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Real Name: Maxwell Ferreolus

Sara Ferreolus (Mother); Gary Ferreolus (Father)

Hero Name: Quickster

Birthplace: Mazomanie, Wisconsin

Age: Physically varies (chronologically, 15)

Height: 5'5"

Weight:125 lbs

Hair Color: Auburn

Eye Color :Green


So one day, while attending a theater exhibition on an Amazonian island, a radioactive lightning bolt from outer space mugged my parents and struck them down in cold blood, then bit me, giving me the power to run really fast.


I'm Max Ferreolus. I was prematurely born to two loving, well-to-do parents who sheltered me since birth. I was a tiny, sickly baby, born after a mere 29 weeks with Morquio syndrome.

Growing up, they said I often looked like a small wind might blow me over, and they worried for my health and safety. Because of this, I was mostly kept inside and away from danger. This was alright; I preferred to stay inside and read anyway. For school, different home tutors were paid to come to the house and school me. I was given time outside, but was closely monitored at all times because of worry. Naturally, it came as a shock to all when my father was laid off from work and the family was struck by financial crisis, him being unable to find a new job, and they could no longer pay the tutors. For me, it would be exciting to attend the public schools that I heard so much about. I'd never really had personal connections outside family and family friends and I looked forward to it with nervous excitement.

On the first day of ninth grade, however, school was far different than what I expected. Other students perceived the homeschooling as just another rich, snooty white family thinking they were better than everyone else and not wanting their child hanging out with the "trash and minorities." I was bullied on a daily basis, being stuffed into lockers and given swirlies, losing my lunch, typical bully stuff. Almost every day I came home with stains on my shirts and pants, a wet head or bent glasses. Often a group of kids would chase me home, shouting "Cry baby cry! Suck your mom's ^!@$&* all the way home!" Whenever they wanted, they could catch me, and when they did, I always got it even more.

One thing helped me to weather it all. My studies. I was easily brighter than any of my peers, and the teachers all respected me, taking delight in a student who cared about the material, whenever I didn't already know it. Still, I was allowed to help tutor others and stay after class to help teachers with planning lessons and other things, and was allowed special privileges within the school. Of course, this only increased the bullying, but I sometimes subverted this by staying after school and getting a teacher to drive me home.

All of my efforts in school paid off when I was recommended for the Wisconsin Governor's Page Program and a future scholarship for when I would college. The work was hard, very hard, but I just knew it would pay off and did my job dutifully. I made friends, becoming particularly good friends with a secretary named Felicia. The work was taxing on my small body; those government people were relentless. One day while working, I just collapsed and had to be sent home to go to the hospital. The tests came back and said I had pneumonia, which didn’t act well with my Morquio syndrome. My parents worried more than ever now, but fortunately, I had already made a good impression on the government officials. The governor offered to help me, in exchange for letting me be tested on with an experimental drug being developed by the federal government that was supposed to help me feel better. In truth, they were developing a serum that would foster my body functions, making them more efficient and make me feel better; this was kept a secret, of course. Apprehensive and scared out of their minds, my parents agreed, for the good of the boy. I was given a single injection with the serum and told to get back to them in a week. I resumed my life as normal.

I first discovered my abilities when running from my bullies. Instead of them gaining on me and getting the jump on me, I outran them easily. Amazed at what I could do, I set out to test my new powers, using simple means such as doorbell pranks and chasing cars. When asked about my experience since taking the serum, if I'd felt anything peculiar, I replied that I felt fine, but reported no peculiar feelings. I went directly to Felicia, the secretary, and had her wipe all records of my involvement in the test, seemingly under direct orders from the president. Man, she's good. She helped me in constructing a hero identity and my suit and is the only person I trust with my information.


Super Speed - Kinda. I can run really fast. I can run at speeds over 25,000 mph if I really push myself, but I can't stop on a dime so I usually try to contain my speed so I don't skid into things. Though nowadays, it seems everyone and their grandma is at least twice my level. Kinda makes you feel obsolete. I can attack at high speeds and make vortexes with my arms, or by spinning or running really fast in a circle, but sometimes I get dizzy afterwards.

