Vigilantes: Radar

Pitter Patter, Pitter Patter.

The repetitive moist noise of the freezing rain impacting along the long city scape, Of the dark grim Boston night.

Pitter Patter, Pitter Patter.

Water. The Beginner of Lives, Sustenance incarnate. The gods would reward farmers with the bitter liquid.

Pitter Patter, Pitter Patter.

Water is unique. It can bring lives, or destroy them. It can create the Muddiest and Dirties materials, Or it Can wash the filth away, Leaving a diamond.

Pitter Patter, Pitter Patter.

A Man dressed in a leather costume sits, Crouched onto a rooftop. That man is the brooding Vigilante known as Radar, Armed with a set of gadgetry. Many people hated him, They thought the local police were doing a fine job, Keeping the crime rates down, But Radar knew something in this city was aching. There was corruption a slap across the wrist couldn't do. Killing was never the answer, But working outside the law could be.

He sat and watched, Blending into the dark city scape, A pair of binoculars in his hand as he viewed three men standing by the trunk of a car. He watched

"Yo, Danny Did'ja get the stuff?" Said a fair haired man, He replied "Yeeah..."

From the car emerged a huge, Six foot tall man, Teaming with muscle. "Well spit'it out ya' d*ck." The man shook nervously. He was a drug runner for the east end Irish Mob, And his delivery was somewhat short of the quota. "Uhhh Bois, The The columbians may have shorted me.."

The boss erupted into anger, Grabbing the collar of the drug runner. "WHAT!?!? YOU YOU STUPID LITTLE SH*T STAIN!?!? ARE YOU F*CKING KIDDING ME!?!" He quickly dropped the frightened drug runner on the ground, Pacing back and forth, Back and forth, He said, Rubbing his greasy hair to his bodyguard. "Get rid of this tool, While I Think of somethin' to do about dis' problem...." Quickly the thug got up and pulled out a huge bowie knife, Brandishing the weapon with a smirk

"Alright, I've seen enough!" Said the Aerodynamic Acrobat. He began running throughout the rooftops, Manipulating the environment to his advantage, Ducking and Jumping over the vast areas. His smooth movements were as if he was one with the pavement and steel that comprised the urban jungle.

He found spot from the building near the parking lot and with the flick of a button, Unspringed a pair of adamantium enforced tongfa. He held them in each hand as he leaped through the air, Finally he began looking around until he saw the mob boss. He cut through air like butter as his feet crashed into the Bosses's chest, He went sailing through the air and violently crashing and thrashing against the brick wall.

The Goon turned to him, He saw a challenge as his blade was raised, He rushed towards the masked soldier of the light, With a slash of the serrated blade, Whipping through the air, Radar ducked, And Back flipped upwards, Stunning the goon as his chin caved inwards. The Blood fell through like a river as the not-so-gentle giant collapsed to the ground temporarily. Just as the boss drew his M1911.45 Pistol, Firing a round at Radar, But his senses were so heightened, he saw it coming as he rolled out of the way. The Boss got to his feet and the bullets followed his trail with his Bullets as Radar leaped and ran across the parking lot, Ducking under and over cars, Eventually he jumped across a wall, Causing a bullet to ricochet into the leg of the boss, Finishing with radar landing on his arm, Smashing the bone in. He laughed, Climbing back to his domain, Waiting for someone to arrive to clean the mess up. He dusted the blood off of his shoulders, And watched for threats until he heard the sudden question of "Good night for a hero right?" He turned around and saw a crimson hooded figure, Standing next to him "Did you watch me that entire time?" He asked the mysterious crime fighter.

The stalker of the night replied "Who am I? I'm a man simply on a mission, I guess you could call me The Red Raider, the papers do. As for your second question, eh I watched enough of the end nice show." He began walking closer to Radar, Trying to examine the Hero who looked at him and said "Well then, Mr.Red Raider..What do you need?" Red Raider, Or Charles as he was known by those close to him said, Waving his hand in a joking manner "Please, Mr.Red Raider is my father." The joke somewhat cut the tension as Radar let out a laugh, Charles said "Well you and I are alike uhm...." His speech broke so that Red Raider could figure his name "I Call myself Radar, The people around here call me insane..." Red Raider Turned and looked at the city "Exactly, you see, the people don't understand what we do, so we're labeled numerous things insane, ridiculous, psychopaths. One I've come a cross of late, is the word Vigilante.." He turned back with a strong powerful demeanor "You do know what that words mean right Vigilante?" Radar said, In response "Why Yes I Do. Sometimes I Think of myself as such....Are you one?" He began to sit down, Watching as the police showed up to the scene. When he heard the light rain stop falling on the night, The sounds of Police sirens echoing. They were no doubt on they're way to clean up the mess.

Red Raider circled Daniel and answered "I am what the people need me to be, though my choices are not always the most popular everyone can bet their bottom dollar, it's the right one." His strong words captured the archetype of the modern vigilante... There was that word again, A Vigilante is one who operates above the law to the aid of society. "So I Ask Again Red Raider, What do you need me for?"Charles said to him, As if he was inviting Radar to something "It's quite simple, you see we both know there are some problems too big and too chaotic that we just can't solve it on our own. I mean think about, have you ever ended the night wishing that you had some one watching your back." Radar felt like he had this in his young ward, Kid Sonar, A Sidekick who just recently was shipped off to Nova Invicta, In hopes of learning more about protecting people. Still, He would Accompany Radar when he could. "I Do, He's my sidekick, His name's Dyl-I Mean Kid Sonar." He interrupted himself, He almost revealed the identity of his sidekick, That would've been a problem.

"I' talking about people experienced just as you are some even more. To be straight forward, I'm starting a group, a group of heroes that would watch out for one another, sometimes going above the law to do what's right. Vigilantes." Radar paused for a second. He needed someone to watch out for him, Hundreds of criminals were gunning him, He was a bullseye for those looking for "Street Cred." He was strong, But he couldn't handle them all. He thought it would work. "I'm In..What else do you need me to do boss?" Raider smiled as a dropship could be seen in the distance. A Small device, A Communicator of sorts flew through the air, As Red Raider tossed it into the hands of Radar. "Nothing for now, except don't get killed. I'll contact you." Radar Smiled, A Jet flew down to a helipad as he put the contraption into his utility belt "Got it. Call me when you need me." He said. Finally Raider Climbed into the ship, "It's nice to have ya, you'll be a great asset." Radar replied in a low tone "Thanks." And Just as the Jet was about to leave he said, Before shutting the door"Oh and don't bring the kid." And within moments, The Crimson Crusader ripped through the sky and into the night

Radar smiled, Realizing he'd made a new ally, Possibly many. Something he was in short supply of.

Then he heard the police sirens, Realizing once again that the cops were coming to inspect the scene, He fled, Running across the rooftops again, His smile being brandished once again.

Pitter Patter.