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@surkit: I am neither CPG nor Pyro :P I am Fuzion-Guy though.

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@surkit: Haha, sorry man, that idea didn't get a response, so I set up the Paragons instead :) though I suppose the two ideas are not mutually exclusive... If there's enough interest I could set up a B-list branch of the Paragons.

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There is a CvPkMU? I want in! I'll cheer for Eclipse :P

Hopefully :P

Right now it's just a Pokemon battle between me and Sha, but I decided to make it sort-of-open in case other people were interested in exploring that world.

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@_quickster_: I am so glad you're on this team :) that was brilliant, I loved it.

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@amazingangel: Haha, me too! Everyone loves Snorlax, Sha was pretty annoyed that I picked him first ;)

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@warlock360: Haha, gotta go with the classics, man :) all the water Pokemon they've created over the years and they just never quite topped the first one...

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@pyrogram said:

Now this. This is cool. ahah

You ain't seen nothin' yet. My team is BADASS.

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Got high hopes for this one :)

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@armistice: Yeah. I mean I think this would be a fun RPG, but I'm not convinced I can pull it off... I think when I'm in the mood I'll rope in someone else to plan the story with me, ideas flow easier when I'm bouncing off someone.

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This is the discussion thread for a Pokemon battle between @shanana and @_eclipse_

The oceans will rage, flames will roar and vines will whip! Two trainers, twelve Pokemon, ONE EPIC BATTLE.

Eclipse's team: Treeko, Charizard, Snorlax, Electabuzz, Squirtle and Cubone.

Sha's team: Vileplume, Dragonite, Taurus, Luxray, Glaceon and Spiritomb.


  • Takes place in CVPkMU (Comic Vine Pokemon Universe, duh).
  • Each Pokemon has four moves, to be decided before the start of the RPG and listed when said Pokemon is summoned.
  • No switch-outs or Potions, that's just cheap, Pokemon must remain on the field until they are eliminated.
  • Victory via KO, incapacitation or DEATH... Just kidding.
  • If you are not Eclipse or Sha, please do not interfere with the battle. You are allowed to post in the RPG, but only to cheer on either participant. You don't need to create an alt, just use whatever account you want, I'm using Eclipse.
  • Sha's total annihilation will begin shortly.