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CVNU - Eclipse

  • Name: Jason Oakes
  • Codename: Eclipse
  • Aliases: Phosphorus, the Morning Star
  • Age: 17
  • Hair: Black
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Gender: Male
  • Height: 5'7"
  • Weight: 130 lbs
  • Identity: Secret
  • Occupation: Superhero
  • Place of Birth:Southampton, England
  • Group Affiliation: Jupiter's Children (formerly)
  • Known Relatives: Birth parents unknown (deceased) Frank Oakes (foster father, deceased) Alice Oakes (foster mother, deceased) Augustus (foster brother) Three other foster siblings (deceased)
  • Powers: Control over electromagnetic force
  • Nationality: British


Origins: At the end of the 19th Century, Nikola Tesla was working on some fairly lucrative experiments in Colorado Springs. A young Dr. Henry Kendrew was working with Tesla during this time and, over a year, stole a lot of Tesla's ideas and technology. Kendrew split from his mentor and began working on his own projects in New York, experimenting with the ability of human beings to control electricity. With no funding or resources, Kendrew took to experimenting upon himself. In the first days of Spring in 1902, Henry's laboratory was struck by lightning and destroyed. The explosion gave off a harmless electrical pulse, which spread through the surrounding area. Kendrew, seen by the locals as a lunatic and a nuisance, was presumed dead.

Weeks later, residents began to go missing and the city was plagued by electrical storms. Kendrew had survived the explosion and, more than that, had finally succeeded in his ambitions. He was granted the ability to manipulate electricity. More than that, the electrical surge had implanted the same ability within the rest of the town's population. If Kendrew made physical contact with anyone imbued with the power, he would give them the spark they needed to unlock their powers. Their skin would be scarred around the contact area and they would have abilities equal to Henry himself. He began recruiting New Yorkers into his secret society, rewarding them with power.

Present Day: The original electrical surge affected the genetic code of the townsfolk, and the gene was passed on to the descendants of those caught in the original blast, who have now spread throughout the world. The society, known as Jupiter's Children, has spread, with bases all across the world as members numbering the hundreds seek out descendants and give them the spark. One such person was Jason Oakes.


Bio: Born in Hampshire, England, Jason was orphaned at a young age and put into foster care with a family in London. A rebellious child, he eventually found his place within a local church. He began attending the Sunday services and was moved by the compassion and love the congregation showed towards each other, especially in comparison to his own life experience. The person of Jesus Christ meant very little to Jason, and he was unsure if he truly believed in God, but he found comfort in the kindness of the church-goers. He admired the moral values that the church promoted, the ideals of hope and bringing down "God's kingdom", making the world a better place now in the name of love and kindness. The boy was moulded into his teenage years by the messages of humility and hope and he grew into an admirable young man.

One day, while at home with his foster family, Jason's world was punctured. The family was asleep when the home was broken into. Jason awoke to the sound of his foster parents' dying screams. By this point he was a scrawny 14 year old and smart enough to know he could do nothing to stop an attacker, so he rushed to the phone and dialled for the police. The line was dead. He tried turning on the lights, but they were dead. He tried a torch, and even that did not work. Finally he tried to open the door, but found that the lock was fused shut. By now his foster parents were no longer screaming and the 4 other foster children had joined Jason. A rough-faced man strutted out of the bedroom, looking each of the children up and down as they all stood frozen to the spot.

Jason and another of the foster children, Augustus, a boisterous 8 year old, were quick to break ranks as the man approached them. Augustus attacked with his fist as Jason flailed wildly, and the assailant stuck out his hands to catch the blows of both children. As the man's scarred hands made contact with the attacks, a spark of electricity shot through both Jason and Augustus, sending them sprawling onto the floor unconscious. When Jason awoke, he and Augustus were in a strange new place, bound to chairs. Their assailant was there and informed them that their foster parents and siblings had been killed, that they were unworthy of the gift that the boys had received. The murderer introduced himself as 'Venus' D. Milo and explained that he was the leader of the London branch of Jupiter's Children.

From that point on, the boys were forced to work for Venus as they developed their powers. The society functioned around the idea that its members were superior to ordinary humans, and as such had the right to dictate what the rest of the world did. They played their part in directing local politics, but the primary objective was to build up the ranks of Children, ready for the day when Kendrew's followers would rise up and take the world as their own. Jason and Augustus both bore similar scars on their hands, Jason bore a crescent-like mark on his right palm, whilst Augustus had an almost identical marking on the back of his right hand. Due to these markings, and the fact that Venus had recruited and trained them, the boys were named Phosphorus the Morning Star and Hesperus the Evening Star. For years, Jason operated as Phosphorus, forced to do the bidding of Milo, until finally he saw the chance to escape.

