My (current) Pokemon Team

So, I just beat the League on Pokemon Y and wanted to share with you guys my triumphant team, which was chosen before I had the game, cause that's how I roll =P

Greninja (Water/Dark type):

Behold mah tongue scarf!


  • Water Shuriken
  • Dark Pulse
  • Acrobatics
  • Ice Beam

Item: Mystic Water

Ability: Torrent


Well, I chose Froakie as my starter, already acknowledging its evolution path, I knew he would became a Speed centred Pokemon, with a good Attack and average Sp. Attack, so my team had to develop around a hit 'nd run member. Due to having incredibly high Speed, Greninja is able to avoid attacks frequently, what makes him a good Pokemon when in a battle against slow Pokemons, such as Snorlax. Its second type, Dark, just complements it, since he can be used to defeat Psychic types with Dark Pulse, which is, in my opinion, the best Dark type move. Water Shuriken is simply awe-inspiring, it varies between 2 and 5 hits, dealing incredibly extra damage due to his ability Torrent and its item. Ice Beam is more of a filler, really, being able to defeat powerhouses such as Tyrantrum and any Dragon type. Acrobatics is a tactical choice, this move, plus Greninja's good Attack, can deal a lot of damage to Grass types. Unfortunately, you have to count with your luck, otherwise, the Grass type will destroy you. Speaking of Grass and destruction..........

Charizard (Fire/Flying type):

Don't be confuzzled, tis Mega Charizard Y.


  • Dragon Claws
  • Flamethrower
  • Fly
  • Brick Break

Item: Charizardite Y

Ability: Blaze/ Drought (when Mega Charizard Y)


I chose Froakie, so I thought: "Nothing better than covering this dude's weakness with Charmander". Charmander/Charmeleon/Charizard are my old pals, I ALWAYS choose him as a starter, simply because his Sp. Attack can ravage many Pokemon that aren't very affected by Fire type moves. Flamethrower is a classic, combined with Chari's reckless Ability and Mega Evolution, he's a monster of Fire, reaching incredible 240 on Lv. 73. Fly is a move very effective against Fighting and Grass types, it also is important for the story, so I do use it a lot. Dragon Claws, combined with the Mega Evolution, are basically to damage Dragon types and one hit KO them. Brick Break does the same, but with Rock types. It also has the bonus of breaking annoying moves such as Light Screen and Reflect.

Aegislash (Iron/Ghost type):

Aegislash's two formes.


  • Iron Head
  • King's Shield
  • Shadow Claw
  • Sacred Sword

Item: Leftovers

Ability: Stance Change


Aegislash is one of the few new Pokemon that caught my interest. It's not simply tactical, its a monster of Attack and Defense. Normal and Fighting moves don't affect it, together with its Ability, which grants it the chance to swap Defense with Attack stats, make it a great addition to any team. Iron Head is a Steel type move, great to inflict damage against Fairy types and Rock types. Sacred Sword is a Fighting move, which simply negligects ANY stat change made on the match, so you can always count with it when facing those annoying buffers from the enemy team. Shadow Claw, combined with its Attack, deals a great amount of damage, destroying any Alakazam in matter of seconds. King's Shield serves as a forme changer, it also protects the Pokemon from being attacked. If the attack is physical, it also reduces the opponent's Attack. Leftovers is a great item, since it aids Aegislash to recover its HP, which is very important.

Tyrantrum (Rock/Dragon type):

Badass dino is badass.


  • Stealth Rock
  • Crunch
  • Earthquake
  • Dragon Claw

Item: Rocky Helmet

Ability: Strong Jaw (increases the power of biting attacks by 50%)


Most of people would say he entered on my team just for being a badass looking dino. Well...... Yeah, that also. Yet, if you analyze closer, this extrmey Defense/Attack Pokemon can hit as hard as a truck, I mean, Crunch is a strong move, now imagine a 150% powered Crunch. Totally destructive, huh? Together with great moves, such as Earthquake, which prevents not needed Dig assaults, and Dragon Claw, in order to destroy other Dragon types of faint trying, he's pretty much a great choice. The heavy-hitter of the team. Stealth Rock, which inflicts damage on any entering Pokemon, together with Rocky Helmet, is pretty dangerous. The stoned make the first part at inflicting damage, then comes Tyrantrum's attack, and if you attack him physically, due to Rocky Helmet, you are also damaged. Pretty creative, huh? Just be careful with tricky Fairy types. Speaking of it, let's move on......

