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I hate Texas...

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Probably Skarlet

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William the Conqueror
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Interesting idea... 

1. Superman

-Villain(s): Lex Luthor, Toyman
-An origin story that includes his journey from Smallvile to Metropolis, utilizing flashbacks to show his upbringing on the Kent farm. The journey will be similar to the "Grounded", but it will be before he's Superman so it instead acts as fuel for his reasoning in becoming a hero. Once there Clark will hear about Lex and his humanitarian work, seeing the man as the best humanity can offer and encourages him to root out injustice as a news journalist. Lex Luthor turns out to be developing a small personal army of military-grade robotic drones, developed by an unbalanced man nicknamed "The Toyman". We get to see a glimpse of how Lex would try to change the world for what he sees as better, but the Toyman instead decides to use the drones for his own entertainment and unleashes them on Metropolis.  
-Clark of course has to save the day, putting a stop to Toyman and his various military drones as Superman before revealing Lex's plans to the world as Clark Kent. I'd try to make Lex look like he is genuinely out to try and change the world in his own way, but after the surprise appearance of Superman he gives that up to begin his crusade against the new hero. 

2. The Man of Steel

-Villain(s): Lex Luthor, Zod 
-Now an established hero in Metropolis, Superman begins to see the complications of living his dual-life and starts to struggle in balancing his two identities while figuring out which life is better for him. All the while Lex Luthor has spent his time trying to undermine Superman at any cost. Zod appears and begins his attack on Earth, eventually meeting a Superman that intends to stop his rampage and reveals to the world that the Man of Steel is an alien from another planet called Krypton. This is just what Lex needs to change the public's opinion, hosting a press conference to say that not only does this prove Superman is a dangerous being, but that he'll do whatever it takes to take out both Superman and Zod.  
-Now Superman has to deal with the growing hatred of the people while trying to protect them from Zod, while Lex begins formulating a substance that will only affect those with their alien physiology. His genius creates an object code-named KRYPTONITE. Eventually Superman defeats Zod and escapes Lex's kryptonite (although Zod dies from it), but by the end of the film he's beginning to grow distant from the people that now fear him.  

3. The Man of Tomorrow

-Villain(s): Lex Luthor, Metallo
-Superman has been missing for a year ever since the fight with Zod, and Clark Kent is just trying to serve the people as a simple reporter while finally starting a romantic relationship with Lois Lane. Meanwhile Lex Luthor has become the president of the United States, rallying people around him as the man who defeated "Earth's greatest threat" to gain support and power in his revitalized quest to change the world. His company begins developing their own "men of steel" project by putting patriotic men like John Corben through hellish experiments and surgeries to make them into cybernetic super-soldiers. These men are told that it is all in the name of national security, since tensions in the world are growing over dwindling resources. Lex hopes to incite a war with China, knowing that his super-advanced technology would make him victorious, so he uses a fake terrorist attack to make the public favor war with the Chinese.  
-Eventually the conflict reaches the point of imminent war, and just at things get hot Superman once more dons the cape to try and save the world from getting drawn into a world war. He has to fight Metallo, a cybernetic abomination created because of Lex's dreams of conquest and a sign of how monstrous Lex really is, and the rest of the metal men before putting an end to the conflict and finally showing everyone that he isn't such a bad guy. Lois helps uncover the truth behind the fake terrorist attack and Lex is having a personal face-off with Superman, who talks with him before law enforcement finally arrives and takes Lex to jail. He is impeached and sentenced to life in prison, and Superman once more serves Metropolis as its protector. 
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