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Name: Megan Taylor

Supername: Lucent

Hair color: Blonde

Age: 20

Height: 5'2''

Weight: 116 lbs.

Known Relatives: Georgia Taylor(Mother) and Marvin Taylor(Father)

Powers origin: Her mother is a mutant and her father was a mutant and a sorcerer.

Powers and abilities:

  • Photokinesis: she can use light to fire light beams and create energy constructs. She is also able to generate light.
  • Forcefield: can create very strong forcefields that are able to withstand almost anything.
  • Flight: can fly at the speed mach 1 speed
  • Healing: channelig luminous energy around her she is able to heal herself and others. She needs some concentration to do this and can't use light generated by herself.
  • Superhuman Speed: is able to run at top speed of 225 mph
  • Superhuman reflexes: has extremely advanced reaction time.
  • Peak human strenght
  • Telekinesis: Is able to levitate things.
  • Absorb light: light attacks only make her more powerful.
  • Adaptive vision: can adapt her vision so that she is able to see both in very dark and very bright places.
  • Magic: She has some knowledge about magic because of her father. She practices it with her father's old books though, in order to improve her magic. When she is not using her rapier, her magical powers are relatively limited.
  • Agility: She is very agile and practiced gymnastics most of her life.
  • Weapon master: is very skilled with various weapons, specially melee weapons.

Weaknesses: Can't keep forcifield active for a long time; Someone who can manipulate darkness very well would be able to overhelm her powers.



Her rapier was given to her by her father and it's a magical weapon which makes it easier for her to cast magic, making her spells stronger when she is using it. Also, different from most rapier, the one given her by her father can be used effectively for both slashing and piercing attacks.

Bio: WIP