Sylveon (Fairy type)

What can this innocent lil' doggy do? Shoot bubbles and kill with cuteness? NO, IT'S A F***ING OP POKEMON THAT SOLOS A WHOLE DRAGON TEAM! AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!


  • Moonlight
  • Draining Kiss
  • Dig
  • Psyshock

Item: Fairy Plate

Ability: Cute Charm


Why, you say? This dude is a barrier, not a heavy hitter or a wall of defense like Snorlax, but a great Pokemon with great moveset. Moonlight is simply the best Fairy type move, combined with SYlveon's Sp. Attack, it can wreck any Pokemon on less than three hits. Really. Draining Kiss aids it to recover massive amounts of HP, even more when boosted by Fairy Plate, which is great since it has a huge health bar. Ridiculously huge, to be accurate. DIg and Psyschock are great moves indeed and with SYlveon, they give the FLAWLESS coverage of its weaknesses: Steel and Poison. Guess who went solo against the Dragon type chick at the League? That's right, this cute dude. I learnt not to judge by looks with him.

Jolteon (Electric type):

I just woke up, ok?


  • Thunderbolt
  • Substitute
  • Thunder Wave
  • Hidden Power

Item: Zap Plate

Ability: Volt Absorb


I was with 5 of 6 done, when I realised my team had a weak spot: Water. So I searched for badass Electric types, Jolteon isn't my favorite, I prefer Electabuzz, but that's just by looks. Jolteon is another Speed centred Pokemon, but with a decent Sp. Attack. He basically solo'ed the Water type dude. Thunderbolt is my choice over Thunder because it's easier to hit (more Accuraicy) and delivers a great amount of damage, together with Zap Plate, it's a beast mode attack. Thunder Wave is great to avoid some future hits, together with Substitute, which can save your ass a lot. Hidden Power gives a coverage against Ice types and Rock types, due to being a Fighting type move. It's also a good call when facing a Water/Ground foe.

So, that's it. Hope you enjoyed it! =D

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Ewwww that Slyveon

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@shanana: He is clearly homosexual, but I prefer to judge by utility =P

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My team was







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Looks kewl. I specially like the ninja and the t-rex.

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@shanana: Pretty balanced team. I really dislike Chesnaught, so, ya know, had to go with Froakie =P

He's Lv. 75 now, so proud of him xD

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@joygirl: That T-Rex is amazing! He looks so badass.

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My team is;

  • Magikarp
    • Magikarp
      • Magikarp
        • Magikarp
          • Scyther
            • Magikarp
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@the_assassin_: Dude, I'll have to report you. Your team is OP as hell! HACKER! Your next step shall be:

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@_nobody_: World can't handle my Splash and Slash combo

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@the_assassin_: Splash deals 1000000000% of damage on ANY Pokemon. Karp is a beast.

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All I do is fish for Magikarp

All day, Er day

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@_nobody_: I dunno why but I somehow misread the date as Dec 3rd. 0.o Are you from the future? =O Seriously cool though! Fairies shall take over! >=D

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Sensei as shit...

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@the_assassin_: LOL, yeah, sensei as shit.

@samimista: Yeah, I'm! How do you think I beat the game on a day and a half? =P

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@_nobody_: =O You clever! 0.0 Ladies and gentlemen, the real Ash Ketchum is right here!

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@_nobody_: Red then! =O Or perhaps, you can be Orangey-Purple! 0.0

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@samimista: Oh, that's me. How did you find out? =O

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@_nobody_: I knew it! =O Mr. Burchwood said so! 0.0 He's friends with Team Launcher! =O

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@_nobody_: Now the Zigzagoons are after you! 0.0

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Awesome sauce, man. ^_^

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