Shatterpoint Origins: The Lost Tribe of Haruun Kal

Gaia Aquastride

Not much is known about Shatterpoint beyond his given nickname. It is, however, generally understood that he is linked to a woman named Gaia Aquastride who's one of the few Korunnai left on record. Gaia belonged to a tribe of Korunnai known as "the lost tribe" which, according to official records, had severed ties with the rest of Haruun Kal during the invasion of the Balawai and decided to discard much of their past, including their ghôsh. Like all other Korunnai , the lost tribe have a natural propinquity to pelekotan but during their period of separation they had developed a newer, more in depth understanding of it after generations worth of study and isolation from outsiders. Gaia's clan had developed a special understanding of the force in relation to water, and thus, their new ghôsh became "Aquastride".

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