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Superior Spider-man has easily become one of my favorite books on my pull list. Ock's voice is just so refreshing and entertaining to read.

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This guy would be perfect for the role. He stole the last two season's of Friday Night Lights... excellent actor. I couldn't be more thrilled with this rumor!

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Boom shakalaka

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@Captain Cascader: I think you missed the humor in my post.

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You're alienating longtime fans of the current Comic Vine layout by introducing a new one.

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I think the question as to whether or not Ford's character is a replicant is left entirely up to the interpretation of the audience. I understand that the different personalities behind the creation, production, and release of Blade Runner have differing opinions on this matter, but it was never specifically addressed whether Ford's character was a replicant in-film, and as a result, one may infer that he is also replicant.

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I was wondering if anyone else considered the possibility that Superior Spider-Man will opt to equip his former mechanical arms at point during his tenure as Spidey. And if not his arms as they were, then perhaps a legion of Octobot-like Spidey-bots.

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I'm bummed, I've enjoyed Red Hood and the Outlaws. Ill give the new writer a shot since he clearly has some support from the other commenters.

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Thanks all, I went with Xbox. I scored the holiday bundle for $200!

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Hi, happy holidays!

I want to buy myself a Christmas present and could use some help deciding between a PS3 and an Xbox 360.

I typically enjoy single player games; RPGs especially. I don't plan to do any online gaming. I don't care about bluray capability. I generally prefer the PS3 controller over the Xbox controller, however, that's not to say I refuse to use an Xbox controller... I just generally prefer the dual shock.

As far as exclusives go, there are games on either platform I'd enjoy playing: I'd enjoy the Halo series on the Xbox side, and MGS4 and Uncharted on the PS3 side.

The Xbox looks like the better deal, just looking at it cost-wise. I can get a 250gb 360 with Skyrim and Forza for 249 (Skyrim is a game I plan on playing eventually), whereas the PS3 doesn't have a comparable bundle.

Can someone offer some insight as to which console would be best suited for my specific needs? If it helps narrow things down, the first game(s) I plan on playing is the Mass Effect trilogy. The next would either be MGS4 (if I get PS3), or Skyrim or Halo 4 (if going Xbox).