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@surkit: I'll post the link to your wall or something, but there's no point bumping it cause we need Pyro back before it can start :P

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@shadowswordmaster: So do Mercury, Strigidae and Dread. Clara currently has four posts that I can see to reply to in the White House thread alone, so I can understand why that would take time to reply to.

Besides, sometimes it's inevitable that things don't work out. I created that 'Support Centre' thread that a lot of people said they were totally interested in, but it never got used. So I moved onto the next thing. Suggested an RPG set in the future my character Rook comes from, which again got a lot of interest, but no-one actually created any characters for it, so I moved onto the next thing. (Course that one might still happen, just need to wait for Pyro to get back cause he's an important part of the story.)

Point is, I could be considered fairly 'popular' here (at least probably by Yashimora's definition) and yet a lot of the things I've tried to start just haven't picked up any momentum. I'm okay with that. But the key is (as Surkit said) getting to know people and finding a group of friends to write with, instead of complaining when people who barely know you don't reply to your stuff. I don't agree that the Vine is all about popularity, but making friends certainly helps.

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@tenebrous_guile: I'd consider it if we were talking about keeping up with Marvel/DC stuff, but Invincible is worth paying for. Besides, 25 quid a year is a small price to pay to support the career of Ryan Ottley.

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@warsman: THRAGG! Ugh, now you're just reminding me that I need to somehow scrape together the funds to buy the latest volume of the Ultimate Collection... For the most part, I'm okay with not being able to afford comics anymore, but not being able to keep up with Invincible breaks my heart! :(

*reads the post*


Well, looks like it's time to get this show on the road!

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im seriously debating on taking a long brake from this website im fed up with my posts being on death ears my threads just getting blown over like there nothing, guess popularity does rule this site............pathetic! im done ive worked to hard on posts and thread just to go unnoticed dont even know what im freaken doing wrong so im giving it one last shot then if that fails im quieting the site altogether i know when im not welcome.

Don't mean to be disrespectful, but... What the hell are you talking about? You started War on Peace, which from what I can see has proven very popular, and you're involved in the whole space scene that seems to be developing. I really don't see how you can complain about being ignored.

If you're wondering what you could do to try and get more people to notice you, I'd recommend working harder on your spelling and grammar. I don't know your situation, so you could have good reason for writing the way that you do, but personally I find it difficult to understand what you're saying sometimes (both in and out of character), which leads to a lack of motivation to get involved in your stories, because I don't understand them.

Not trying to insult you, just trying to be honest about what you need to improve if your main frustration is going unnoticed. Also, lower your expectations. You should write for the fun of writing and, while I understand being annoyed if no-one reads the stuff you've worked hard on, you need to lower your expectations. Personally, as long as ONE person reads and enjoys the thing I spent time on, I see that as worthwhile.

The only people who leave for good are the ones who don't talk about it, in my experience. They just disappear and we never hear from them again.

Pretty much, haha, whenever I've gone on hiatus I never say anything. That's usually a combination of a) not making a conscious decision to leave and b) feeling too guilty to come back and say "oh yeah I'm leaving" after days or weeks of inactivity.

But maaan, the number of people leaving sucks.

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@_allstar_: Figured I should probably say something, but, uh... As I made clear earlier on this very page, when I outlined a few details about the mutants and the tunnels in general...

  • The gems on their foreheads are controlling them. Removing those gems is difficult, but would sever Madros' control. Unfortunately it would also kill the neo-mutants, who are only attacking us because they are forced to. So it's up to you guys how mercifully you deal with them.

So... yeah... May not have been intentional, but those girls aren't unconscious, they're dead. Sorry... >_>

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@_mistress_redhead_: Nice to see you :)

In terms of teams, the COPs would be happy to have you back, we've even got quite a lot of the old gang around at the moment. If you'd rather explore other options, then that's cool, but it's be real nice to write with you again. I've got a bunch of characters, so I should be able to fit with whatever you're doing (and yes, Eclipse is a girl now, lol).

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@lena_dante: Yeah, I guess the problem for me right now is lacking those actual user-to-user connections (also just not really being particularly involved in the primary mutant/human plotline of the forum, which feeds into the first issue). I'd love to have some family connections, but I'm just not sure how much sense it would make for my characters without feeling forced or complicating the backstory. Also, not sure how many people I trust to stick with using the character in question and to not screw with my canon xD

You're one of the few people who ticks those boxes, but unfortunately we don't write together cause we're just not involved in the same stories... >_>

I get what you mean about it kickstarting things too, I've actually been feeling like doing that sort of thing with Kingsley. I've kept the identity of his wife and kids vague because I haven't fully decided whether to NPC them or have other users get involved. But I just keep coming back to the problem of finding people to fill those roles (and not wanting to be simply asking people to fill a certain role in MY story, cause that's just not what this is about and doesn't exactly lead to a great deal of motivation).

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@jack_: Saw it, loved it, was gonna work on a reply, but then got caught up in real-life stuff and lost motivation to write anything at all. Probably just gonna go to sleep soon, will reply tomorrow