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I feel so stupid. I just remembered that one of the lanterns of Sector 2814 has to die for the new GL (Baz, I think?) to get a ring! I hope it's Guy. No one likes Guy.

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Personally from what information has been given out this guy most closely resembles Match, to me at least, more than Bizrro or Prime.

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Most likely candidates: Hope, Rachel, Cable, Quentin Quire (FANBOY HYPE), Scarlet Witch, or Iron Fist.

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Doesn't the fact that that letter even exists defy the laws of time travel?! Thomas Wayne died. Thusly he never wrote that letter. End of story. DC doesn't know time travel basic science.

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I'm guessing Hal probably got reinstated as a GL and is busy off-world. Black Adam SOOO did not need the damn cape. I hope Vibe doesn't die again (fingers crossed). I'm confused by Element Womans transition into mainstream. Oh and that thing on Bruce's back? It's Pandoras box!!! Yeah! Pandora, as in the pink lady who caused all this!

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@Gscythe: They're scars, he got them from being attacked by iraqis in the first gulf war.

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If Marvel insists on keeping Pym out of the movie why don't we just ave Stark create Ultron? Then we'll get The Vision and (hopefully) Victor Mancha! Runaways anyone?!

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Superboy's aging was actually halted for a time during his Young Justice days in the comics so that may be what's going on, another possibility is that he actually IS aging but due to him keeping a similar costume and staying clean shaven he just looks the same.

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Am I the only one who thinks it's wierd that Jaime (Blue Beetle) hasn't explained to the team WHY he's "talking to himself"? Also I really hope Wally graduated to the role of "the Flash" but if so where's Bart? I needs my Impulse! Finally, does anyone know what Conner's alias is now? Considering how Dick graduated to Nightwing I don't think it'd be fair for Conner to still go around calling himself "Superboy"... it sucks that Clark hasn't gotten old and gone off world yet.

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