Hero Brigade Paragon [Un-Classified]

[Subject/Hero Brigade Paragon]

The HBP is a separate branch from the main Cerberus Military force and is their version of a police force or super army, scores of super hero teenagers are trained as enforcers of the organization for many decades (Time Manipulation Exploit) until adult hood in which they are put in stasis for reserves as a new group of young heroes replace their predecessors .


All across the multi-verse there are heroes, Cerberus is an ever constant adapter always strengthening their defenses and reducing their weaknesses as much as possible.

Thus the reason of the HBP was formed, despite all their advancements there were some things tech could do alone so Cerberus expanded its research into the paranormal/super natural which gave them an excellent usage of technology and the mystic arts combined, Cerberus saw the potential use of this potent combination and decided to invest its time and resources into creating super human beings to combat the ever growing difficulty in expanding across the multi-verse.

Cerberus found out that their super humans with super natural and technological abilities extremely effective but at the same time took longer to produce and could not keep up with the pace of expansion, and there fore the recruitment of heroes across the galaxy began which eventually formed the HBP

The First Hero of current Cerberus Seasonal Recruitment (Veronica Vance)

Veronica Vance was her name when Cerberus troopers recruited her, in her reality she was a hero since the age of twelve using an amulet known as "The White Tiger" this object unbeknownst to Veronica but well known to Cerberus was capable of Universal power creating galaxies with a whim or destroying an entire universe, fortunately Veronica has never shown evil intent or greater capabilities than City level and would take her an incredibly long time to fully master its abilities

Classification Of Heroes

HBP members are classified in three levels,A,B, and C

A. Class members are at minimum Planetary threats and could be above Planetary.

B. Class members are at minimum national or global level in threat potential.

C. Class members at maximum are city level threats and below.

The HBP branch use the classification to deploy the heroes for the correct scenario, fortunately for them also that each branch has an equal amount of heroes that is steadily increasing so even at a whim (only when necessary) a dozen class A. superheroes can be deployed in minutes.

Renown Heroes

(These are Heroes I will be using when I'm in HBP mode)

Akaria Hana

Alias: "Lumena"

Nicknames: Doctor Light,Lighty,Miss Light,Star Fire,Doc

Height: 5'8

Weight: 118 lbs

Hair: Black

Hair Style: Long Asian Hairstyle

Gender: Female

Race: Japanese (50%) British (25%) French (25%), Born in U.S raised in California.

Eyes: Black-White

Age: 32

Hero Ranking: Class B-Class A potential

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Personality: ISFJ The Nurturer


Akaria Hana is a Japanese American Doctor from an alternate reality with a Master's Degree in medicine, she acquired her powers through a experimental procedure that involved the usage of positive and light energy to become the ultimate healing technique Hana at the time volunteered to be the test subject, through mischievous interference of an alien race known as the Skrulls they purposely sabotaged and vastly powered up the equipment of the experiment hoping that Hana would explode in bright energy and destroy the California state however it did not end in the way they expected instead of exploding in a blast of powerful energy she absorbed and controlled the power becoming what some would say an Avatar Of Light.

Unfortunately for Hana the Skrulls blunder resulted in their (Skrulls) cover being blown and captured which as a result provoked an invasion, in this reality Hana was the only Super Hero to have ever existed in humanity her powers were the following

Hana's primary power is that of Light Manipulation, Hana believed despite it practically ruining her credibility and career as a doctor that Positive Energy and Light could be the ultimate form of repair and healing across the planet, the procedure had simple equipment but was only made successful by the blundering interference of a group Skrull Agents attempting to slow down human progress

"I KNEW IT!"-Hana

The experiment was powered by a super advanced Skrull like reactor instead of the originally planned human reactor it was supposed to be a simple procedure sending in energy into Hana who had a wound in her arm but instead of going as planned the Skrull reactor (secretly replaced the human reactor) blasted her with an array of energies but the majority/most potent one was a concentrated blast of light particles

through some X-Factor which is hinted to be a sub attachment from he Skrull reactor Hana did not get incinerated and instead began to absorb the energy at a extraordinary rate, but instead of over loading and blowing up as planned she gained control of the light energy and destroyed the machine gaining the power of light manipulation.

During the Skrull invasion Hana had recently learned after destroying the machine on how to use her powers, with the power of light manipulation she was capable of creating herself an incredibly powerful shield it protected her and even allowed her to defeat the Champion of the Skrulls who when landed was revealed to be the Super-Skrull.


In this reality The Fantastic 4 never existed and thus the Super Skrull in this reality was physically superior as he was a perfected Super Skrull Soldier the only one to have been successfully created after countless failures and trials.

When the battle began Hana at the time giving herself the Hero Name "Lumena" in the end she defeated the Super Skrull winning a battle but also loosing the war for earth all of humanity was practically destroyed leaving her on her knees fighting with the last batch of human resistance against overwhelming odds did Cerberus find them and come to their aid, Cerberus did in days what humanity failed to do in years which was completely repel the Skrull races off the solar system and wipe them down to the last Skrull essentially making them extinct.

During the invasion Hana showed through the use of her Light Manipulation powers and personal experience the following,

  • Flight Capabilities, (Wonder Woman lvl, she's also been able to escape the gravitational pull of the sun and fly out of Earth with ease)
  • Energy Absorption/Manipulation, (6 in Comic Vine Energy Rank)
  • Enhanced Strength,(Nigh Limitless strength in her most powerful form capable of destroying Continents if necessary however at base she's an Island Buster)
  • Enhanced Speed (Massive Hypersonic reaction and movement speed at base, at her best and highest sub light speed reaction timing and MTFL movement speed)
  • Light Healing (Capable of restoring limbs on self or others and healing mortally wounded instantly including herself)
  • Martial Arts (she's mastered the martial art "Keisy")
  • Base Shield (With stood all the attacks of a vastly stronger yet parallel version of the Super Skrull with ease it's also constantly active and instantly turns on against threats)
  • Force Field Projection ("Lumena" can create large white glowing yet transparent force fields on herself or others each as powerful if not even more powerful than her Base shields which at their weakest offer protection from class 100 ton punches for a prolonged period of time before breaking)
  • Energy Projection&Amplification (Lumena is capable of firing energy blasts which at base strength can shoot down capital ships mean while at the lowest K.O squads of humans in one shot, her highest limits to her blast strength is unknown but she seems to have almost no limits other than the time needed to make each blast stronger than the previous one)
  • Transformation Forms (The experiment granted Akaria Hana three forms, the first of which is her base human form which seems normal at first but in reality she gained a boost to her physical abilities making her regular super human giving her twenty tonner strength and durability, her second form is the super hero form that she's seen most using with out Base shields she can still with stand over class hundred punches and get only bruises also in this form she is bullet proof and has massive hyper sonic reaction timing)
  • Affinity (Lumena is most powerful in areas with light and not only is she more powerful in brightness but her powers and strengths rapidly increase to a virtual limitless amount as long as she continues to stay in that area)
  • Medical Knowledge (Even with out her powers she is still a very well trained and experienced doctor)
  • Combat experience (Doctor Akaria continued to fight the Skrulls for five long years and during that time managed to master her powers and abilities at a very rapid pace and learned several skills to survive in the new apocalyptic world, after Cerberus came and won the world for them she joined the organization as she had nothing left in that universe and received even more advanced training and combat experience)

[Lumena's Theme Song]

(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ISCldGsA3GU 0:18-end)



Alias: "Monsoona"

Nicknames: STARDUST

Height: N/A (Variable)

Weight: N/A (Variable)

Hair: N/A (None)

Hair Style: N/A (None)

Gender: Female

Race: Alien

Eyes: White

Age: 10,000+

Hero Ranking: Class A+

Sexual Orientation: ???

