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Same here...BROKEN! Does CV care about quests anymore?

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Emma Stone Shake Weight! Oh Rorie, you dirty, dirty lil' man..XD

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Jack Knight  was the man, if someone gave me a star rod and said be a hero, I'd be like wtf too. XD

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#74! My best ever! I'm never on when these quests go up!....

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I dunno about the "fan boys," which I happen to be one myself...But, I'm excited about this flick....It looks good and I'm just glad they are making another comic movie. Regardless of the quality, I will see it nonetheless.......I liked clips! Excited!!

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Daredevil (Both cuts)
The Punisher (1989)
The Punisher (2004)
Iron Man 
Spiderman 3
Ghost Rider

V for Vendetta (duh)
Kick - ass
Tank - Girl
Scott Pilgrim
The Spirit
Spawn (HBO series)
Batman Returns
Batman Forever
Batman Begins
The Dark Knight

Most of these movies alotta comic fans do not like but to me I say "F" that. As a lover of comics and as a movie buff..I really like these films and I think they stayed more true to the comics than any big budgeted give us your money comic flicks they've been churning out.....I like those flicks also, somewhat, they just arent as good...I know some of those big budgets are in here, but like I said I am a movie buff and I think these too are stand alone movies without having a comic connection. I am glad to see ANY comic movies at all..IMO.
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You're one of the first Stars to win that I actually talk to! :) Keep up the good work.....hmmm. Mod anyone?

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I admit on the first viewing of this film I really didnt think it was all that great. But I really think it was a good film and done in respect to the comic version of the spirit and not tried to be rebooted into some dark stuff that the character really had never had been.

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@AgeofHurricane said:
The first person to ever disapprove of MY edits was that Xerox-kitty, and I'm still holding a grudge (i loathe you)