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Scorn smiled wryly as she interrupted the tiresome conversation. "Interesting? That's what I like to hear. Almost as much as lucrative." He stepped toward the table with her on his arm and drew out a chair for Sara before sitting himself down at the suggested table. He took a gulp of his vodka, the potent liquid not having much affect on the mutate. "Keep the money?" His black brow arched. "Sounds like we're being a distraction at best, set up at worst. But heh. I'm game. When's this shindig supposed to go down?"

Nodding her head with excitement 'Screw the money though, maybe we'll get to bring out some big guns' leaning close she slipped a USB out of her pocket, a small Darth Vader head. 'The plans are all on here, I can't work out this fancy shmancy techo crap, can you or your sister work out what we need to do to sort through it?' the door opened and a bunch of giggling teens fell through, heading for the bar, looking up she frowned and looked back at Scorn 'Those girls smell odd to you?' she rose, slipping her hand into her jacket, a swift move that brought a small round blade into her hand, concealed in her palm. Moving towards the bar she sat at the stool and slipped her cane into her belt loop, lifting her palm onto the table she bent her elbow and rested her head on her hand. Watching the girls closely.

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@alister_vonce: (why thank you very munch, I'm still working out his background.. may go a little vampiric...@

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@_mistress_redhead_: "Hmmm…" Scorn scanned the barkeep with his black eyes. "I'm hearing free or at least reduced price drinks from this deal." He gave a dastardly smirk before continuing to listen to his request. He shook his head with some amount of condescension. "Always a girl." The amphibian pinched the edge of his nose. "Okay, here's the thing. I can kill this guy for you, but once it's done, there's no going back. Literally signed in blood. So, as a meddlesome professional courtesy, I'mma explain something. Take it with a grain of salt. I have a twin sister, but I've never been successful with romance myself." He placed a hand to his chest in the moment of honesty before sucking down the remaining vodka in his glass, an index finger raising toward the man. "Obviously, she won't find out it was you that put out the hit. Doesn't mean her mind won't wander to that conclusion. Besides, if she run off with this guy, who's to say she won't do it again? Sure, she MIGHT come running back into your waiting arms. Or she could hate you for eternity and find some other d*ck. This would be a good plug for a certain psychiatrist I know, but I'd rather be the one getting paid. Got the deets on this guy? Or have I thoroughly ruined your appetite for bloodshed?"

'Is he still harking on about his stupid ex girlfriend?' she turned her pale eyes on the bartender, 'I told you it ain't gonna happen' turning back to Scorn she pushed his arm, getting up off the seat she pointed to a corner table and picked up her cane, tapping it on the ground as she held his arm, waving back at Tomas 'Two more' she slid into the cracked vinyl and pulled him in.

'The job is a little bigger than that, and a lot more interesting' she nodded at a scowling Tomas who slipped the drinks to them both 'Don't be mad Tomas, I told you, she's just not that into you' he glared at her more and stormed off with a growl.

Turning back to her friend she sipped the drink in front of her, this time a clear liquid 'I've been asked to help rob the Gotham bank' she grinned at him, her dead eyes crinkling, showing the scars around her face. 'It's an easy shot, fully funded by a top ranking Gotham boss, and guess what, we get to keep all da mula' she sipped her drink again, wiping her mouth 'only catch is, we have to make A LOT of noise when we do it, and get out without getting caught, so who else would I look to?'

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In love with this.