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Character Info

Name: Andrew Carmine

Code Name: Carmine

Identity: Public

Age: 34

City: Platinum City

Alignment: Good

Powers and Abilities


Genius level intellect: (IQ 192)

  • Gifted Inventor: Andrew was the creator of many inventions and crime-fighting technologies, like his solar-powered "Neon" vehicle, BB gun, and many more. He also ran a company, King Industries, which produced hundreds of new technologies.

Skilled Acrobat: Carmine is an accomplished acrobat, who more often than not, utilized this greatly into his hand-to-hand fighting style.

Martial Artist: Had studied with several martial arts masters, and can out-fight just about any group of thugs or criminals with his fighting skills alone.

Espionage Expert: skilled at espionage.



  • Snoopies: Small robot flying surveillance drones used for spying or for hazardous areas e.g. radiation zones.
  • Radiation Suit: The "Radix" also contained a radiation suit similar to his standard suit.


  • Radix, a multipurpose 80% solar powered drone-shaped craft, capable of operating in air and water and built with a mobile lab, blasters, magnetic manipulators and defense shields.


  • Cluster Gun: could produce a blinding flash or a blast of compressed air capable of knocking down several grown men. He also had other weapons and gadgets to deal with larger numbers of opponents.


Height: 5'9"

Weight: 185 lbs

Eye Colour: Brown

Hair Colour: Brown/Black

Skin Colour: White