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CoP(both) are semi inactive

You have a strange definition of 'active' if you think the hero-COPs are inactive >_>

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You know what's even more funny about this? That L.A. is currently under attack and none (or at least I don't think) of COP's are doing anything to stop it xD

Pffft, we're based in Japan, why should we deal with America's problems? ;)

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@_eclipse_: you're inspiring me to do something like that

And yeah, Lea is Yana's mom. You didn't know because it's new information lol. Espada threw it down as a random thought in our pm and we decided to run with it.

Go for it. Though I'd recommend doing some proper research first, I remember a lot about cystic fibrosis from school, but gave myself an internet refresher course before I made it official cause I don't wanna get anything ludicrously wrong.

Haha, good to know it didn't just slip under my radar. Also, damn, how do you create all these family connections so easily? I haven't got links to anyone, but you're linked to everyone xD

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@lena_dante said:

I love the variations. It's so easy (in comparison) to write somebody with a disability that can be used to further push their badass factor and that can tie into their powers. It doesn't really give much room for people to write things that aren't as well represented, so it's nice to see somebody doing that.

Exactly! :) like, back when I crippled old-Eclipse, all it really accomplished was to give me an opportunity to go "yeah, my character is a cripple and still kicks ass" and build him an awesome robot suit. Obviously, that sort of thing is hella cool and I don't wanna discourage it. But for once, I just wanted to write a character who has a chronic illness that, quite simply, gets in the way. The only impact it would possibly have on Esther in a battle scenario is either making it hard for her to breathe or cause a massive coughing fit, and for some reason that just seems more interesting to me right now.

@lea_drago: Wait, you're Yana's mother? Damn, can't believe I didn't know that, lol

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@lena_dante: Haha, thanks :) I'm really enjoying this character so far, she definitely feels very real.

With her health issues I kinda wanted to further highlight the differences between Esther and her dad (Guy is like, the epitome of physical health and perfection) and also have a character with some form of disability that wasn't just blind or crippled, which are probably the most well-represented in media. Plus I'm just kinda bored of the trend where, if a character is ill, that illness is almost always linked to their powers (something I'm guilty of too) so this is just me trying something a little different.

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  • For her entire life, Esther has suffered from cystic fibrosis. This genetic disorder leads to an overproduction of mucus, leading to many potential issues with the respiratory and digestive systems.
  • She has to take antibiotic tablets multiple times daily, and has an inhaler to assist her breathing if the mucus makes things particularly difficult.
  • One of the bonuses of her condition is that Esther has to eat a much higher calorie diet than other girls her age, as her digestive system sucks at digesting things. Essentially she has a free pass to eat as much junk food and ice cream as she possibly can.
  • Also, in order to prevent mucus build-up, a regular exercise routine is highly recommended. Fortunately, having now become a superhero Esther finds herself running around outside far more often than she had done previously, which is doing wonders for her health.
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Well, that was certainly an explosion of activity... O_O

Strong work, gang

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@vamoose said:


Dude, is Esther an energy manip?

No idea, she's still figuring it out :P

So far mostly light and heat manipulation.

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@_eclipse_ said:

  • Esther is a dedicated member of the Smash Bros community and has been playing Melee competitively for years under the username MsFalcon (Captain Falcon being her preferred character). Unfortunately, she has never progressed past the quarter finals of any tournament.

....Eclipse and Nova are going to get along just fine!

...or kill each other while they game... can't decided just yet.

Haha, I think their attitude would depend on whether they're playing Smash Bros or Halo... Though I'd wager Esther is a more graceful loser than Nova >_>

Plus Esther's powerset focuses on light and heat manipulation, so you can give her some fire-control tips :D