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I would love to do something!

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Merrh Christmas Everyone!!! :)

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Upon arriving at the scene, Atticus probed the area. Without thinking he tapped into the latent psionic energy provided to him by the Oracle force within him, allowing for a slowed perception of time for everyone else but him. He could react with a greater chance of effecting a rescue for the poor unfortunate soul that would further harm the child. Gunfire hail began to spray outward towards him, I could see the shells of ammunition barreling thought the air, rippling the atmosphere. What a sight to behold it was to see true fear in everyone's faces. Scared of him, and he scared of them. This reaction was just however concerning Patient Zero's prior feats. He cried out, thinking none of your bullets matter, this is just more pain...More pain. His voice heavy and raspy for his young age.

I had to know what he was saying, maybe he was trying to tell everyone. The abilities gifted to me allowed for me to enter into his mind, connecting with him on a level that surpassed any barrier language posed. Within seconds, us two were surrounded by white light, his frail body naked and exposed. Here he could not hurt me, here I could help him.

"Don't be afraid. My hands reach out to touch him but he jerks away...I'm here to help you...My name is Atticus, what's yours? He is astonished because he understands what I am saying to him. He understands that I am here for him. I am Piotr Blok. I don't know what is wrong with me...Everything hurts inside of me...They keep trying to kill me, but I won't die...All I want is to die... The sadness of that statement didn't pass me. His words were the culmination of everyone who'd ever thought life wasn't worth living...And in his case, arguing against it would be futile. I know he needs to die, but he can't. What cruel stitch in fate had allowed such a wicked paradox. "How are you able to understand me...How am I able to speak to you... He asks me, but explaining it to him would have been a waste of time...All this time, I'm realizing that there were very little options to turn to now. "None of that matters now...I said I was here to help you, and that's what I will do. Give me your hands. He did so. I wanted to pray for him, but I was afraid that my own words would break me down to a place of emotion, and not action. In one brilliant flash, we were gone..In mind and in reality, replacing the warfare were the cover of space and stars; so beautiful you could cry. I am going to shut your brain off, except for the place that produces serotonin and dopamine. You'll be able to dream good things, and not feel anything...This is the only way. You know you are to dangerous to keep on Earth, anywear. Here you will remain in stasis for eternity, however long that is...You won't hurt yourself, or anyone else anymore."

For the first time, in a long time I guessed, he smiled. Ice crystals began to form around his eyelashes and along his mouth. His body bruised and beaten still alive. I'd like to think that what I did was humane; a good thing. But somehow my heart was heavy with the fact that I couldn't think of anything else. Relying on the immensity of power that remains still within me, also burdened me. Was it my own fate to call upon it whenever I could not do the job...None of these questions could be answered now of course.

Only seconds had passed when i returned to Earth, the bullets were still flying gracefully, deadly, through the air. I relinquished my hold on the time appearance, and left. No one need know what happened. They could look, but they would not find him, they could question me, but they would not dare. Sometimes, good things are also secret things.

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Just gonna finish this up with a lp

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Who's gonna make the next post? I could do another, just to get everything rolling again?

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I need to reup on my comic buying...LOTS to do tomorrow

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I do not accept this...