Personality: ISTJ The Duty Fulfiller


Astroa is a powerful cosmic being that used to be a regular alien, in an accident that was certainly unplanned and just as certainly unrepeatable, a young female alien was completely disintegrated, at least in a physical sense.

Despite the absence of a body, a form of electromagnetic pattern resembling consciousness survived, and was able, in time, to rebuild an approximation of the body it had lost.

She accidentally became trapped in an alien version of a intrinsic field separator as she attempted to retrieve a valuable fossil of a long lost ancient species however all she could do was watch the countdown until her atoms were smashed, but eventually, and methodically, she reconstructed himself.

"I am not a god, I am a sister of the universe"

Not much is known of Astroa before the incident what is know however what is known is that this incident resulted in the destruction of her entire planet wiping out her entire race, Astroa as the only surviving member of the race reconstituted herself out of the dust and particles that remained from the debris of the use to be planet

Astroa takes on the form of a female of her race called Coronal Satyrs they were an incredibly advanced aquatic based species yet peaceful and passive at the same time, using inter stellar space travel they would send resources and provide aid to those in need but at the same time remain strictly neutral when it came to conflict/war as the Satyrs were a peaceful race only using their technology for the benefit of sentient species across the Universe.

Despite being a peaceful race they were also Isolates never colonizing other planets and instead staying in their 100% water covered planet, only times when they left the planet were either to defend themselves from a space fleet attack or sends resources to those in need, Astroa was a high ranking Science Officer and thus had great responsibilities and was in charge of high level projects however one error in power usage made by a younger Coronal Satyr science officer resulted in the most power Satyr made device ever made killing Astroa and than destroying the planet as it overloaded.

after her supposed "death" Astroa entered in what the Satyrs called the Void which was a location that all Corona's and Corona's entered only after death into their version of the after life, in this void the consciousnesses or soul will be all that was able left before permanently dissipating away and becoming part of the universe.

However for some unknown reason in the Void Astroa managed to form herself a physical body that was invulnerable to the effects of the Void, this is when and where she saw billions upon billions of Satyr fade out of existence before becoming re-absorbed into the universe, but just before the Satyr race was completely gone she learned why she was the only one immune.

Astroa was simply too powerful to be re-absorbed despite being in a dimension specifically made for absorbing, the spirits and souls of the greatest minds of the Satyr race attempted to answer as much questions Astroa had as possible, explaining to her that she had the power to be immune to the Void which also meant she was the only one powerful enough to escape it, the leader of the Satyr race gave Astroa one last command and it was to spread the legacy and deeds of the Coronal race and then only then did they finally dissipate leaving the Void barren and empty.

Using her new found powers Astroa broke free of the now purposeless Void, unbeknownst to her five hundred years had passed by during the short duration in the void in reality however there was an aging effect which made spirits of Satyrs dissipate and be reabsorbed into the universe time was faster and yet at the same time slower in the void

Regular time in the void was slower than time out the void but when being absorbed time passed significantly faster in the void than out, Astroa ripping the fabric of time and space in the Void broke free of the dimension and back to her own reality where she found the remains of her once great civilization over half of the planets mass was left with the other half seemingly lost through time.

Astroa's resurrection and return to reality angered the Asgardian Gods of the universe as they believed it was the destiny of the Satyr race to be extinct, as Astroa attempted to rebuild her planet with her new found power one of Asgards best warriors trained for an entire year in preparation of the battle.

Astroa gave herself a new name "Monsoona" as she finished the repair of her broken planet it was half its original size but had all the original features with the exception of Satyr life, unfortunately just as she finished it was destroyed again but this time by the mighty Asgardian God sent to destroy her.

The Asgardian God flew through the back of the planet and busted it directly with casual ease as if it was a glass planet and thus as a result he ended up completely destroying the planet atomizing it in the process. Monsoona's body that year was strong enough to survive the explosion that was only a few hundred miles away from her it knocked the Satyr about and dazed her but she remained relatively unharmed.

The Asgardian God approached Monsoona revealing himself by the name "Beta" informing with hatred in his eyes that he will not let her live as in his eyes she was destroying the very balance of the universe by being alive. Monsoona however was oblivious to the words Beta said as her mind overflowed with emotions of hate and anger her home planet nothing was left not even dust.

Beta took advantage of Monsoona's shock and gave several powerful blows like the gods of legends each capable of destroying planets eventually she regained her wits almost not harmed at all by the Gods punches and she countered with one but powerful punch that knocked Beta into another Solar System she soon followed after him to keep up the attack

During and mid battle Beta was winning due to his previous preparation and already massive amount of combat experience, three planets were destroyed two of which were Beta's fault as he consistently smashed the Satyr attempting in great blood thirst to kill the alien but he severely underestimated her resilience.

the battle of legends lasted an hour the two powerful beings each trying their best to kill the other and the victor was apparent, Monsoona had won her opponents crippled body floated in space this is when in an act of rage the Satry tortured the divine being for ten whole years straight only keeping him barely alive to feel the sensation of pain coming from her punches until finally one day she finished the god off.

Monsoona now grew a hatred against beings who considered themselves god and vowed on that day a never ending grudge against them. After that day was over Monsoona did not continue to rebuild her planet as she was exhausted from her battle and did not want to replicate a copy she wanted to repair the original one but failed and alas she went off into space continuing what her people did helping those in need, eventually she came across a Cerberus fleet.

