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I'll give the same response to this as when people are surprised that I'm eighteen and have never had a girlfriend: I don't want to see it as an accessory to my life or a validation of my existence. It'll happen when it happens, with the right person, for the right reasons. I'll just keep being who I am and see where it takes me.

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After the success of the Avengers (seriously, they could make the Hulk out of money and still have enough left over to buy a real helicarrier), there's no doubt that Warner Bros. is heading towards a Justice League movie and a cohesive cinematic universe. Considering that DC's deal has always been exclusively with Warner Bros., it seems like a waste that they haven't made such an effort up until now. Nonetheless, they've obviously taken notice of Marvel's initiative and creativity and have decided to emulate it, but how can they stand out and make their approach different from Marvel's? What would you like to see in a DC cinematic universe? What do you think their plan for solo and team films should be? Feel free to discuss and hopefully, we'll see some of these ideas on the big screen in a few years' time.

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The representative and apparent chief of the tribe paused for a moment, simply sizing up the leader of the colorful strangers in his land. Longshot kept his bow drawn. They were surrounded down there. If anyone made a move, he was the only thing giving them enough time to prepare for what was headed their way. He had long since accepted that, when he stood shoulder to shoulder with titans, he was most often relegated to cover fire. However demeaning it was hard to deny that it was a role he was more or less built for. The chief looked back at one of the guards behind him and whispered something in their language. The guard gave a quick response with a shrug of his shoulders and a confounded tone. The chief replied and performed a gesture of tapping his knuckles against his forehead launching out his fist, opening it into a full palm. They both laughed. Longshot could only assume that he was calling Edward crazy. Between the clothing, the language, and the awkward attempts at sign language, it was hard to blame him.

In the midst of his laughter, the chief slammed his staff into the dirt and wrapped his arms around Edward, hoisting him into the air. Longshot kept his fingers on the arrow. He was never particularly trusting, but for some reason, he felt more on edge than usual. He also felt better than usual. He hadn't realized it at the time, but in retrospect, he had been jumping higher and farther, moving faster, his arms felt stronger against the resistance of the bow string, and he simply felt as if nothing could hurt him. He had just recently worked his way back into operating condition from the atrophied mess he was when he awoke in that hospital bed. But today, it felt like more than just recovery. If this was any indication of things to come, he was just now about to enter his prime.

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While I agree that Lex Luthor should be the third villain, I personally don't care for the idea of them being friends and their rivalry being based on revenge. The dynamic of the superhero and the villain, especially one as iconic as that between Superman and Lex Luthor, should come from a fundamental difference in ideals. Lex Luthor is a secular humanist who sees Superman's mere existence as a trivialization of human ambition, ingenuity, and tenacity, values on which he's built his entire life, and upon which the human race relies. At least, that's how I've always seen him, and that's the version that's been most interesting to me. It also makes the tragedy of his character more internal and psychological, which is a version that I think would play really well on screen. Nonetheless, I like your thoughts on the potential future films, and I hope we see Superman heading in a direction similar to this in the future.

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I've always liked their dynamic as friends. What was wrong with that? Oh, right, the same thing that was wrong with Blue Beetle, and Green Arrow, and Lian Harper: they weren't broke, so they all needed to be fixed. (Repressing rage)

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Yes, that movie where Superman lifted a mile-wide island made of kryptonite into space solo really made him look weak.

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@krspacet: They actually did that, but he was their kid instead of Bruce.

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I don't believe in buying Superman. I believe in being Superman. That said, this guy evidently isn't afraid to get involved when he sees somebody committing a crime, so he gets credit for that, but I've personally never seen the point in dedicating your life to worshiping something or someone like that instead of channeling its significance in your life to make the world a better place. In my mind, that's what it means to be a real fan of Superman; not having a big collection, just having the courage to do what he would do and inspiring others to do the same.

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The Kents took in an alien orphan who was juggling their furniture when he was a kid. I don't think they'd have a problem teaching tolerance.

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