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Name: Judas de Flamme

Supername: Hermes

Age: 23

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 90 lbs.

Hair: Faded brown

Eyes: Pink

Traits: Partial albinism. Almost entirely blind. Suffers from acute cerebral palsy. Uses a wheelchair.

Powers and Equipment

Judas is theoretically capable of moving at superspeed, though he cannot take full advantage of this ability. He possesses short-range teleportation abilities, as well as limited telepathy and telekinesis (small objects only). He has above-average intelligence. Judas' main power is the ability to create a mindlink and then swap bodies with another individual. He most often uses this ability with his companion bat Suga. If either individual is injured during the swap it can prove fatal for both.

Judas' wheelchair is lightweight, motorized, and can be folded. It has an energy field (either offensive or defensive) and is solar powered. The wheels can flip around to become hoverpads.


Suga is a batlike creature from a distant planet. It should be noted that he is intelligent, not a pet. Suga's world is a subterranean network of tunnels and oceans. Almost none of the creatures there possess sight. Suga's species generally pray upon small fish, who in turn feed upon worms that reside above the water (when the tide is low) and are submerged the rest of the time. In this enclosed environment, there is a delicate balance as no outside resources may enter the system.

Suga's general frame is batlike at first glance, and he shall be referred to as a bat for the purpose of simplicity. He has two large wings, ending in tentacle-like appendages that can be used to grip. His body has three more sets of small wings used for maneouvering, and his body ends in a long opposable 'tail'. Suga's teeth are serrated and designed for gripping. His nostrils can be closed to prevent water from entering. He has no eyes. On his forehead is a piece of hollow bone shaped somewhat like a tuning fork. This lets out constant pulses of sonar. Suga's ears are very large and can be rotated 180 degrees. His ears can be folded down to create a water resistant seal.

Suga has been outfitted with a small laser pistol strapped to a harness on his chest. He can activate it either with his mouth or one of his tentacle appendages. He also has a body suit that can monitor his vitals, and which generally looks adorable.


Judas is the son of Julius de Flamme in a parallel universe. Nothing is known of his past, or how he met Suga.