Intellect - Even before I gained powers, I was already a bright student, set to be valedictorian come senior year. My scientific and mathematical knowledge are way beyond my peers. Since gaining powers, my mind works even faster, so I can calculate many more ideas in a second than others have thoughts in an hour.


Metabolism - My metabolism is also very fast, and I have to eat often or risk problems with my body. I have incredibly fast metabolism and have to take in copious amounts of food and drink to sustain myself. The more strenuous the task, the more I need. If I don’t get the necessary amount to sustain myself, my body will shut down.

Nearsighted - Another problem that conflicts with my speed. My eyesight is pretty bad, so I wear a pair of special glasses that I designed myself that help compensate. I try extremely hard to keep them safe, because if they were to get broken, I couldn't see obstacles far away. Crash & burn.

Non-weakness weaknesses

Since gaining his powers, Maxwell has changed ever-so-slightly. His mind working even faster than before, he often gets quickly bored with things that don't challenge him. The world in general seems so slow at times, his time perception is way off. He has become bolder, to the point nowhere he may act recklessly at times.


Goggles - I built a pair of goggles that not only help my vision, but are capable of scanning objects for weak spots, vital points, and feed data to me and Felicia while I wear them. Contains zoom and x-ray vision. They have a built in network, connected to my mind, also connecting me to the Internet, Intranet, and help so I can hack into secure databases, even those such as secure facility mainframes and secure websites. These glasses will display the information on the lens but it can only be seen to the wearer. That's me.

Suit -The suit I wear as Quickster is actually a light armor polymer made from an alloy of vibranium and spandex, made to absorb shock from crashes or attacks and to withstand and absorb energy attacks directed at me. Though it isn't as durable as pure vibranium, it's more light and flexible so it doesn't weigh me down as much.

We got another suit, called stealth suit. A black suit designed only for backup, in case anything went wrong and I wasn't able to use the original. On the bright side, it's a bit lighter than my normal outfit. But it's only a normal steel, not as durable, making it necessary that I try to keep as little attention as possible and not be shot, stabbed, or otherwise beat up. Hence the name, stealth suit.


Max's history was pretty much the same, except somewhere down the line he discovered his metabolism accelerated to the point where he was also aging quickly, so he briefly turned to villainy, frequently stealing the life from others to save his own youthful appearance and life. Max resumed heroing after the institution of the Metahuman Registration Act, and began seeing a psychiatrist to help him manage...speedster problems.


Through the serum meant to help with the Morquio syndrome he was born with, Max sustains a connection with the speed force that initially gave him the ability to move at hundreds of miles per hour. Over time, as the connection strengthened, he got faster, and can now move at speeds exceeding the speed of light. His speed extends to a molecular level, granting him a greatly accelerated rate of healing and the ability to vibrate his molecules, such that he could pass right through objects. Doing so, he can excite the molecules of whatever substance he vibrates through to critical mass, causing it to explode. While running, he may or may not affect or be affected by the environment around him. He can project an aura that reduces or completely nullifies the effects of objects around him on him. This aura would allow him to survive in outer space or in the deepest depths of the ocean. With his connection, Max could give or steal speed from others, though he has never felt the need to steal speed. In accordance with his speed, he possesses near limitless stamina and almost equal reaction time; though, being nearsighted, he may be slower to react without visual aid.

Maxwell dabbles in the occult, driven to do so by desperation in facing the fact that he was aging and if he couldn’t find some means to halt, he would have died. Mostly, he just steals the life from others.

Even at 15 years old, Max is highly intelligent and was considered a prodigy amongst the other students in high school. Though since his condition his sanity has been questioned, he remains as bright as ever. Even brighter, since his condition has driven him to pursuing further knowledge, and his brain is able to pick up and retain information very quickly.


Since gaining his speed, Maxwell has become slightly impatient, even more so as his speed has increased. He may be prone to act recklessly and without thinking things all the way through. Also, with the ever-increasing acceleration of his body, he ages much faster than a normal person and has to steal the youth or life-force from others to keep his body young. It should be noted that though his body ages, his mind remains just as sharp, possibly even more so than before.