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@_atomikill_: Done and done. So I flipped the script on you a little. At the end when I said "I made a few calls" it's implying that you were hired to track me down and bring me back to the island lab facility.

So basically you can "find me where ever you want.

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"He's been in this stasis for a week, and his condition hasn't changed any" One doctor stared down a piece of paper, his brows grimaced at what he read. Another, off to the side stood, throwing all of his weight to his left leg and resting his chin on his chest. "I'm not sure if it will ever change. His psyche has been through a complete breakdown. There is no telling how that effected his ability to control his body functions, let alone the abilities his possesses. That's not even to say that at any given moment he that thing will awaken again and kill everything in seconds." The lead doctor on this experiment looked angrily at the other. He received those words like a dagger in the back. He knew what he was attempting was almost unheard of, and yet he had faith in his abilities, which was more than he could say for the man standing next to him. Anticipating the next course of verbal discontent, he went to speak only to be cut off. "I tried to warn you. I truly did, but this was a lost cause from the beginning. You can't fix this man. The wisest, and best decision to be made here is to just give it up and move on..." He left without uttering another word, leaving the lead doctor on the precipice of a downward spiral of his own.

That night, and an entire bottle of Irish Whiskey later, the lead doctor, inebriated and frustrated, would do something he'd soon come to regret. Very soon. This thought had danced one the edges of his dreams and imagination for some time. Truthfully from the very start of this whole project. But with the Ethic board breathing down his neck, a hoard of other brains offering alternatives to the plan, he could never get authorization, not that he ever could in the first place. But tonight he would enact it, there was nothing left to loose. (But of course there was, but being drunk we make horrible decisions)

He went to the lab, where the man stayed unchanged in the stasis tube, floating in a cocktail of chemicals and enzymes. Tubes ran from strewn different places on his physique. The proud and damned dumb doctor upped every dosage of adrenalin he could to the maximum output. Nothing....and then something. Something started to happen. The specimens heart rate rose, his body began to convulse inside the tube, drumming a frenzied and ominous rhythm. One splinter, one crack. One more pound. Eyes open. Anger. Unaware. Frenzied...


How in the hell did I get in this fu**ing tube. Who the hell is that...I need to get out of here now. I can feel the Oracle trying to release. This place is not safe anymore. I managed to break out of the tube, naked and alone. Scared and angry, but about what, I hadn't the slightest clue.

Finding myself outside, I recognize this place. It's Honolulu. I've been here numerous times, and this part of the island was familiar. It was dark, and the stars and moon gave little comfort as I traipsed wildly across the beach where me and Feral Nova had a KOV round...All of these memories flooded me with emotions and fears. I had finally gotten back to myself.


The next morning

"He escaped...It was my fault. I got drunk and came here. I only upped the dosages, but I didn't think he would escape the island....Yes, I know. But I'll get him back. I've already made a few calls...He'll be back with us within a few days. I promise."

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@_atomikill_: Sure thing.... About to write right now...(hows that for homonym alliteration ahahahahah)

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@_atomikill_: I guess. Yeah, sure...

This is like 2 or more years old (the card) but its accurate enough.

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This is such an amazing concept.

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I really wanna battle someone... Preferably with elemental abilities, but at least some energy projection abilities.

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I would love to do something with one of my peeps..Get back into the groove of things...

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@b_tank: they're all of my incarnations of this character... Just basically recons that never seemed to work out...