Two years later, Jason was 16 and Augustus 11. They had been trained in how to use their powers, though certain teachings were kept from them, Jason in particular. Hesperus had always been very accepting of their situation, whereas Jason was very uncomfortable with it. As such, knowledge of how to electroport was kept from him. Eventually, they were sent alone on a mission together to recruit a new member. With memories of their own 'recruitment' replaying in his mind, Jason used this temporary freedom to escape from his foster brother and the Children. He was pursued all across the country by both his foster brother and his former masters. During this chase, he electroported for the first time, travelling across the world to America and landing in Vine City. He lay low for a few weeks, until he was sure he had not been followed. While trying to decide what he would do with his new freedom, he found himself caught in a gang conflict and realised how much use he could be to the people of the city. He took on the new name of Eclipse and spent the following year operating out of Vine City.




Jason's powers are inherited, though they lay dormant until his encounter with Venus. Following this, he is able to manipulate the electromagnetic force. This is an incredibly complex power and each Child of Jupiter focuses on a different aspect. Something of a prodigy, Eclipse has been able to utilise his powerset in many different ways. The way he sees it, there is electricity in almost everything, from the Earth's atmosphere to the very molecules which make up the building blocks of the universe. Listed below are the ways in which Eclipse uses his gift.

Electrokinesis and Magnetokinesis: The most basic manipulation of the electromagnetic force, Eclipse is able to generate, absorb and control electricity. He does not have a limited supply of electricity, though generating it requires some mental exertion and thus it is easily to simply absorb and discharge it, or manipulate already existing electricity. The greater the power, the more difficult it is to control, hence summoning a lightning bolt takes more energy than creating a spark, though it doesn't take as much energy as creating a lightning bolt. The second major application of the electromagnetic force is manipulation of magnetic fields. Like electrokinesis, this can be used on both micro and macroscopic scales. This power gives rise to many applications:

  • Absorption - Able to absorb electrical energy.
  • Bolts - Ability to fire electrical bolts of varying intensity.
  • Charge - Able to charge conductive objects with electricity.
  • Control of Electromagnetic Radiation - Able to manipulate the entire spectrum, that is: radio, microwave, infrared, visible light, ultraviolet, x-rays and gamma rays.
  • Discharge - Can discharge electricity on contact.
  • Electrolocation - Able to sense electrical fields in the surrounding area.
  • Electromagnetic pulse - Can generate an EMP.
  • Electronic disruption - Can disrupt electromagnetic signals and devices.
  • Electroportation - Able to travel via electricity. By converting his body into electricity, Eclipse can travel through an electrical current and then reform himself. Can be used to travel anywhere in the world via clouds and lightning.
  • Immunity - Cannot be damaged by electrical attacks.
  • Levitation - Able to fly by generating a magnetic field.
  • Lightning - Able to summon and manipulate lightning.
  • Metal Manipulation (limited) - Able to control magnetically charged metals.
  • Static - Can generate static electricity, which can be used to adhere to surfaces.

Particle Manipulation: Particles such as protons and electrons have an electric charge, and thus with a high degree of concentration, Eclipse is able to manipulate matter itself. However, this is an incredibly complex and dangerous use of his powers, as one could accidentally split an atom. Theoretically, Jason could reshape matter in any way he chose, but he is not experienced enough at this. There are, however, a few specialised forms of matter manipulation he is capable of:

  • Healing - By manipulating particles, Eclipse can encourage the body to regenerate cells.
  • Melding - Able to fuse separate pieces of matter into a single piece of matter.
  • Separation - Able to break bonds between particles and separate a piece of matter.

Neuron Manipulation: The human body is filled with electricity, in particular the brain. This complex organ is filled with electrical currents, which send electric impulses to command the rest of the body. By manipulating the electricity within the brain, Eclipse is able to command the bodies and minds of those around him. However, as with particle manipulation, this is a very precise and dangerous application and not one Jason is experienced with. Again, he is able to apply this in a few ways:

  • Heightened Intelligence - By redirecting neural pathways, Jason can increase his own capacity to learn and recall information.
  • Insomnia - Able to function at full capacity without sleep. By channelling electrical energy into his brain, Eclipse is able to go without sleep entirely, though this tends to lead to side effects.
  • Pain Suppression - Able to dull the brain's sensation of pain.
  • Telepathy (limited) - Can communicate telepathically with others. However, to create the mental link in the first place, Eclipse must make physical contact with a person, usually achieved by placing his hand against their temple. Once this link is created he can read the thoughts of another and place thoughts within their mind.