Phasing in she questioned their purpose and business as it was her duty to protect the innocent and needy, upon hearing the goal of Cerberus and learning of their methods she personally asked to join in which the reply was immediately accepted with enthusiasm, Astroa revealed her capabilities after joining. [Matter Manipulation],[Antimatter Manipulation],[Nothingness Manipulation],[Cosmic Manipulation]

  • [Power Mastery] (Full knowledge on abilities and usage of her powers only years after joining Cerberus)
  • Flight (Threw Cosmic Manipulation Astroa has the power of flight powerful enough and fast enough to escape the gravity of a black hole and fly faster than the speed of light)
  • Enhanced Strength (Astroa was strong enough to match the Asgardian God Beta and dished out physical strikes powerful enough to crack and even destroy planets in single blows with ease)
  • Enhanced Durability (Bills most powerful attacks failed to kill Astroa despite destroying planets with minimum strength and in turn using all of it on Astroa only to then fail in even harming her significantly)
  • Water Manipulation/Generation (Before the incident Astroa's race were masters of the water element now that she's the only one left and with her cosmic abilities water abilities are on of her most used abilities)
  • Enhanced Speed (Her base movement speed is FTL and her combat speed sub-light speed)
  • Matter Manipulation/Anti Matter Manipulation/Cosmic Manipulation/Nothingness Manipulation (Astroa can to a certain limit restore destroyed planets, destroy planets with faster than light energy beams, regenerate out of nothingness, be immune to reality warping and telepahty, basically in all sense and purposes Astroa is nigh un-killable through regular means and has a mastery and excellent understanding in matter manipulation which she can combine with her cosmic abilities making her a very dangerous foe)

[Astroa's Theme Song]



Rayne Birkin

Alias: "Red"

Nicknames: Miss Serious, She Devil,Bad Attitude

Height: Variable (5'4-6'0)

Weight: Variable (100 lbs-<<<<+)

Hair: Red

Hair Style:Pony Tail

Gender: Female

Race: French (50%) British (50%), Born in U.S raised in New York.

Eyes: Silver with no pupils.

Age: 27

Hero Ranking: Class C-Class B or A potential

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Personality: ISTP The Mechanic


Rayne is a slutty twenty seven year old meta human female, her origin begins in the slums of New York in the 1980's born around that area of time her mother was a prostitute crystal meth drug addict while her father was a rapist who raped her mother, shortly after giving birth to Rayne her mother dumped her into the nearest trash bin.

Fortunately for Rayne the garbage was getting picked up that day and the man who was picking up the trash bin heard her infant cries, removing the lid he found a young child which was immediately taken to the hospital for care, no further mention of Rayne's parents were ever heard of after that day and so did Rayne begin her life as an orphan being adopted until she was at the age of ten by an odd couple.

The couple went by the name Birkins which eventually became Rayne's last name, however the Birkins carried a concealed secret which was that the Birkins were cannibals the eaters of flesh. Upon finding out this secret mere days after getting adopted her only true child hood friend Sherry was adopted too and together they planned their escape.

Once escaping her foster parents with Sherry they took out into the streets to take care of themselves, for four years Rayne contributed the most for Sherry and herself and at the age of fourteen her powers began to manifest not realizing her biological father passed down a mutant gene to her but the other twist also was that two years after Rayne's birth her mother gave birth to her biological sister who unknwon between them was Sherry herself.

The two sisters being more close friends than actual sisters worked together using their new found abilities, Sherry had only one power and that was of incredible super human speed while her sister had Power Absorption and Memory Replication granted through touch.

Rayne used her new found abilities in a shameful way resulting in prostitution at the age of fourteen which through physical contact unknown to her employers she would gain all their knowledge,memories,skills and even powers if they had. Through prostitution Rayne would tap into the memories she gathered through and searched to take advantage of this stealing money and valuables.

Her life continued as usual prostitution,memory,theft rinse and repeat until she reached the age of twenty and her sister reached the age of eighteen. In this reality Meta Human's were utterly despised and deemed a threat to humanity while there were no organized Meta's the Governments of the world decided to take it upon themselves to order a global genocide against Meta Humans in the act of "self defence".

Rayne and Sherry were fleeing from the MHO a.k.a Mutant Hunters Organization when a worm hole opened and a Cerberus drop ship carrying a rare Ultra Nanite landed right untop of Rayne fortunately for her however she had absorbed the powers of a phaser earlier and survived the crash but a combination of the phasing and power absorption ended up with Rayne's bonding furthermore fusing with the Ultra Nanite giving the metallic body she now currently has.


the fusion had drained her of what ever energy she had left while attempting to escape and resulted in her loss of consciousness allowing the MHO to not just capture her but also the remains of the advanced drop ship.

Experiments began on her metallic body and megawhatts of energy were sent into her to see the limits of this new transformation which interested MHO scientists significantly as the nanites were both mechanical yet organic at the same time.


Eventually Rayne's sister Sherry with significant help of Lumena found the location in which the experiments were being held and released Rayne, swiftly the angered meta slaughtered the MHO officials with her new found abilities before Lumena destroyed the remains of Cerberus tech and opened up a worm hole to another world giving the sisters a choice to either leave and start a new life with Cerberus or to stay in the war consumed planet.

Sherry wished to go but Rayne secretly wanted to stay for some reason possibly because it was all she had, after a short but well thought out decision she agreed to go with Lumena for the sake of Sherry and herself thus leaving that reality and entering a new one. Seven years later Rayne had perfected the use of her abilities thanks to Cerberus training and so had her sister and together they joined the Hero Brigaide Paragon ranks with their versatile abilities Rayne's were [Power Absorption],[Memory Replication],[Technopathy],[Amorphous Physiology]

  • Enhanced Strength (In her humanoid form she has a base strength of ten tons but through shifting her shape via the nanites she can reach class hundred at the cost of time and mental strain via keeping form)
  • Power Absorption (Similar to Rogue from the X-Men she can absorb the powers of other beings with out harming them however it is only through physical contact the longer she has physical contact the longer her powers will last, currently she has the ability to keep powers after absorbing them but only at a very low level but this at the same time means Rayne stole a small portion permanently from another being and can only be returned by her destruction)
  • Memory Replication (Similar to her Power Absorption ability but not completely is her memory replication ability which is also gained through physical contact but it does not fade away and instead lasts permanently, physical contact is only necessary to continue the gathering of information as it is not instant and requires time so the longer she has physical contact with some one the more memories she finds and replicates to keep the only limitations however are memories that are suppressed,erased or blocked)
  • Regeneration (Thanks to the nanites fusing with her body she can now regenerate from a microscopic sized nanite to a full grown woman with in moments)
  • Heat Empowerment (The Ultra Nantie caused a fusion with Rayne's biological body giving her an immunity to heat which only serves to power and enhance Rayne's nanites by giving them an increased power supply which can make her faster,stronger and more durable even temperatures as hot as the sun fail to harm her)
  • Technopathy (With the Ultra Nanite Rayne can prevent other Technopaths from controlling her body and at the same time use her high level technopathy to aid her in other things)

[Rayne's Theme Song]



Sherry Birkin

Alias: "Lightning"

Nicknames: Hyper,Sugar Rush

Height: 5'4

Weight: N/A (Presumed to be under weight for her height)

Hair: Orange-Red

Hair Style: (Modern 80's hairstyle)

Gender: Female

Race: Russian (50%)

British (25%) French (25%) Born in U.S raised in New York.

