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Name: Avery Spottswood

Age/Birthdate: 22 / May 29, 1992

Height: 5'6"

Weight/Body Type: 115 / Slim-Athletic

Hair: Dark Brown (cut short, unless otherwise specified)

Eyes: Hazel

Ethnicity: Black

Alias: Sojourn (Originally Slight, The Water Guardian)

Sex/Orientation: Male/ Gay

Power Origin: Mutant

Power: Total mastery over water in all its forms. This master also allows Avery to change his physiology like that of water ie: liquid, solid, gas. By using the moisture in the air, the power of flight is also available, his top speeds have been clocked at subsonic levels.

The Oracle Force: (because I'm lazy atm, just imagine the Phoenix force applied to water based things instead of a big fire bird)

Abilities: Avery mostly depends on his powerset, but has limited hand to hand capabilities. Although not a genius, he is quite intelligent.