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Do the Avengers actually avenge anyone?

Jack of Hearts (but some years ago, in 2004)

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Do you like my "creation"? :)

my C&D collection deserves appropriate storage boxes!

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Are you referring to this:

Emma is talking with Shroud, not Cloak ;)

Last time i've seen Cloak in Spider-Island was in ASM 672, in the final battle; and he was in his classic costume hence the writer/penciler have forgot about the "switch".

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Avengers + Nine Inch Nails (we're in this together) = AWESOME

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Romantically involved? their last appareance

  is inequivocable...they're romantically involved, but in the 80's / 90's they were only friends, Cloak was attracted by Dagger, but mostly because he needs her light to feed his darkness. 

best issues? check this out:
It's very easy to find and it reprints their first mini series 
also this deserves a read if you like these characters: 
  It's one of their best moment, both story/art
or take a look at my list ;) 
 because here and there there are some good reading. 
In my opinion Rick Leonardi has caught perfectly their essence
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Ah! i remember it! i read it during a math lesson :) 
In Italy, it was published in a 112 pages TPB

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@Shadowdoggy said:

" @/dev/null:
yeah, it doesn't seem famliy friendly 
but I'm stoked it's even going to get made"

Yes, definetely not family friendly if the TV Show is based on Strange Tales Vol. 2 
or their mini-series and Vol.1.  
The best way to exploit C&D is to make a rated R (or PG, i'm not from U.S.A., so i'm not so sure about your rating sistem) tv show..i know that it could sound silly considering that C&D are 16/17 years old...but in their first appearences they killed their torturers, they almost killed Silvio Manfredi and they have also a conflictual relationship with religion (Mantlo did an amazing work on these two characters and their supporting cast, for example: i'm not so sure that the thoughts of Father Delgado were so pure. his morbidity about Dagger is suspicious) and cops.   
@antiterra said: 
" And if they intend to whitewash their history, why even bother in the first place?

Wait and see, I guess."

Unless as Antiterra said, they want to whitewash their history. but if they wanna rewrite it..why don't they make a Power Pack TV-show? this will be perfect for ABCFamily. ah but they have already  something similar: No Ordinary Family http://www.imdb.it/title/tt1591493/  
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@Shadowdoggy said:

" I LOVE Cloak and Dagger this is good news!!!! but, is it live action or animated? and will it be toned down for an ABCFamily audience? C&D has always been a little dark: a little more about the harsher side of being a teen superhero I mean, they're runaways, afterall very very interesting news..... "

i quote every single word :) i'm a big fan of Cloak and Dagger too.
I hope it will be a live action tv show; anyway i don't think that C&D fit very well with the ABCFamily roster:  http://abcfamily.go.com/shows  
They have many obscure enemies: Nightmare, drug-dealers, Silvermane, Mr. Jip...
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@darkcloakx said:

" is their series still ongoing?  
 why doesn't anybody like them? 
why doesn't marvel promote more like other heroes such as deadpool etc. 
 are they dating ? 
i wanna learn more about them any suggestion of good trades to look for them in ?  

No, at the moment they don't have any ongoing series.  
Anybody like them?I like them! a lot! :)
Dating? Yes...the last frame in their last one-shot issue explains it wery well.
Suggestions? yes check out my list:
It's a work in progress, so i'll add other comics books in the next days. but it can help you.
If you find a lot of grammatical mistakes in my comments, it's because english isn't my native language ;) 
start with this:
it's a good place to start, and it's very easy to find.
Also their other 80's comic book series are very easy to find, at low prices.
@xerox-kitty said:

They were originally due a series of their own.  But they were snaffled by Matt Fraction for the dreadful 'Dark X-Men' which led to them being in limbo on Utopia for months. 


I would have prefered to see them in their own series instead of having their characters messed around.  What was all that bullS$*t about Dagger desperately wanting to be a mutant?  They have repeatedly rejected offers to join the X-Men & Xavier's school.  It was all rubbish... so I would preferred to have a proper Cloak & Dagger series than that mess!


Totally agree with you ;)