Eyes: Green

Age: 25

Hero Ranking: Class B

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Personality: ESTP The Doer


Sherry Birkin was born two years after her sister and was left on the door step of an orphanage rather then being thrown in the trash like her sister, in the orphanage Sherry met her sister when she was at the age of two Rayne however was already four but together they bore a powerful friendship together.

Sherry became sad when the day came for Rayne to leave but days later the Birkins came back and adopted Sherry as Rayne would not cease to pester them about her, when she met Rayne her sister told the horrible dark secret but also told she wanted them live a life of freedom away from grown ups. Together they escaped the flesh eaters and took care of themselves in the streets.

"HAHAHA, you can't stop me I'm coming for you SIS!"-Sherry

When the MHO attacked Sherry had already had a basic understanding of her powers speed,speed,speed she engaged small armies of MHO soldiers defeating them swiftly before they had even a chance to think was happening however there was heavy armor that became a pain for Sherry to break through literally and had to retreat in most occasions.

The day that her sister Rayne got captured as they were fleeing was the same day Lumena crossed into their reality looking for the Ultra Nanite as for it not to land in wrong hands, finding Sherry instead of the drop ship and Ultra Nanite the hero gently questioned the meta, explaining what happened Lumena tracked down the energy source of the Cerberus drop ship and together Sherry and Lumena rescued Rayne.

"Is that the best they got?"-Sherry thinking

Now with working with Cerberus Sherry managed to perfect her powers and limits which was basically super speed mastered [Enhanced Speed]

  • Speed Force (With the aid of Cerberus Sherry managed to tap into the speed force reaching her full potential in just seven years, at base Sherry can move at mach 300 and at most mach 900 with tapping into the full power of the speed force her base speed is light speed and her maximum speed which can cause body damage is one thousand times faster than the speed of light)
  • Enhanced Durability (Using the Speed force at base Sherry can tank class ten punches a few times before suffering mortal wounds while fully tapping into the speed force she can survive class one hundred ton punches)
  • Enhanced Strength (At base Sherry has class ten punches which are augmented by the Speed Force with out it Sherry has a below average human strength limit but with fully tapping into the speed force she can dish out a class hundred ton punch at the expense of sever pain and possibly major bodily harm)

[Sherry's Theme Song]



Martinez Riggs

Alias: "Megaman"

Nicknames: Heavy Metal,Destroyer,The Tank,Calvary

Height: 6'6 (8'0 with suit)

Weight 250 lbs (975 lbs with suit)

Hair: Black

Hair Style: Buzz Cut

Gender: Male

Race: Hispanic (75%) Native American (25%) Born in U.S raised in California

Eyes: Brown

Age: 30

Hero Ranking: Class B

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual


Martinez was born in California in the year 2088, in this reality nuclear energy was the main source of energy world wide fossil fuels and clean energy were completely forgotten as the change happened fifty years ago in the year 2038.

America was significantly in the lead of nuclear energy technology and knowledge, China through statistics saw if America kept up their current pace they would be powerful enough to engage China so they decided to slow America down by collecting the vast amount of debt America owned.

Unable to pay the debt in the time frame China wanted the two countries went to war in the year 2048, Martinez father was part of a special Military branch that piloted super suits to engage China's vast army of meta humans and vehicles thus Riggs followed in his fathers foot steps fighting for Democracy and FREEDOM!

"OH HELL YES!"-Martinez

By the year 2108 U.S.A. super suits advanced significantly becoming 2,000% more effective than the previous models which than were considered ancient and out dated but still in use, Martinez graduated from West Point with flying scores breaking the record of youngest person to graduate at the age of eighteen his specialty was pilot for the Mark X the latest and most expensive power suit in American History at the time.

"Cover me I'm going IN!"-Martinez

The introduction of the Mark X was a complete game changer in the battle against China, it was twenty times faster,stronger,durable than its predecessor but at the same time it cost three hundred million a pop not including maintenance and repairs thus only the best of the best were allowed to pilot these magnificent killing machines in total over one hundred thousand were made but only fifty thousand were in active duty when Martinez joined.

Despite joining quite late in the war America was winning the battle, Martinez showed exceptional skill using the Mark X he and other handfuls of men would annihilate China forces with in minutes suffering only minor damage to their suits, Martinez will be fighting the Chinese-America war for the next eight years before something drastically changed

"Wha,what the hell?"-Martinez

Similar to Rayne's incident a Cerberus drop ship carrying nanites were shot down in enemy territory but this time it wasn't an accident Cerberus forces were attempting to send in a capsule containing four metal cylinders and with each one there were four Ultra Nanites rounding up to a total of sixteen towards the U.S.

Martinez already at the time was a Staff Sergeant due to his heroic acts and perfect track record, with initiative he had been hacking and decrypting enemy data when he heard of the Ultra Nanites being captured relaying this to command he and twenty other Mark X pilots went deep into enemy territory to acquire the Ultra Nanites.

An hour later half of Martinez's men were KIA'd and four wounded he was on his own as six other stayed behind to hold off thousands of enemy personal until Riggs could get the nanites, upon reaching the capsules location Riggs came across a nanite augmented Chinese Super Suit

“Nǐ huì sǐ!”-Super Chinese Power Suit Occupant

With out another word the two engaged, long story short Riggs Mark X was no match for the Ultra Nanite enhanced suit and was on his knees, as his opponent approached Riggs and the last of his men were eventually killed off he did the desperate. Firing what ever energy he had left into his thruster he flew into the other fifteen remaining Ultra Nanites absorbing them into his suit with magnets and than eventually into his body, the odds were now in favor of Martinez Riggs his suit instantaneously repaired and evolved to not just match his enemy but actually over power him due to having fifteen times more power than the China Man.

Martinez ripped his opponents suit apart with ease and thrusted his hand into the mans heart pulling it out, the heart beated freshly in Riggs armored hand moments before it died out the Ultra Nanite that was than inside the heart entered Rigg completing a transformation process that permanently bonded the Ultra Nanites to his body.

With this new found power Martinez was invincible as all technology in the area was useless mean whiled heavy weaponry failed to even flinch him. One month later China surrendered due to Rigg's efforts, however his story does not end there the reason Riggs is with Cerberus is because his own country betrayed him as he refused to be experimented on by scientists which caused them to believe he was AWOL, with no other choice Riggs fought the very country he swore to protect


Riggs fought his way to the white house defeating and killing ten thousand Mark X users and absorbing their suits into his armor, wave after waves of U.S forces attempted to stop him but everything they could sent would get destroyed by incalculable levels of fire power and the remains absorbed to further augment Riggs capabilities.

There were only two beings who can stop him, Riggs family died during a Bio-Attack by the Chinese and his girl friend was killed as he tried to save her the being who were to stop him were Lumena and Red, they saw events get out of control and stopped Martinez before he killed the president he was than offered a choice to stay on this planet and be viewed as a traitor and monster or work for Cerberus to redeem himself.

