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Name: Alisa Magnovska

Alias /Call Sign: Silver Fox

Hair: Burgundy with one white stripe

Eyes: Green

Height: 71 inches tall

Weight: 165 lbs.

Nationality/Origin: Russian

Weapon Specialties: 308 Rifle with laser scope, Survival Knife with Serated edge, MK22 with a Suppressor, Makarov, Mosin Nagant , DSR-1, PSG-1, SVD, M14 EBR, Walter WA 2000, Sniper Rifle, Rail Gun, 9 mm, .38 cal, M47 Anti-Tank gun, Explosives of Various Types and hand held guns.

Enhanced Flexibility/Endurance/Speed/Control of own heart rate and breathing.

Body enhanced with nano tech machines with regenerative abilities and other attributes to include Speed and Endurance.

Personality and Traits:

Silver Fox is a highly skilled sharp shooter who could wait for long periods of time for her prey to come along. Her complete control of her heart rate and breathing gives her an advantage most Sniper's do not. Her attitude is cold and for the right price she would kill her own mother if she was still alive. Thrives in and on the battlefield. Silver Fox watches body language and movements to decipher motives. Silver Fox has a tenacious attitude toward her job unless the higher bid was made to spare the persons life.

Got her infamous call sign due to her tricky escapes from traps and being able to create traps of her own. Plus she used silver bullets when she was on special assignments. She did not receive the call sign until after leaving Fox Hound. While in Fox Hound, she was just referred to as "Coony Coon", but it was never said to her outside of the codex..