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The Takahashi boys...and a gorilla

Takahashi Chokichi, Takahashi Akeno, and Takahashi Katsumi: The three sons of Takahashi the Elder. The bold leader, the elder son, the future. The smart one, the middle child, he who would take care of his parents in their old age. And...Katsumi. He was the baby of the family.

Oh, but another thing: The Takahashi family was long known for being blessed. Takahashi the Elder had once, long ago, been an unstoppable force for the Japanese army...for his skin could not be pierced by any mortal weapon. Chokichi could blaze like the sun, and would soar across the sky like Amaterasu on her daily voyage. Akeno could lift the heaviest of burdens without lifting a finger. He could solve unsolvable problems by looking into the depths of the universe. And Katsumi...well, Katsumi mostly just bounced around the walls. If it were not for the careful surveillance of Akeno, Katsumi would no doubt have fallen into the sky, never to have returned. But his brothers were responsible, and made sure no harm befell him.

And so Katsumi grew up with the notion that he was invincible (as well as untouchable by parental discipline). He stole vegetables from old women's gardens, laughing at them as they woud attempt to give chase. He put things up in trees. Though he was also the best dodgeball player anyone had ever seen.

But innocence must end. As Katsumi grew older, the other children grew more hostile...jealous of his powers, angry that an outsider such as he strode in their midst. For a while Katsumi thought their aggression was all in good fun. If they hit or tripped him he just fell away, laughing. This only angered them. And so they came up with a plan.

First they told Katsumi that they had found a stash of Pocky (which Katsumi loved) in one of the supply closets. His parents wouldn't let him have it at home, so he was thrilled, and promptly ran off to get the delicious biscuits.

And of course the door locked behind him. And of course he turned to find five grinning boys, each one much bigger than him, standing there. And of course he was beaten to a bloody pulp, unable to avoid their clumsy fists.

Akeno appears

The door burst open, and Akeno stood there, a nearly unsenseable force crackling around him. The boys were slammed to the wall, leaving Katsumi exposed on the floor. "You must learn to fight your own battles little brother." Akeno said, and walked away, leaving the door ajar.

Akeno no doubt wanted Katsumi to learn the disciplines that he and Chokichi had studied since their childhoods. And for a little while, Katsumi did join them, rising with the sun to study. It was also around this time that Katsumi became very interested in Americana. For example, comic books.

One moonlit night, Katsumi snuck outside and made an oath to fight the forces of evil...wherever they may be. He also bought a Batman costume.

One thing Katsumi didn't really think of was that his neighborhood was really no Gotham City. Shoplifting was about as bad as it got. His patrols didn't accomplish a whole lot...while Chokichi prepared to join the police force and Akeno worked on getting his PhD, Katsumi stood on rooftops dressed in a cheap Batman costume.

This kind of thing inevitably goes wrong. Katsumi had brought his few friends into the game...they, of course, did not have powers. The issue was not, as you, the gentle reader may have guessed, any sort of serious injury, etc. It was actually that their parents found out. And they were NOT amused.

This was not how a Takahashi acted. They had tried and tried to teach him the family ways, but he would not be taught...oh, sure, he had learned how to use his powers, how to fight, but not WHY. He had no ambitions other than to have fun. He had no sense of responsibility, and what must be done.

So quite simply, Takahashi the Elder decided to let Katsumi be a hero...really make him prepare...and see how long it took him to get bored of it. He had a costume made for Katsumi, gave him a 'secret base' (a friend's house, borrowed as repayment of a debt while they were out of the country) and sent him on his way.

Katsumi isn't tired of being a hero yet.

Powers and Abilities:

Prepped for battle

Personal gravity field manipulation: Katsumi is able to alter his personal gravity field in such a way that he falls in whichever direction he has oriented himself...for example, if he reversed his field he will fall up. He uses this to enhance his combat skills, utilizing momentum gained from falls or running along odd surfaces. He uses an odd combination of parkour and judo for his fighting style, enhanced by a pair of escrima sticks that can be linked together with a flexible cable. He uses this as a rope, garrot, or throwing weapon.

It is possible that Katsumi possesses some kind of secondary power, but this has never been confirmed, and he may not even realize he has it...but he does have a propensity for showing up in rooms with no egress. Perhaps this is merely trickery, but perhaps walls hold as little relevance to him as gravity does.

The extent of Katsumi's gravitational powers have not been fully explored. As a young hero, he's still testing his boundaries. He has not been tried enough to truly say with certainty what will happen when everything comes crashing down.


Katsumi is a prankster, and rarely takes anything seriously. He attempts to get people to lighten up and get some joy out of life, but sometimes pushes this too far and gets himself in trouble. When facing any kind of hard decision he will become more meditative on his own, but his garish behavior will intensify in social situations. Despite this, he will do his absolute best to help a friend in need, or to stop anything he considers evil. He learns from his mistakes, and tries not to repeat them, but he is still young and has not grown into himself yet.


Name: Takahashi Katsumi

Age: 20

Height: 5'9"

Weight: 160 lbs.

Base of Operations: Kariya

Hair: Naturally black (Bleached)

Eyes: Brown

Official Looks: Mr. Unknown, Relius Clover

Sexuality: Unknown

Religion: Shinto

Identity: Secret everywhere except for Japan

Team Affiliations: The World Justice League