Martinez Riggs adopted the alias "Mega Man" and has since been using his Unique and Augmented Mark X armor to help Cerberus for many years. [Technopathy],[Nanite Constructs],[Enhanced Intellect],[One-Man Army],[Weapon Mastery],[High-Tech Exoskeleton]

  • Limitless Nanite Production (With Sixteen synchronized Ultra Nanites Martinez is only limited to the amount of energy he can produce with a limitless supply of energy he can create a limitless supply of nanites sixteen times faster than Rayne)
  • Heat Empowerment (Just like Rayne he gets more powerful as there is more heat but he gets significantly more powerful than her as he absorbs energy sixteen times faster and more efficiently)
  • Nanite Constructs (With Rigg's nanite construction capabilities his suit can generate virtually limitless amounts of ballistic ammunition and create powerful energy weapons on the whim, the suit is also capable of evolving and adapting itself to the certain situation becoming stronger and more durable or faster)
  • Enhanced Speed (Rigg at base has Hyper Sonic reaction timing however the suit on the other hand has faster than light speed reaction timing but can not move or fight at FTL speeds instead the fastest it can fight or move is Mach 4,000)
  • Enhanced Durability (The weakest U.S Super Suit was capable of withstanding several tank shells before getting damaged to the point the next shot killed the user, the suit before the Mark X was invulnerable to ballistic weaponry and was capapble of with standing shells from tanks with out slowing down or getting injured, the Mark X is twenty times more advanced than it's predecessor Rigg's Mark X with sixteen Ultra Nanites is thousands of more times powerful than a regular Mark X)
  • Enhanced Strength (Rigg's Ultra Nanite enhanced Mark X is stronger than any model of super armor in his universe as he casually destroyed the Chinese Ultra Nanite Armor with ease, his striking strength is above class hundred and can increase but has a capacity limit in order to get stronger he would have to absorb more metal and technology to increase size and thus do more damage)

[Martinez Rigg's Theme Song]




Alias: "Soul Eater"

Nicknames: Destructor,Carnage,Mean lean killing machine,Ghost Rider

Height: 7'6

Weight 800 lbs

Hair: N/A

Hair Style: Bald

Gender: Male

Race: Demon

Eyes: N/A

Age: 30,000,000

Hero Ranking: Class B-A potential

Personality: N/A

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual


Alduin was a supreme general of Hell's army prior to joining Cerberus, very little is known about his past what is known is that he got the supreme general rank by entering an arena with hundreds of the most powerful demons in a free for all contest to the death and Alduin ended up the victor with a kill count of one quarter of the contestants.

Being some what impressed the Devil recruited the young demon at the time who was only a thousand years old and had him conquer or kill the demons who refused to ally with him until judgement day. 29,999,900 years later Alduin was one the most powerful demons in all of hell and the devil's right hand demon but for some reason he had a change of heart hinted to have come from the almighty creator himself.

Alduin challenged and defeated the Devil's armies and left hand Demon

and the devil himself after stealing various powerful artifacts before the final battle

with one swift movement he pulled the heart of the devil out and destroyed it, the side effects however were terrible as the destruction of the Devil resulted the destruction of hell which caused a chain reaction destroying the entire universe. But Alduin was simply too determined on his goal to be destroyed he and what very few remained in that universe were blasted into another universe there Alduin remained in wait for a chance of redemption in which than Cerberus came.

The sins of the crew awakened a hunger in the Demon in which he sought to satisfy and slaughtered them all consuming their souls and replenishing his famished state, a second ship came to check and the process was repeated in total Alduin has consumed twenty ships worth of crew before the Avatar Of Light "Lumena" approached him her sin was surprisingly the least out of all he consumed but yet he still attempted to consume Lumena's soul with his powerful artifacts it was no doubt he would have succeeded but alas they were lost through space waiting to be collected again.

The battle ended in a stalemate Lumena was too quick and agile for Alduin's most powerful attacks to hit while he was simply to resilient and durable to be defeated by a mere mortal, an alliance was formed after days of battling and Alduin told his origin to Lumena as she told her origin and the origin of Cerberus to Alduin, seeking a chance of redemption for all his evil deeds he did on earth Alduin accepted to aid humanity and protect it with his array of powerful demonic powers. [Hell Fire],[Demon Physiology],[Immortality],[Soul Manipulation],[Sin Empowerment],[Evil Empowerment]

  • Enhanced Strength (Alduin has had the strength to match his universes version of the Devil although with the aid of various and powerful magics but prior to his great battle with the Devil he defeated his armies and generals single handedly and was renowned to be the most powerful demon in hell before his defection)
  • Hell Fire Manipulation (Alduin has complete control and mastery of Hell Fire not even the Devil himself managed to control Alduin's hell fire mean while Alduin was capable of to an extent even controlling the Devil's Hell Fire, Alduin has a limitless supply of hell fire that he can use for various purposes such as conjuring,replication,enhancement,transmutation)
  • Enhanced Durability (The low and mid tier demons of hell failed to harm Alduin as he slaughtered his way up the chain of command only the most powerful and highest ranking demons managed to harm and slow down Alduin through sheer skill only however as he was proven to be the strongest demons in hell)
  • Absolute Immortality (Alduin has one goal and one goal only, to consume all sin and purify the world this goal and determination is so powerful that Alduin survived the destruction of his universe just to continue his mission and he will not be at peace until he gets it done)
  • Regeneration (While Alduin can't die he can be weakened and knocked out cold even imprisoned if the right people are put to use, Alduin is capable of being hurt by beings of the most incredible strength and when he is hurt parts of his body are knocked lose or even fragmented into tiny pieces but they can be regenerated through the use of hell fire but consistently getting destroyed will weaken and eventually K.O the powerful demon)
  • Soul Manipulation (As a right hand demon of the Devil he was sent occasionally to Earth to harvest the souls of millions after the Devil himself induce natural disasters, the process of constantly absorbing large amounts of souls at once allowed Alduin to master Soul Manipulation a rare feat in his version of hell as only a handful had mastered it, this ability of soul manipulation allowed Alduin to create life or even resurrect it but it was mostly a means of deterrent keeping his underlings in line should they not the price would be ripping all their souls out and consuming them)
  • Sin Empowerment & Evil Empowerment (Originally Alduin was of the Archangels but fell to the Devil's corruption however with the aid of the great lord himself he found the way back to the path of light, Alduin was the only Demon/Angel hybrid he was the perfect use for fighting evil as he got more powerful around them the longer he was there he had all the capabilities of an Angel and a Demon but was stuck in his Demon form. The usage of Sin Empowerment and Evil Empowerment is what Alduin himself said really gave him the victory against the devil as even with the mighty artifacts had he not been unique inevitably he would have fallen but the Devil's vast evilness made Alduin incredibly powerful to the point he was capable of pulling out the devils heart and crush it thus killing the dark prince permanently )
  • Death Inducement (Alduin's most powerful attack, if possible he locks his enemy into a trance by staring at them should they just look at him for a few seconds all the evil harm harm they ever did will be returned right back them even if they did harm directly or indirectly so should a mass murderer kill a hundred people he will receive the damage he did to said hundred people)

(Alduin's Theme Song)




Alias: "Specialist, John Preston"

Nicknames: Shifty,Time Guy,JP

Height: 5'10 (6'0 with suit)

Weight 180 lbs (200 lbs with suit)

Hair: Black

Hair Style: N/A

Gender: ******

Race: ??? Born in U.S raised in ********

Eyes: Dark Brown

Age: *****

Hero Ranking: Class C-B or A potential

Personality: Lone-wolf

Sexual Orientation: *****************


******** goes by the name John Preston never telling his true name, his origin is mostly unknown as he keeps it strictly to himself unlike most HBP recruits Cerberus did not find him he found them.

