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Real Name: Sid

Known Aliases: Genesis

Identity: Secret

Occupation: Travelling

Place of Birth: Brooklyn NY

Citizenship: America

Marital Status: Single

Family: Jacobs (grandfather), Beth (grandmother, deceased), Alan (father), Grace (mother, deceased), Lisa (sister)

Age: 29

Height: 6'7

Weight: 196 lbs

Hair color: none

Eye color: Green

Short bio of Sid

Sid used to be a very popular athlete until a car accident. Leaving him in a wheel chair. His only friend was a Army soldier name Brian. One night, a strange cloaked man leads Sid to a part of the subway he'd never seen before. A marvelous train awaited them, covered in Alien symbols and Alien runes. Sid and the stranger boarded and was teleported in to deep space There Sid met a Ancient Alien who had come to earth thousands of years ago to conquer earth but had fail. The Aliens who had observed Sid as he dealt with and endured the trials and hardships of his young life know he was the one. The Ancient Aliens determined Sid was the worthy and proper recipient of the Ancient Aliens.

POWERS & Abilities

  • Super Strength- 50 tons The longer he is in battle the stronger he gets.
  • Extreme Durability- Sid also has a magnificent durability Sid has withstood several blows from power houses
  • Integrated Computer Due to his Alien power suit Sid has a computer inside his body allowing him to scan his opponents telling him what they are, what they can do, weak spots and other useful information. He can also adapt and translate of languages within a matter of seconds.
  • Regeneration Self-repair
  • Shape shifting Sid has shown to be able to modify his physical appearance
  • Superhuman Speed and Agility Sid has demonstrated superhuman speed and agility on a number of occasions. he has been shown that his enhancements also give him speed which allows him to run up to 300 mph
  • Tech-o-path Sid also has some technopathic abilities allowing him to interact with computers and other machines remotely. When damaged or incapacitated he can reroute circuitry, and can reform himself (form a new body to transfer his consciousness into) using technology around him. Along with controlling other technology

  • Power Mimicry ability to replicate the other abilities of super heroes or villains in his vicinity for a short time
  • Solar Energy -Blast