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The Hub

Above Ground
Formerly the base used by the Underdogs, this building now stands as a meeting ground for the vigilantes in the city. It was made open for anyone, and has no official owner. It is a hotel above ground, and a military-esque base below.

The City-

Martial City is what happens when New York and Miami mix together.It's got nice Beaches,huge skyscrapers,hundreds of miscellaneous shops,a standard sewer system,and dozens more things to be seen. It's technically part of Nevada, but Nevada's borders have shifted since the disastrous things that have happened to America. It's on a shoreline formerly a part of California. Martial City is something of a playground for heroes and villains alike.


Monster Island-

This strange island,located right off the coast of Martial City,is large and jungle-ish.It has a volcano,though it is no direct threat to us.It's also home to dinosaurs of all kinds,lost in time.Among other things,it also has an average array of Jungle animals,such as snakes,spiders,and several apes and chimps  and such.It is home to poisonous and man-eating plants,cave-dwelling villagers,and a active volcano of course.

The Desert-

The side of the city opposite bordered by the ocean is bordered by desert.The Nevada Desert is vast and as hazardous a desert as any.A roaming pack of werewolves patrol it,and sometimes visit the city.Stone Colossus from relics past are located in it,and attack any they see.Aliens seem to visit here,not all of them friendly either.The most prominent problem is A.W.E. and their experiments.They have many bases out here,and release the creatures they create upon the city from time to time.


The beach is a great party place,and extremely good place to tan(if your into that).The waters are good for surfing,but are home to some dangers.Sharks roam the shallow waters. In the deeper areas of the water,where few go,are where the true dangers lurk.Large and monstrous creatures live there.

Over All Dangers-

Along with the Sea Monsters,Fish People,Lava Men,Sharks,and Dinosaurs,there are plenty of threats in the city.
A.W.E. is a terrorist organization contempt on world Domination,and the Horrendous five were all members of A.W.E. They have several secret bases in the city,and attack the city many times.


The Round Table Society is a international group of villains who base themselves on warriors from all societies,everything from the Zulu Warriors with healing factors to Cyborg Banditios, and Robotic Knights to Magical Arabian Warriors.They rob banks,attack gangs and the city.They are a threat to anyone and everyone,but tend to stay in small groups of three,so not to attract attention. 
 Round Table Society



The Tall Guys Gang is a group of Super Powered Muscle-For-Hire.They base themselves on American Tall Tales.Bunyan wears a giant suit of Robotic Armor(labout 18 feet tall) and wields an Energy axe.Appleseed is a insane Super-Genius, He invented a helmet,which looks like a cooking pot, which can control animals(not humans),plants,and some low-level machines.He is a master Chemist,Biologist,and Engineer.He place a genetic code in his body that allows him to fire bullet-hard seeds from his mouth at high velocity.They grow into whatever he wants.Henry has two liquid-metal arms which can form into anything he wants(.His skin is bullet proof.Pecos is a Modified Assassin droid that 'thinks' it is Pecos Bill.It is super-strong,bullet proof,has an Electrified lasso that it can fire from it's right hand,wields two Revolvers which fire highly explosive round(like miniature missiles),and rides on Super-Strong,Super-Fast,mechanical Horse.When knocked from his horse against his will,the Horse will go into a bloodrage.They are usually hired by bigger baddies. 

There are also standard bank robbers,and low-level street gangs.You can also have your own character's villains pay a visit to the city for you to fight.

Big Johnny-


One of the only heroes located in the City,Big Johnny is a British mutant who looks like a living rock.He is old,likes to drink,and is your standard cursing,drunk British guy.He is sort of a father figure,but not the best one.He will help you when he can. 


 Noob time! Lol, seriously though. The Underdogs team that used to make this city home obviously no longer exists, but the city itself was fun as heck! Anytime you just want to go fight some villains, team up, or rampage, this thread is for you. I'll eventually get to re-editing this thing, I made it when I was super-noobly. Just for fun right now! Some people thought it was a good idea to bring it back (it was pretty popular, for some odd reason O_o).