***** was found engaging and killing several Cerberus personnel as he fought his way to an armory in one of their strong hold planets, ***** ***** ***** ***** ****** ***** ****** ****** ****** ****** ******** ******* ******* ******* ******* ******** ******** ****** ******* ******* ****** ****** ***** ***** ***** ***** ****** ******* ****** ****** **** ****** ******* ******* ******* ******** ******* ******* ******* ******* ******** ****** ******* ****** ****** ***** ******, ****** ******* ******* ******* ******** ******** ****** ******* ******* ****** ****** ***** ***** ***** ***** ****** ******* ****** ****** **** ****** ******* ******* ******* ******** ******* ******* ******* ******* ******** ****** ******* ****** ****** ***** ******,with no other choice in the matter John Preston accepted the Mother Of Blades offer allowing his suit to be studied by Cerberus scientists eventually granting them Time Travel technology, [Time Manipulation]

  • Temporal Protection (The suit grants JP immunity to time stops,time BFR, and most offensive based time attacks)
  • Temporal Rewind (JP can rewind time with three types of settings one is by years the second is by minutes and the final one is by seconds, each setting of rewind has a cool down with the fastest being the third one with the cool down time ranging from moments to seconds while the second and first setting can range from minutes or hours)
  • Temporal Reload (The suit as an emergency back up system in where similar to a video game JP can save a location in the time steam where the suit will automatically and instantly travel prior to any threat which is capable of even countering instant death attacks by going back in time moments before it happens)
  • Temporal Trapping&Temporal Looping Combo (Can send back people through time via touch and make them go through an endless loop of events)
  • Temporal Healing (Can reverse the wounds of himself and others before they ever happened or accelerate the healing of a wound)
  • Accelerated Probability (An A.I is linked to JP's brain giving his thousands of potential outcomes in percentages even before time travel is used as not everything is certain in the universe)
  • Technopathy (The A.I's suit gives JP and form of technopathy it's so powerful it casually hacked through the moder U.S.A. DOD data banks with ease)
  • Chronokinetic Combat (JP has been fused into his suit and thus has been looking for away to get it off all across the universe anybody that has attempted to remove it has failed as the suit would automatically and randomly time jump when they get close to removing it and thus the suit is practically apart of JP and he fights with excellent proficiency)
  • Time Stopping (JP can stop time for several seconds and has a moments recharge but can over heat after getting used more than thirty times in rapid succession which will than require a cool down time of several seconds)
  • Time Travel (Past and Future and even the ability to create or travel through alternate time lines)
  • Time Reduction (JP can slow down time around him to the point faster than light speed seems to crawl at snail pace)
  • time Acceleration (JP can increase his speed to high amounts for short duration's)

(Specialist Theme Song)

(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a9qz1y3SDqE 0:11-)


Al Brancroft

Alias: "Reptile Man, Killer Croc,Nemesis"

Height: 9'6

Weight 680 lbs

Hair: N/A

Hair Style: N/A

Gender: Male

Race: Mutant

Eyes: Yellow

Age: 40

Hero Class Ranking: C

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Personality: Hard in the outside soft and chewy in the inside


Al Brancroft was a world renown heavy weight MMA fighter that became a world MMA champion ten times in a row before tragedy struck, on his eleventh battle to protect his title he lost while this was a blow to his streak and would not seem much as a big deal but it was.

An unknown son of a very powerful Mafia leader had placed a fifty million dollar bet in a double or nothing losing earlier twenty five million dollars and in total the son lost seventy five million dollars hurting the Mafia gangs budget severely, angered and being hunted down by his father few loyal gang members joined up with the son to ruin Al Brancroft's life.

His wife was killed, his pets and property were burned down and eventually they caught Brancroft himself. After beating him what they thought was to death they sold his body which was in a coma towards a scientist who was preforming experiments with Crocodile DNA, it seemed to be a failure mutating and some what decomposing the body further the son of the Mafia leader did a favor for the scientist and disposed of the body in a sewer system


Mere minutes after his body got dumped into the sewer the healing factor and attributes of the Crocodylidae he took revenge on the men who wronged him and eventually killed off the entire Mafia, now no longer human he renamed himself "Nemesis" he had one last score to settle and it was to kill the scientist who made him a monster upon finding him however something unexpected happen a worm hole sucked in Al before he could kill the scientist this worm hole was created by Kurai using the Deus sword.

Upon a short battle Kurai ended up the victor with in a minute toying with him as thy fought, in the end Kurai offered Al a new life and job working for Cerberus with nothing else to lose he accepted it and used his super human attributes to aid Cerberus. [Crocodile Physilogy],[Healing Factor],[Enhanced Bite],[Enhanced Strength],[Dermal Armor],

  • Enhanced Strength (Class 100 strength, Al was capable of punching through bank vaults with ease and tossing trucks like toys)
  • Enhanced Speed (He's capable of easily pacing up with cars that can go 200 mph and has the reaction speed to blitz several men before they can react)
  • Enhanced Durability (Immune to small arms fire as the bullets casually bounce off his Dermal armor, Al is also capable of with standing high yields of explosives with minor damage)
  • Regeneration (Fractured bones can heal with in minutes and mortal wounds can heal with in seconds, not only does Al have a powerful healing factor that makes it almost impossible to kill him he also as back up organs should an attack be fast enough to permanently destroy one of his organs)
  • Berseker (When near death or enraged enough Al goes through a berserk stage where all his stats are multiplied by a hundred making his healing factor heal all his would nigh instantaneous and his strength and durability incredibly high)
  • Martial Arts (With out being in Berserk mode Al is a very capable martial artist)

(Al Brancroft's theme song)



Pearce Jackman

Alias: "Boomer"

Height: 6'0

Weight 260 lbs

Hair: Dark Brown

Hair Style: N/A

Gender: Male

Race: Australian (75%) British (25%) Born in Australia raised in Queens Island

Eyes: Dark Brown

Age: 33

Hero Class Ranking: C

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Personality: Neuroticism


Ex-S.A.S. and Ex-Mercenary, during one of his contracts Pearce got hit by a ray of energy from a mad scientist and gained the power of [Molecular Combustion], entering Detroit after getting a hit put on him by one of his old employers he got hired by Rainmaker and began to work for him and Cerberus.

