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It's a chuckle, okay. You are so technical and cynical that you could be a masked vigilante.

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Whoa, what the hell? It's a trap. Is it Charlemagne?

Quickly I draw two escrima sticks from my vintage utility belt with percussion ready for the worst. I was taught to never walk into a trap that I knew I could escape.

No. Who the hell is this guy and what does he want with me?

" Sorry to be that guy but the super-villain convention was rescheduled to happen at the prison but I'd be more than glad to give you a ticket there. ".

His posture tells me that he is confident, not only that his stance shows discipline and maybe arrogance. He sees me as a challenge, not a real threat.

I'm not going to give him the chance to attack me first, impulsively I run towards him with a white smirk on my face that could blind a nation and perform a extravagant front flip over him to quickly strike him in the ears with all my strength to cause severe ringing and perfectly avoid my head hitting the pavement by using the strength of my hand to push myself back three feet to give me certain distance to avoid his next move.

"Show me what you got scary eyes".

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So you're going to deny it?

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Oh so you can laugh? What else can you do?

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I'm too young to die and too cool for school.

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Sure thing Yoda.

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(nevermind for a second there I thought I could triplepost)

Understand what?

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What is this sorcery"

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Again, wasn't talking to you softy.

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It might help your communication skills with the world for instance plus it would make the urge of punching you in the face decrease significantly.