that can fit the bill them by all means you're welcome to join up.

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Someone picture meeee

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I just had an idea... Not specifically for an rp but the basis.

I'd wanna call it Magi Inc. I'd be the CEO and founder of a business that employs other magic inclined individuals ie witches, psychics, etc. They'd work for a price to achieve the buyers wishes whatever they may be.

It could be the basis for a ton of RPGs .

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Some people are aiming for a maiming here... CAN YOU NOT

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@icarusflies: Thats fantastic. I hope everything is amazeballs. None of my outside friends back then were interested in comics...So when I told them, they were like...WHAAAA, but I told them anyway. LOL.

Whats your major, or have you not decided on that yet?

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@icarusflies: LOL. It was epic. I actually felt like it was real at a few points in time. I remember our flyers and stuff! Have you started school yet?

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@icarusflies: TRAILBLAZERS I tell ya. That's the RP I was looking at lol. If Ive never told you this. I'm honored to be a friend to the first female President : ) (Its gonna happen) LOL

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@icarusflies: I was actually on here bored, just looking at some of our old stuff...We were so freakin cool! LOL.

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Wait for it...