  • Molecular Combustion (This is Jackman's only real super power but it allows him to cause any in-organic objects to combust into an incredibly large explosion, the time it takes for him to combust an object ranges on the size and durability of the object with a regular Boomerang he can completely annihilate a tank with just a split second charge and than annihilate several street blocks with a two second charge even the clothes people are wearing he can cause explode with such force that the only thing left is a burnt stain on the ground)
  • Luck (Mercenaries have worked with Boomer in the past and are amazed on how he is still alive it seems as if he has a supernatural blessing that has kept him alive, Boomer's luck is on par with Master Chief)
  • Explosives Expert (Boomer is an expert had setting,disabling and creating explosives as it was his specialty in the S.A.S.)
  • CQC Master (Boomer was one of the best S.A.S. CQC combatants losing only three times in his careers with the others being victories or stalemates)

(Pearce Jackman's Theme Song)




Alias: "Doomsday"

Height: 10'0

Weight 2,600 lbs

Hair: N/A

Hair Style: N/A

Gender: Male

Race: Alien

Eyes: Yellow

Age: 300,000

Hero Class Ranking: A+

Personality: Aggressive

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual


Alpha is a powerful alien from another dimension, his race went under the name Subversores their race were a powerful group of immortals not much is know until Alpha destroyed single handedly one of Cerberus's best fleets of ships.


Alpha was so powerful that they needed Lumena to kill the alien, unfortunately for them they did not know at the time the Subversores were immortals capable or resurrecting themselves a nigh limitless amount of times it wasn't until the legendary hero and extremely powerful sorcerer Ryland Shayd A.K.A The Golden Sorcerer found his weakness, all Subversores were bound to two ancient laws Ryland exploited this ability and not only depowered the Subversores to their base stats but also made them submit to Cerberus creating a treaty now making the Subversores an ally of Cerberus should they want their planet destroyed by a powerful bomb known as the Z-Bomb.

  • Enhanced Strength (Class 100 they are capable at base of easily destroying building and their base strength triples after every Resurrection)
  • Enhanced Durability (Living on a planet with a thousand more times gravity made the Subversores evolve and gain huge extreme defenses against physical forces and through gravity manipulation they can shield themselves with such a powerful shield it allows them to survive in black holes with little discomfort and tank Cerberus nukes easily at the expense however of a lot of stamina)
  • Gravity Manipulation (Powerful enough to create Black Holes yet at the same time one skilled user can have the finesse to preform delicate procedures)
  • Adaptive Resurrection (The main ability of the race is to revive themselves and to adapt to what killed them last time, no matter what damage even if their body and soul is completely destroyed Subversores will always resurrect in their home planet minutes after death and become significantly more resistant to what killed them last time and eventually even gain an immunity, the eldest and most powerful Subversores even have the ability to evolve new powers when necessary to combat the threat that killed them previously)
  • Immortality (There are only two ways to permanently kill a Subversores one of which is destroying their dimension and the second is them breaking a promise they made no matter how small or long ago it was made should a Subversores break a promise they will drop dead instantly and never revive again)
  • Curse Inducement (Ray based beam projectiles are released from the eyes of a Subversores which can not be blocked or absorbed but reflected or nullified however should a person attempt to reflect it back at them they will find that the rays don't effect Subversores and that when a ray hits them they would be cursed for an hour making all possible scenarios end at the least best benefit)

(Alpha's Theme Song)



Ryland Shayd

Alias: "The Golden Supreme Sorcerer, or Maze"

Height: 6'0

Weight 200 lbs

Hair: Glossy White/Silver

Hair Style: Long

Gender: Male

Race: Human (Blade)

Eyes: Dark Purple

Age: N/A (One of the original HBP Heroes)

Hero Class Ranking: A+

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual


Long ago a race of humanoid like beings were created by the mighty Sparrow of Blades, Sparrow called these beings "Blade Humans" at the time Sparrow only recently learned how to use his powers of creation and with in a year he created a special and unique realm for the Blade Humans this also happened to be the place where Selena Blade was born and raised in the realm which is called "Sacra humum laminis" or "Laminis" for short.

The realm Laminis took appearance of a very large seventeenth century era Europe but special attributes effected the individuals in this realm, Human Blades had the same physical structure of a regular human being with the only difference in appearance are their elf like ears despite not being at all like them.

Laminis was filled with many magical creatures such as Unicorns,Hobbes,Undead,Wolves,Sheep,Fowls,Nyphms,Trolls,Dragons,Giant Insects and even other humanoid races such as Dwarves,Orcs, and Elves!

Human Blades however had one advantage over their based counterparts (real humans) which is their great understanding and easy usage of the Mystical Arts, while humans on Earth received a boost via the Industrial Revolution the Blade Humans received a boost via the Era of Enlightenment which was a time where magic was used by everybody and everybody was extremely skilled and powerful at said magic, however at the time the nations of Laminis were free and independent until the day Selena Blade was announced to soon be born Sparrow gave to Selena Blade supreme control and order through out the entire realm.

A civil war erupted in Sacra Humum Laminis, over half the population were against Selena Blade being the ruler of all nations while the others were with Selena Blade, the civil war lasted over a century the most famous being during it was Ryland Shayd who was a mere apprentice when the war first broke out and quickly rose to the rank of Master.

Every battle during the civil war Ryland Shayd was in always ended up in victory earning him a title "Maze" due to his unorthodox and very well planned out attacks while his other title was "Supreme Golden Sorcerer" due to being almost unrivaled by anyone, once the war was over and won in favor of Selena Blade after which they waited for her birth.

As they waited for millions of years Ryland Shayd became the "Legendary Hero" of Laminis now that magic was only allowed to be taught to few Blade Loyalists, his fame spread across the realm as he prefromed heroic and pure deeds in the name of the Blades saving lives and settling disputes until one day...

"I've finished my mission"

There was nothing left to do, "Maze" had united the people all disputes had been solved by him and there was nothing to induce violence in the realm anymore he had completed his mission in creating peace in the land of Laminis.

Ryland Shayd now an old legend settled down and got married.

