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What's the News?

To put it quite simply, one minute there was no individual known as Philip Zee, and the next there was. As a result, everything said about his childhood is complete hearsay. The current most popular theories are 'raised by wolves', 'alien in disguise/abducted at birth', 'sewn from a dragon's tooth' and 'time traveller'. Pick up a tabloid, I'm sure you'll find a story that tickles your fancy. Submit your own if you like. Everyone likes a good story. And in some universe no doubt, each and every story is true.

Stamp for Validation

So now Philip Zee is here, in Maryland to be precise. Why? Why not? The house was waiting for him, the deed in his name. The signature, unfortunately, was illegible, but it is still a legal document. You can contest it, but I doubt that would end well for you. Philip works in the Repo business (both the legal and black market sides of things). But he's been known to cut...deals. Be at X place at Y time, and do Z. Generally the actions, the services, the places, are completely incomprehensible for any greater scheme. But who knows what goes through the mind of Philip Zee.

Of course, Philip has another job, and he claims that one is his Destiny. Or maybe it will lead to his destiny? Whatever the case, it involves leaping from rooftops, a dash of smoke and mirrors, and perhaps just a pinch of unnecessary brutality.

Worming his way into presidential employ, Philip was sent into Gothic City with a team. The mission failed horribly, but Philip regained his memories, destroying the mental locks he had set in place. One of his agents revealed that Philip Zee was actually Philip Ziev, child of an alternate world Premonition. Philip killed all remaining operatives, and struck out on his own.

At this point, he began appearing in the dreams of both Stark and Premonition as the Faceless Man. He spoke of twin reality gods, and of VALIS. However, he and Premonition disappeared before endgame could be discovered.

Recently, Philip has reappeared, missing both his eyes and holding a massive grudge.


Philip is somehow charismatic and unbearably arrogant, snide, and self-centered at the same time. Everyone likes him, but no one would claim their friendliness is returned. Maybe that's what fear really is. Philip is extremely impatient, and gets frustrated if people don't pick up on what he's saying immediately.

Known Powers

Philip can 'bend' spacetime, speeding or slowing objects, altering trajectories, seeing around corners, etc. He uses this ability to obscure his face while out as Destiny. This also allows for a 'slingshot effect', either on himself or other objects. By distorting time, he can 'jump' a few seconds, making him seem extremely fast.

Having remembered his purpose and identity, he has displayed more extreme space/time manipulation, some precognition, and destructive telekinesis.

It is unknown how his powers were affected when he disappeared off the face of the map with Premonition.


Twin automatic rifles + ammo

An actual slingshot w/ a supply of small metal balls

Gloves contain small blades in the fingers, which can be used for fighting or climbing.

Ditto for boots

A katzbalger sword

Three small throwing knives

Personal Data

Name: Philip Ziev

Age: 19

Eyes: Green

Hair: Blonde

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 160 lbs

Family: Alternate timeline son of Premonition