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@Gloomix: It's fantastic. I can only recommend it. The end is a true shocker (won't tell more but it is lol)
@Gambler: Might have missed something but this is what I remember: SWORD under MR started to counterattack the Ninjans, dragons appeared and Rina played with them, Arrow and Sha withdrew the Ninjans, the Sovereign Son clones were killed by a built-in safe switch and then the Sha clones came in.
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@Gloomix: Ah, thanks. I recently considered buying the comic after I played through the video game. That's why I'm asking.
Hahaha, thanks. I try to keep my alts as different as possible.
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@Gloomix: Is this from the Akrham City comic?
(Risky in case you didn't know)
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@nonfiction91: Hahaha, will do. Mercy also will have to come back with her very interesting character concept for Honor Finesse, Honor Guard's illegitimate daughter.
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@nonfiction91: I'm barely keeping up with the post duty I already have. I've replaced Mercy as the least posting Viner. lol ;p All of the Honor Family characters (including Honor Guard who was Ethan Starks) were side accounts. I also still have a battle for the cowl with Honor Girl running but the last post is months old.
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@nonfiction91: Very unlikely. I would love to but I simply won't have the time for Risky, possibly Despair and HA. I would love to do a Honor Family rpg evolving around the fight for the defense of Honor City but I guess the team is dead by now. :(
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@nonfiction91: Hahaha, I couldn't. I was already so cruel to her I have to make up for that first. ;p Plus I don't want to miss the opportunity to write her with her new Xechellum-derived powers.
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I decided not to use Honor Avenger because I might need her in the future. But this character and Risque are fair game. Do we have a list of chars taking part yet? Might make it easier to choose someone. Frost is more of a heavy hitter but Risque is not harmless herself.

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@hydrabob:  She IS from Mortal Kombat and her name is actually... Frost. ;)

(And it's Risky)
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@Monkey D. Ace:  click and save Thanks!