"Together we will protect all realms"-Ryland Shayd

Before Valla Shayd was born the long since seen creator returned but only made himself visible to Ryland Shayd's family and gave him an offer to continue spreading peace across other realms and even said his kin could join him should he have any. After careful considerations and the support of his wife he accepted and became one of the nine original heroes [Magic],[Magically Enhanced Physiology]

  • Teleportation ("Maze" creates portals in the shape of Egyptian Ankh's, these portals allow instantaneous travel for universal travel and even allows him to travel through other dimensions or return to the realm of Laminis. Maze is extremely skilled in the usage of creating and manipulating his portals in one famous occasions he created a portal so large it consumed a fleet teleporting them away, usually these portals are only accessible to either to the blood line of Ryland Shayd or beings that he has given permission to travel with should a random stranger see his portal and attempt to enter it he or she will find it inaccessible as an invisible barrier prevents the being from entering however a very skilled or powerful magic user can break the barrier and enter it, the last feature of the portal is that it is capable of opening instantly which allows excellent strategic use to remove beings from the environment)
  • Enhanced Strength (In the realm of Laminis magic despite everybody knowing how to use magic and use the most powerful variants the realm actually severely limited the potential power of beings in the realm for a example a beginner of magic in Laminis would be power wise more powerful or at minimum equal to a being that uses magic outside of Laminis, all Human Blades during the Civil War used magic to increase their strength allowing them to destroy city walls or cause mini sonic explosions as their enchanted blades clashed against each other. Maze was the most powerful sorcerer in Selena Blades side and thus was capable of destroy islands with minimum effort after magically increasing his strength, being outside of Laminis Maze has a ludicrous amount of physical strength surpassing that of Astroa and Lumena combined due to the lack of magic handi-capps)
  • Magic (Ryland Shayd is a master of the mystic arts mastering every known magical skill from across several realms and universes ranging from Life and Death Manipulation to Matter Manipulation and Illusion)
  • Enhanced Durability (In the land of Laminis Ryland Shayd single handedly defeated the remaining rebels in the final battle of the Civil War which ended up destroying an entire continent this feat is known for his legendary durability as tens of thousands of the rebel mages and warriors combined their magic together in an attempt to destroy Maze but alas their attempt was in vain they destroyed a continent but failed to even scratch the armor of the great sorcerer)
  • Energy Manipulation & Projection (Maze is capable of manipulating Hell Fire,Holy Fire, and all elements with incredible ease)
  • Immortality (In the land of Laminis the Human Blades will stops aging at the age of thirty and remain immortal to the effects of aging,disease,infection only capable of being killed through powerful physical trauma, upon leaving the land they still retain this attribute but can also pass this down to other non Human Blades by letting them drink their blood which in return heals all wounds and restores said being into their prime age making them immortal for a century before the aging process begins again)
  • Experience (As one of the first heroes of HBP Maze has participated in every essential Cerberus operation joining in countless tens of thousands of wars and even more short term battles making him one of the most experinced beings of Cerberus)
  • Enhanced Wisdom (The wisdom Jen has was passed down to Maze making them equals in Wisdom with the exception Maze uses it consistently while Jen does not)

(Maze's Theme Song)




Guile Hunter

Alias: "American Commando, Patriot,"

Nicknames: Hunter

Height: 6'5

Weight 280 lbs

Hair: Blonde

Hair Style: Tall Flattop

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Eyes: Blue

Age: N/A (One of the original HBP Heroes)

Hero Class Ranking: C+

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Personality: INFP -The Idealist


Guile Hunter was America's greatest creation, at first glance Guile Hunter appears to be a regular man but in fact he's the make up product of the U.S's best male and female soldier further augmented via being genetically modified when he was an embryo.

The year was 2026 America was determined to make a real super soldier after several failures prior a super soldier program was shut down but later for some reason however it was rebooted and work began anew.

With better funding U.S scientists were able to create a synthetic or what some would say an artificial womb, they extracted Ovules from the best female military combatant and fertilized it with the sperm of the best male military combatant and thus Guile Hunter was created and last named after the president Kain Hunter, while still an Embryo Hunter went under extreme genetic engineering to increase his stats after several modifications he was put into a chamber and began to age at a steady pace.

In the year 2036 Guile had reached the age of ten but never fully became conscious to the real world and instead interacted through a virtual environment the scientists made due to fearing Guile going AWOL should they release him to the true world, knowledge and information a forty year old would know was transmitted into his ten year old body causing him to instantly learn the basics and begin to understand the more complex information at a steady pace.

In a secret exhibit to China to show off the prototype slash soldier of the future a terrorist organization shot down the aircraft carrying kid Guile Hunter as it was over Asia, the aircraft landed in the high mountains of Tibet the only survivor being kid Guile several minutes passed before the auto locks disengaged and opened.

Ten year old Guile exited the remains of the barely stable aircraft in the white jump suit he awoke in, his extreme physical stats allowed him to comfortably survive the extreme temperatures until he found the the Palace of a mythical group of Tibetan monks these however were no ordinary monks as they possessed super natural abilities through Chi-Manipulation they viewed Guile worthy of learning their ways after he survived the crash and journey to the palace.

Twenty years passed and it was now 2056 Guile had reached the physical age of twenty his physical aging slowed down significantly while he mentally aged significantly becoming what some would say wise for his age, Guile has mastered Chi-Manipulation in just the two decades he was there and was even said to be on par with the Elders this however was shortly lived as just mere weeks after Mastering his Chi-Manipulation the U.S government found their super soldier.

All ready grown up he was put into trials revealing that his physical stats surpassed their expectations as he was now twenty times physically superior to a peak human, the added discipline and martial arts training followed by Chi-Mastery was another excellent and well appreciated surprise they found out. Guile was put into active duty as the first U.S Super Soldier in history to be sent into combat with the combined knowledge of the worlds greatest military and legendary knowledge from his mythical masters Guile became a game changer in all battle due to his incredible physical stats and skills.

At the age of thirty Guile had mastered every known Martial Arts on Earth and learned how to pilot every vehicle and use every weapons as his mind absorbed knowledge and replicated skills with flawless efficiency, until one unfortunate event happened in 2077 the vice president was assassinated and Guile was framed for it while secretly it was the CIA framing him due to the feat of his increasing power.

Instead of fleeing from his prosecutors Guile willing confronted and allowed himself to get imprisoned and sent to court for trial despite his innocence, being found guilty due to bribery and misplaced evidence Guile was being sent into the electric chair when Sparrow froze time and confronted the American patriot thus giving him the same offer that he gave to Ryland Shayd which he too accepted

"COME ON LET'S GO!"-Guile Hunter

.[Chi-Manipulation],[Supernatural Condition],[Intuitive Aptitude],[Pain Suppression],[Enhanced Combat]

  • Enhanced Strength
  • Enhanced Speed
  • Intutive Aptitude
  • Pain Resistance
  • Master Martial Artist
  • Chi-Manipulation
  • Super Jump
  • Healing Factor
  • Enhanced Senses
  • Age Empowerment

(Guile Hunter's Theme Song)



Cara Hunter

Alias: "Batgirl,Stephanie,Supergirl,Stealtha Girl"

Nicknames: Girl Wonder,Cara, Hunter

Height: 5'8

Weight: 100 lbs

Hair: Blonde

Hair Style: Long

Gender: Female

Race: Human

Eyes: Blue

Age: 19-20

Hero Ranking: Class C

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Personality: ISTP personality


Cara Hunter is the biological daughter of Guile Hunter and super agent of Cerberus,

"This is crazy"-Cara Hunter thinking

Cara Hunter's story

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