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Name: Sara Gretel Lockhart

Alias: N/A

Gender: Female

Age: 96 (appears in her 20's)

Date of birth: October 11th 1918

Place of birth: Munich, Germany

Nationality: British

Heritage: German

Height: 5' 4"

Weight: 128

Eye colour: White with no iris

Hair colour: Red, but it can vary depending on need of assignment

Occupation: Assassin for hire

Family: Unknown

Identity: Known

Sexuality: Whatever rocks her boat

Marital Status: Single

Beliefs and Values: Chaotic chaos

Interests: Anything that goes pew pew pew BOOM

Obsessions: 80s music and tattoos

Super Power Origin: Mutation/scientific experimentation

Powers/Mutation: immortality, regeneration, heightened external senses, master of weaponry.

Occupation(s): Assassin

Education: Home schooled

Identity: known only to those that pay good mula

Place of Birth: Munich Germany

Known Aliases: The Weapon

Mini Biography:

Three years ago....

Sara was found by a maid at a dingy hotel in the heart of Vegas. At the heart of the room, the small double bed sat, black streams of burn marks flooded out across the room and up the walls. Her body pulsed with a strange soft glow of white light, as the sunlight streamed through the open door left by the maid, the soft glow dissipated into nothing. When the police arrived, she was gone, the room empty of all evidence that she had ever existed.

Slipping into an alley and falling down onto the filthy bed left behind by a homeless person, her hands shaking as she reached up to her head, ripping off the bandages wrapped around her eyes she saw nothing but darkness, her naked body feeling nothing in the freezing cold rain. Looking up as a sound drifted towards the spot she sat, standing she walked towards the club, Bonnie Tylers 'We need a hero' was playing, the dingy club full of people grinding against each other and drinking cheap wine. The bouncer stepped toward her, putting a hand up as she tried to walk through, her blank eyes looking past him. As he raised his hand to block her she swung up and snapped his hand with her leg. Grabbing his long coat off his body, slipping on the soft red leather, she inhaled his scent as she slammed her foot down onto his neck, snapping it in one shove.

Following the music to the club, she forced her way through the crowd, searching for the source of the music, drawn to it. Her eyes, blind, picked up the outlines of the people like a bat sonar. Every person that moved she could sense and see as clear as if they were standing under a spotlight. Making her way to the DJ, the music pumping into it;s resounding finish, he slipped another disc in and out came another 80s classic. She touched the edges of the deck, causing the DJ to shout at her, she shoved him aside, bowling him into the crowd as she lifted the headphones and took in the sounds. Blocking out everything in the room, she fell in love with the music as it flowed through her body, seeming to pump in every pore, her skin began to glow again as her white teeth elongated, her eyes swimming in red she suddenly raged across the deck, hitting the first person she saw she drained them of their blood and threw the body aside, then the next a smutty girl in a dress had her head ripped off, her flesh torn, her blood pouring into Sara's mouth.

This went on for the next 20 minutes, every person in the room was savaged, no one had time to get out, get out of her way, as they slipped on the blood soaked floor. At the height of her feroicuos attack the music stopped and she fell to the ground, bloated and covered in blood, the police storming through the door were horrified at the attack, but not a single one could find the source. Sara's body was dragged out of the room, by a friend... or someone who called themselves her friend.


Strengths' Adaptive. Agility, Attractive Female. Blast Power. Escape Artist. Gadgets. Intellect. Leadership, Marksmanship. Stealth, Unarmed Combat, Weapon Master, immortal, vampire and heightened senses

Weaknesses; Blind, healing can take time, easily distracted, follows money and shiney things

Did Your Know?: She is fluent in Klingon but can't speak a word of German.