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@abel_knightfall: I'm up for anything. I'd prefer a heavy story, but anything will suffice!

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As serious as this all was, I can't help but to think..."It's all some big joke...We're all cartoons" Watching him slip and slide and finally eat a big one was amusing in the strangest way, and indescribable way.

I set my eyes one him though, unwavering concentration. Which was my mistake because I completely ignored the metal thingumabob, no doubt a grenade. I'd had ample experience with the silly little killers. I tried to jump back, take flight and gain as much distance between this point, but it was a useless effort. Too much time had been taken realizing what was going on. It was something that I'd always lacked...Instinct, intuition, that gut feeling. Call it what you will, I'd always used my logical thought processes, (despite me taking a drink before this) to get me through. I was alive, and that counted for something.

BOOM! It went off. The explosion was confusing at first. There was no damage to the ice, meaning I'd created it to be stronger than I originally thought. An interesting note, maybe the wildcard was in my hand of cards after all? But it was still an explosion, and it did it's job. And that was to cause destruction. But the heat was intense enough to burn my esophagus. I couldn't see but...

I felt it then. The shift. The shudder. I heard it. The creaking and the listing within the structure. Opportunity, I summoned my telekinetic abilities, reaching within the crevices of the floor and the walls and the ceiling. There was a great crunch, and the portion of the hallway collapsed in on itself, with both of us in it. We crashed onto the next floor, where I tried to slithered out.

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"And...what if it is?" I queried jocularly. Two options: It was obvious that I'd had alcohol within my system; or this guy just thought everyone was a drunkard. I chose to believe the latter. Believing the former would mean that I couldn't hold my liquor, and that just wouldn't do.

I didn't move fast enough to attack first. Quick draw McGraw here fired. I could see the action almost outside of myself. My mind said run. I'm not sure what it was inside of me that compelled me to do what happened next. I took flight, straight up into the air, careening into the ceiling, shattering the thinly plastered facade. I felt the pain of it all, shoot from my crown all the way down to my legs. I landed on ass, rubbing my head. It felt as if I'd taken more damage from my own incompetence than anything this guy did. But, I'd be wrong about that.

Going to rub my knee I felt something wet. Realizing soon enough that it was blood, I began to panic. Still, after all of these years, detested the sight of blood."I promise. I'm so much better than...This" It was a dual effort. For one, I needed to stall to get my life together, and secondly, I really felt apologetic for being such a dope.

It was indeed the truth though; that I was better than this. And I would show it...Right here and now. Almost instinctively, I sensed the streams of water all around me. Above, below, side to side, in the air, in the man before me. It felt like coming home in an odd way. My eyes began to glow brilliantly, and the sprinklers were set off. Within a few seconds, a torrential downpour had localized between the distance between us. First, I used the water to heal my own wound. As I stood once again to present myself anew, I remembered why I was here in the first place, and my face grew stern with the might of a righteous crusader.

"Now the fight really begins!" My movements while interpreting water to my will has often been described as tai chi or chi gong. Mostly, because I watched too many bad karate movies, I had a flare for dramatics. But it also, helped as well. Water elegant and harsh, soft and hard. It was everything, and I respected it's grace and chaos. I stepped softly, my palms facing outward to both sides of me. In one swift motion, I rotate my shoulders in a clockwise arc, bringing my hands to center formation. The existing water reacted, by forming a tunnel, skirting the hallway. In the next breath of seconds an icy landscape formed. Jutting stalactites and stalagmites created a barrier between us. Hopefully the frozen shrapnel throat had damaged my opponent. But if not, the armor would be responsible, and that would be a problem.@just_an_average_man

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@_pax_: I just posted. Also, I apparently didn't get the notice that you posted when you tagged me. So, next time, if you wouldn't mind, sending a pm or something so I know what's going on. K. Thanks : )

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I'd been waiting for almost half an hour, and the bar keep just stood there, staring blankly, with that stupid welcoming grin on his face. Just standing there. I tried to order a Manhattan, from him a couple times, when I thought that maybe for a second he'd moved an inch, but not. My mouth was dry and my patience was worn out. I took the liberty of hopping behind the bar, and pouring myself a stiff one. I needed to loosen up a bit, and nothing did a better job than the classic brown cocktail. I sipped for a while, waiting for my opponent to come blasting through the wall, or tunneling down the hallway on a grand steed with laser beams for hair, but no. After all, this was an arena. These "people" were just props. It's how I have trained myself to think now for this tournament. Collateral damage is to be expected.

I felt the sting of the bourbon trickle down my gullet, my fingers felt the cold of the frosted martini glass. I almost half expected to be passed on again due to another fluke mishap like the last battle. "Ya'know. When you just stand there like that, and not help anyone...You get really bad yelp reviews. People live and die by those, so you should probably at least say hi once in a while." Again, I half expected that his grin would grow a little wider, but the Beefeater remained vigilant.

Gulping down the rest of the drink, I stepped away from the bar. Maybe the alcohol was getting to me faster than usual, but a shiver went through my entire body. There was an eeriness about this place. Dead. It felt dead. Like the only energy that abound within was keeping the lights on. A thought popped into my mind. "Could that be me. Are these ghosts...If I die here, will I have that same stupid grin on my face?" It was too much to think about now, and I shook it off.

But for the lack of energy in the atmosphere, I more than compensated for. "REDRUM!" "REDRUM" "REDRUM" I screamed over and over, running up and down the hallways, until I saw him. The brute of a man. Clad in armor or course. By all appearances he was the opposite of Ian. This monster wore his power on his sleeve, dawning bazooka thingys. "Well, since you don't have that stupid grin on your face. I suppose you're hear to fight me! I'm Sojourn. And I'm glad you don't have a stupid grin on your face!" Okay, so the Manhattan probably drove that last part of the sentence out of me, but it was true non the less. Taking a step back, I braced myself for combat.

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If my opponent does not write the first post by tomorrow, then I will write it @just_an_average_man

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Thanks so much for your understanding everyone. It really means a lot.

While Round 1 1/2 is being judged, I'm going to give you all a little gift: Please feel free to edit your bio and powers, with the caveat that you can't do any full overhauls. I trust you to edit within reason. Think of this like a 'pit stop' on your race to power where you get all tuned up and ready to go.

This is definitely a gift...I realized way too late that my laziness is more rampant in my life than need be...

Goes to edit bio...