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T - Tyr

You're all too kind. Loving Tyr (and Loki, of course) in 'Journey' right now.

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Off the back of Ennis' run on Punisher, I picked up basically the first issue of 'Frankencastle'. I was venomous regarding review / recommendations etc at the time but I've had time to stop and look back on it. But, seriously man, I've never been so close to the cliched 'angry nerd rage guy' when I started reading that. (I honestly thought he was going to be 'close to dead' and the cover was a satirical take)

But if it comes down to terrible... hate to jump on the bandwagon but.. Red Hood and Outlaws. I feel like I'm entitled to some sort of 'Whoops, sorry for that' letter for buying the first issue.

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A steal methinks. Okay, so you're not gonna sell the farm for what you just got but those are all pretty cool just as a 'hey, dude, check this out' aspect. I live in Belfast, would have made the train down if I'd known about it. Annual thing I assume?

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I just came back to this thread after thinking about this and the biggest sticking point might actually come down to the shield.

Think about it, how does he know where exactly to throw his shield so it bounces once, twice, maybe three times to come back to him? You could argue the serum would boost his brain to peak but them he would Reed Richards smart. It's a paradox. I've settled with he's super due to the super soldier serum

edit: punctuation.

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Hold onto your hats, gentlemen. (nearly 3 years old now!)
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@cyberninja said:

With enough prep time this thread could have been awesome.

I came here to try and conjure my feelings but this sums it up.

No-one is god with enough prep time etc and arguments shouldn't be based on it. However cyberninja's covered it all in one satirical swoop

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R Rictor

I haven't properly active on CV for while... be gentle if this is a repeat. (to be fair, he's in X-Factor (Is that the most awesome continuing series you're not picking up? Why, yes, yes it is!)

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I may not come here to post my 'Kryptonite' but I always come to see other people's Kryptonite to confirm that, in fact, I'm not that weird.

Thanks CV

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Final is today!

Apparently in the French media it isn't 'Are we gonna win?' It's 'Are we deserved to be here?'

So before it all ends... What should have been the final? Who should win the actual final? Best man of the tournament? Should we bring in a 'Barbarians' system?

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@mr.obvious said:


Arguably Taskmaster (I just posted regarding to him, only other person who came to mind)

Maybe Taskmaster has an edge because of his experience from other places?

@mr.obvious: Edit! Sorry, in a hurry I didn't see 'no powers'. I think you're probably right (unless someone pulls out something like 'Gladiator' because he can just be cocky about it.